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10 Awesome Things To Do In Summer In Oklahoma City (2023)

Oklahoma City is the capital of the state of Oklahoma in the United States and is one of the most popular cities in the country. There are a lot of summer activities that one can engage in with their friends and families in Oklahoma City.

10 Awesome Things To Do In Summer In Oklahoma City

Here is our list of 10 awesome things to do in summer in Oklahoma city.

1. Attend a Festival:

Summer is the perfect time to attend festivals, which gives people a chance to hangout with their friends and spend some time with their families. The Oklahoma State Fair is one of the most popular festivals that take place every year in September. At the fair, people can enjoy live music, be it classic rock or R&B Or country. There are a variety of food trucks selling ice cream, pizza, cheesecakes, etc., that people can enjoy. Children as well as their parents can enjoy the carnival rides. People can also watch horse shows, family entertainment and even play some games and win exciting toys for their children and loved ones.

Best Time to Visit: September is the ideal time to visit.

2. Go to a Drive-in:

Today’s youngsters have entirely forgotten what it’s like to watch a movie on a big screen thanks to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. They would rather remain home and watch a movie on their laptops or mobile devices. People can watch a nice Hollywood film at their nearby drive-in theater to take advantage of the warm summer weather.  One such cinema is the Winchester drive-in theater  in the Oklahoma City wherein people can watch any Hollywood movie. The Winchester Theater is a terrific hangout for friends and family and has been entertaining people for years. While staying in and binge-watching Netflix may feel cosy and restful, watching a movie in an open space and from the comfort of your car with your family brings back fond memories.

Best time to visit: In the evening or at night.

3. Go Camping:

Plan a camping trip in Oklahoma City during summer with your friends and family. Camping is one activity that the kids look forward to during summer. Parents can take their children to a nearby camping place in the Oklahoma City for the weekend. There are a lot fun activities that one can do while camping, be it hiking, fishing, animal watching, birdwatching etc. Children love to play hide and seek in the dark, tell ghost stories, play card games etc. While the kids have the time of their lives, there are several activities that can be enjoyed by the adults as well. Activities like reading books and magazines, swing in a hammock, go boating, diving, play guitar, dance around the fire.

Best Time To Visit: During the weekends.

4. Celebrate the 4th of July:

The Fourth of July is one of the most anticipated holidays for all Americans. It provides them an excuse to get together with their friends and relatives. People in Edmond spend their holiday attending the week-long Liberty Fest festival. The festival has a range of events in which the entire family may participate. People visit the festival to listen to music, dance, attend a concert, go to a food fair, engage in a competition, and even showcase their artistic skills, and then they close their day by watching one of the city’s largest fireworks displays.

Best Time to Visit: During the 4th of July week celebration.

5. Go for a Picnic:

The best way to spend your summer afternoon in Oklahoma City is by going to a picnic with your friends and family. If a person is tense and stressed, packing their favourite food and going for a picnic with their loved ones or even alone is a great way to give their mind some space. Play guitar, sing songs, listen to country music, enjoy the view, walk around the park. Girls can dress-up and wear floral dresses and click pictures in front of beautiful trees and flowers, which may help them build an aesthetic feed for their Instagram and Pinterest. If you go with your children, you can play board games, have a water balloon fight, play a game of hide and seek.

Best time to visit: In the afternoon.

6. Explore Underwater:

Decide on a plan with your friends and go on an adventure. If you love water and love to do activities that involves water, then you can go horse surfing, go snorkelling with whales, go scuba diving during summers in Oklahoma City. If you are a fitness freak, then you can try underwater gym exercises and can even do yoga. You along with your friends can even perform underwater clean up which will help get rid of the debris in the water. Spending some time underwater is probably the best activity to do to beat that summer heat in Oklahoma City.

Best time to visit: In the morning.

7. Go On Regular Ice Cream Runs:

End those hot summer nights in Oklahoma City with an ice cream cone. Go out with your friends,  grab some ice-creams, and have a memorable night by sharing each other’s ice-creams and maybe even some secrets. You can even try different desserts along with your ice-cream such as brownies, muffins, cheesecake etc., for those sweet cravings.

Best time to visit: At night.

8. Go and Watch A Sunset:

After a hard and stressful day at work, the only way to unwind is to watch the sunset. Pack some chocolate covered strawberries, your polaroid camera and your favourite drink, head out with your friends, your partner or even by yourself and watch the sunset at your nearby location in Oklahoma City that has the best view of the sun and that too from the comfort of your car.  After watching the sunset, you can even watch the stars come out. Spending the night out and watching the sunset can be very relaxing to the mind and may be good for your mental health.

Best time to visit: In the evening.

9. Visit a Garden:

There is plenty of things to do in a garden, while getting some fresh air with your family. If you have a garden near your house and if you are good at painting, then you can draw any flowers or any insects that you sight. You can pick some fresh fruits as well as vegetables. You can even plant some flowers and trees. If you have a child, then you can play a game where you name the flower that you see, which will be helpful for your child.

Best time to visit: In the morning or afternoon.

10. Attend a Music Festival:

Summer is the perfect time to attend outdoor music festivals, and you get another excuse to get out of the house and enjoy some time with your loved ones. You can jam to some classic rock, R&B and to some country music. You can even enjoy a good meal and a drink. Then, after a long tiring day, you and your friends can have a night stay and maybe after having some energetic drinks, can have a music festival at the house.

Best time to visit: In the evening or at night.

Now next time you visit Oklahoma City in the summers, be sure to do all these things with your friends or loved ones. Have an amazing stay in Oklahoma City.

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