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Top 10 Outdoor Recreational Activities To Do In Oklahoma City (2024)

Oklahoma City on average receives sun for more than 200 days and gives you an ample number of opportunities to enjoy some fun outdoor activities. From boating to hiking to sports to Oklahoma city’s famous water sports, there are plenty of other things to do in Oklahoma City that you can enjoy while you are out in the sun.

Top 10 Outdoor Recreational Activities To Do In Oklahoma City

Here are some of the best recreational outdoor activities you can enjoy in Oklahoma City:

1. Visit the Oklahoma City Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo, located in the north of Oklahoma City is spread over 150 acres of land and comprises over 2000 animals and lots of fun zoo activities to do while you are here. It is home to many native American animals that you can check out. The zoo provides many opportunities to interact with the animals and play with them. There are a lot of fun activities you can do here which includes bird feeding, giraffe feeding, talking to the monkeys, dolphin shows, elephant shows, seal shows, etc. The zoo organizes many events throughout the seasons that you can enjoy.

Best time to visit the zoo- March to June and early morning as most of the animals are very active during the mornings.

2. Bricktown Water Taxi

Bricktown taxi ride is a fun and exciting boat ride over the Bricktown canal. The canal is over 1 mile long and the ride lasts for about 40 minutes. During the duration of the ride, you’ll see different types of buildings which have historical significance, and the guide will tell you all about the history while you are in the boat. It’s surrounded by nature, and you’ll experience beautiful scenery. Tickets are available all day so you can go and check it out anytime.

Best time to visit Bricktown water taxi- From June to September as it’s opened every day and the tickets are available most of the time.

3. Riversport Rapid Recreation Center

Riversport Rapid Recreation Center is in Oklahoma City and is one of the best locations for riversports and for people to enjoy rafting and kayaking. Athletes from around the world come here to train for their competitions and people can come here and watch them in action from the beautiful Big Water Grill restaurant while eating their delicious food. Casual tourists can also enjoy the riversport experience by taking day and annual passes. The center hosts many live music events, family festivals, etc., throughout the year for people to enjoy.

Best time to visit Riversport Rapid Recreation Center- During summers from June to September as it is open daily during the summers and people can come and enjoy it anytime.

4. Trails

Oklahoma City is one of the best places for hiking and riding bicycles as almost every part of the city is connected through a network of trails. There are plenty of parks located in the city that are suited for hiking that include Lake Hefner trail, Bluff Creek Unpaved Trail Loop, Oklahoma River trail, SCIP Recreational trail, etc.

Best time to do hiking and trailing in Oklahoma City- From the end of September to early December as the weather is cool and pleasant to do hiking and trailing.

5. Golf Courses

There are plenty of Golf courses available in the city of Oklahoma for people to enjoy. There are private as well as public golf courses. Some of the best golf courses in Oklahoma City include Lincoln Park Golf Course, Early Wine Park Golf Course, Silver Horn Golf Course, James Stewart Golf Course, Lake Hefner Golf course, and many more. These golf courses are big and enjoyable for all the golf lovers out there.

Best time to visit golf courses- From March to September in the morning because the weather is pleasant and there is no wind to disrupt the ball.

6. Lake Hefner

There are plenty of lakes to see in Oklahoma City, but Lake Hefner is by far the best lake in Oklahoma City for outdoor activities. It is a reservoir located on the northwestern part of Oklahoma City and houses one of the best trailing spots, hiking spots, golf courses, and is also a relaxing spot to have a picnic. There are lots of restaurants in between the trails for you to relax and take a break. The scenery is very soothing and pleasant weather will give you a very good trailing experience. It’s a good place for all the bicycle lovers and has a big playground for all the children to enjoy.

Best time to visit Lake Hefner- From January to July as the weather is pleasant and calm for a good trail.

7. Myriad Botanical Gardens

The Myriad Botanical Gardens is located on the downside of Oklahoma City and is home to many exotic plants, trees, etc. It is spread over 17 acres of land. The place is good for children as there are many events for the children conducted throughout the year to teach them about gardening. There are big playgrounds for the children to enjoy and a lot of plant species to look at. There are some good restaurants to stop by and eat. Throughout the year many concerts by famous singers are held there and many people gather around for it. The park is also dog friendly where you can bring your pets and let them enjoy nature.

Best time to visit Myriad Botanical Gardens- From March to June as it is the peak season for the plants to grow.

8. Look Out For An Outdoor Dining Restaurant

There are many outdoor restaurants in Oklahoma City that you can choose from. There are restaurants that offer both inside and outside dining. To enjoy the scenery of Oklahoma City, choose a restaurant that has outdoor dining. Some of the best restaurants in Oklahoma City that provide a scenic dining area include Café 501, Nunu’s Mediterranean café, The Hutch on Avondale, Sushi Neko, Bourbon Street café, etc. There are also plenty of good restaurant options on Lake Hefner trail.

Best time to look out for an outdoor restaurant – From March to June as the weather makes it a brilliant experience for eating outside.

9. Shopping at Oklahoma City

Shopping is a must activity to do while you are in Oklahoma City. There are many outlet stores in Oklahoma City from where you can buy goods for yourself, friends, and family. It also houses many restaurants where you can sit, relax, and eat. These outlet stores are spread over large acres of land and over 100 shops to check out. There are also many night markets located inside the city where you can buy good quality goods for cheap. You can find some region exclusive goods in the night markets that you can buy as souvenirs and take home.

Best place to visit outlet stores and night markets in Oklahoma City- From September to October as there are many clothing and region exclusive things that come in stock during these months.

10. Will Rogers Garden

Will Rogers Garden, located in Oklahoma City is spread over 30 acres of land, and is a beautiful exhibition for exotic plants, flowers, trees, etc. The area consists of more than 10 tennis and golf facilities that you can play during the visit to the garden. The must visit places inside the 30 acres of land are The Ed Lycan Conservatory, The Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Center, The Margaret Annis Boys Arboretum, etc. It’s open on only weekdays and closed during the weekends.

Best time to visit Will Rogers Garden – From March to July as the plants and trees are on their peak, and the weather makes playing fun.

The weather makes outdoor activities in Oklahoma City enjoyable for the tourists. These are some fun outdoor recreation activities you can do on your stay in Oklahoma City. Hope you enjoy your stay in Oklahoma City.

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