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Strawn's Eat Shop in Shreveport

15 Best Restaurants in Shreveport (2023)

Shreveport is the commercial and industrial center for Ark-La-Tex (the three-state region). It is situated in the northwestern corner of the US state of Louisiana. Moreover, the city of Shreveport is the economic and cultural hub of Ark La Tex. Besides this, Shreveport is also the best place to get different cuisines. Furthermore, there is something to taste for everyone’s taste buds. Most of all, the choices of restaurants can be a little overwhelming to you. However, we will learn in detail about the famous restaurants in Shreveport.

15 Best Restaurants in Shreveport

There are many eateries in Shreveport, Louisiana, that you visit once, and it is difficult to miss them again. Some of them are:

1. Strawn’s Eat Shop

The name Strawn’s eat shop can sound to you like a strange name for a restaurant. But it is the best place to have the most satisfactory breakfast. Further, Strawn’s eat shop has been one of the best upscale diners in Shreveport, Louisiana, since 1944. The Strawn’s eat shop is a family-run restaurant, and the locals run it. This means the food is 100% quality, comforting and gives you a familiar feel when you have Lunch, breakfast, or dinner. Most of all, you won’t be disappointed to come here. Burgers, sandwiches, and finally, strawberry pie, are some things you can try here. Further, if you wish to try authentic and classic American cuisine, hop on to Strawn’s eat shop.

2. Herby-K’s

Another popular restaurant in Shreveport, Louisiana, where you can try authentic American cuisine is the Herby-K’s. It is a bar cum seafood restaurant that provides its customers with a unique and cosy vibe. Seafood delicacies like Shrimp buster with a signature sauce are the best dishes you must try! Moreover, Herby-K’s is the most family-friendly restaurant in Shreveport, Louisiana. The family-package store of Herby-K’s was converted into a full-fledged eatery that has been the most trusted restaurant in Shreveport since 1945.

Herby-K's, Shreveport

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3. Jack Binion’s Steak House

If you look forward to impressing your loved ones by providing them with the best American cuisine, then Jack Binion’s steak house is the best place. The fine dining restaurant in Shreveport, Jack Binion’s steak house, consists of a menu of steak, seafood, and great wine. Moreover, it is a Casino restaurant where you can enjoy quality steak with a winning streak. Most of all, the seating decor and the spectacular river and skyline views also give you a wonderful dining experience. Finally, the wine list of Jack Binion’s Steak house is worth trying as many times as you wish.

4. Monjunis

Monjunis is one of the most independently operated restaurants in Louisiana. The funky and groovy experience is something that will keep you intrigued always. Providing “Good food with lots of love” is something the Monjunis restaurant believes in. So if you want Italian cuisine and experience the colourful ambience and lots of character, charm, excellent service, and quality food, then Monjunis is the best place. Pasta, Salads, odd cajun dish, spaghetti, etc., are some words you can taste here. Moreover, you can get quality and delicious food with a funky and groovy ambience.

5. Superior Bar and Grill

Superior Bar and Grill is a Mexican-American restaurant and one of the best dining places. The restaurant is known for its Margaritas, Fajitas, Enchiladas, Nachos and Shrimp tacos. With mouthwatering disease and a sip of tasty margarita, and a wonderful ambience, Superior Bar and Grill restaurant is the best place for you to enjoy delicious food. Further, they provide top-class services. Moreover, they provide customer-friendly services that you can’t miss for life.

6. Sushi Gen

One of the unavoidable dishes for Americans is Sushi. Significantly, the Japanese style. Sushi Gen is the most laid-back restaurant in Shreveport, providing the best quality Japanese dishes. The restaurant has a cosy, casual and very inviting atmosphere where you can avail a good selection of dishes like Sushi and Sashimi. Moreover, you can either sit inside or on the patio and enjoy the Asian signature dishes. Apart from this, they also provide tasty noodle dishes. So if you are looking forward to trying Japanese cuisine, stop at Sushi Gen.

7. Oyster Bar and Grill

Who doesn’t love meat and fish dishes? But if you are looking for an exclusive place to try meat and fish dishes like Louisiana gulf oysters, then you are all welcome to the Oyster bar and grill. The restaurant is a busy, bustling place with excellent patio dining and large fish tanks that will give you a beautiful dining experience. With high-rated customer service and delicious food, people love returning to the restaurant again and again. Moreover, for people who love to taste authentic Oyster or fish dishes, the Oyster bar and grill is the top preference when tasting authentic and tasty food in Shreveport.

8. Chianti

Another most popular restaurant in Shreveport is also known as the fine dining spot in Louisiana. The origin of the dishes of this restaurant can be dated back to the Giacalone family. With their first-class services and quality of words, the Chianti restaurant aims to make the customers feel like they are dining in a family home. Moreover, how they welcome their customers is an example of how the Chianti restaurant makes you feel at home. They provide tasty Italian dishes and fish dishes. Further, they also offer an elevated Italian dish called the Scaloppine Alle Noci E more. So if you are planning to explore the tastiest and most exquisite Italian dishes, then Chianti restaurant would be the right restaurant in Shreveport.

9. El Patio, Mexican Grill

You might have tasted authentic American dishes or any other ones from Shreveport. But if you plan to taste the authentic Mexican dish in the city, then El Patio is the optimum choice. They have been serving exciting Mexican words to their customers for 20 years. Fajitas, burritos, Chimichangas and other chicken dishes are the most popular food items you can explore at El Patio, a Mexican grill. Furthermore, they have vegetarian dishes as well.

10. Superior Steakhouse

Going to Superior Steakhouse in Shreveport gives you the experience or vibe of dining in a Chicago steakhouse. The Superior Steakhouse comes with dark wood and White linen background. Further, with the ambience of piano playing in the background, you will feel comfortable and relaxing while relishing the incredible dishes served in the restaurant. They also offer fish, other meat, soups, salads and sushi. Moreover, the delicious chicken steaks are known to be sourced from Chicago.

11. Athena Greek and Lebanese Grill

Are you planning to taste Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cuisine? The Athena Greek and Lebanese grill restaurant in Shreveport is the right choice for you. They provide both Greek and Lebanese food with gluten-free and vegan options. Gyros, Kebabs, Chicken Shawarma, Grecian dip, hummus, Kibby, meat-grape leaves, rice and feta salad are some of the most popular dishes you can try here. Moreover, do not forget to save space for Baklava, a chocolate-filled tasty dessert. Now, if you are wondering what fancy dish you can have in Shreveport, then Athena Greek and Lebanese Grill is the best place for you.

12. Ralph and Kacoo’s Seafood Restaurant

Ralph and Kacoo’s Seafood restaurant is another popular dining spot in Shreveport that will never disappoint you regarding different cuisines. The large family-style restaurant offers a great seafood dining experience at the best prices. Cajun seafood, chicken, gulf shrimp, thin-cut catfish, crawfish tails with fries and seafood etc., are some famous dishes you can have from Ralph and Kacoo’s Seafood Restaurant. It is 100% wholesome and honest in serving quality dishes to the customers.

13. Crawdaddy’s Kitchen

The Crawdaddy’s Kitchen is one of the most popular restaurants in Shreveport and is a family-owned restaurant. Their delicacy, Cajun seafood, is one of the most popular dishes this restaurant provides its customers. The restaurant also offers South Louisiana seafood favourites, fried boudin balls, crawfish fettuccine alfredo, traditional chef salad, fried crawfish tails, and hot & spicy boiled crawfish.

14. Orlandeux Cafe

Another popular restaurant in Shreveport is Orlandeux Cafe. It has been a family-owned restaurant since 1921. From stuffed shrimp to Po’boys and more, they provide some of the most delicious food in Shreveport. Moreover, they have the most extensive menu, unlike any other restaurant in the city. Furthermore, you can get all kinds of dishes and are not limited to the seafood menu. The restaurant is also a great place to have Lunch, apart from breakfast and dinner.

15. Fat Calf Brasserie

The Fat Calf Brasserie is a pub-style restaurant that mainly offers French-inspired south Louisiana cuisine. From steaks and Frites to Caramelised onion dips, every dish of Fat Calf Brasserie is unique and tasty. Moreover, this restaurant is Shreveport, Louisiana’s most popular dining place.


These are some of the most popular restaurants in Shreveport, Louisiana. From Strawn’s eat shop to Fat Calf Brasserie, all the restaurants are the best places to have different dishes at the best prices. Moreover, Shreveport is the best place in Louisiana where you can try tasty food and enjoy a beautiful ambience while having the same.

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