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15 Best Places To Tour In Shreveport With Your ‘Girl Gang’ (2023)

Shreveport has everything you might desire for a weekend getaway with your best pals. The city can offer it all: world-class stores, award-winning restaurants, sexy cocktail bars, a rich history, and pricey hotels with lots of character. Whether you’re planning a bachelorette party, a mom-daughter getaway, or just a weekend away with your besties, Shreveport is the ideal location. In this article, we will share the best places to tour In Shreveport with your ‘Girl Gang.’  There are several popular destinations for entertainment, casinos, and of course, food! With the immense popularity of the casino gaming industry, there are many casino hotels you can stay in downtown or take a different route.

15 Best Places To Tour In Shreveport With Your ‘Girl Gang’

Here is our list of some of the best places to visit in Shreveport with your Girl Gang:

1. Orlandeaux’s Café

Orlandeaux’s Café and its earlier incarnations have served Shreveport visitors “Just the Way You Like It” since 1921. Formerly known as Brother’s Seafood, it is the oldest continuously operating African-American family-owned restaurant in the United States.

Get some coffee and beignets at Orlandeaux’s Café to kick off your girls’ weekend. In addition to being well-known, the French Quarter location is right across from Jackson Square, where you may relive the “Princess and the Frog” moment. Prepare to explore the town once you’ve refueled and taken many pictures.

2. Big Mama’s Antiques and Restorations

The Big Mama’s Antiques shop is an excellent and must-visit place to stop along the Boom or Bust Byway if you love antique shopping. They have been highlighted in the Antique Trader magazine and on the Antiques RoadShow. The owner, who specializes in African American antiquities, is charming and knowledgeable. It is fascinating to see and hear the stories he can share about the origins of many of his possessions.

Big Mama's Antiques and Restorations, Shreveport

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3. The Rum House

Go to The Rum House for lunch when you’re hungry. Enjoy a selection of tacos and Caribbean cuisine in addition to specialty beverages. Before visiting Sazerac House, a cutting-edge museum dedicated to the Sazerac cocktail that provides free access and samples, think about taking your time.

4. Shreveport Wine and Spirits

Consider booking a tasting at Shreveport Wine and Spirits if you’re in the mood for something unique. It is the only winery in the area operated by a Black woman. The proprietor, Kim Lewis, chooses wines from the region, including those produced in Louisiana.

For a 45-minute wine tasting, please stop by her outdoor patio on Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard. After that, have dinner at a food court where your lady group can all find something to eat!

5. Sculpture Garden of Sydney and Walda Besthoff

The Sculpture Garden is Shreveport’s newest cultural landmark and is a fantastic opportunity for individuals who respect the arts. The impressive display of modern and contemporary sculpture is set in a breathtaking natural setting with surprises around every corner. The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Foundation, City Park, and the Shreveport Museum of Art collaborated on this project.

One of the best and most tranquil things to do in Shreveport early in the morning is taking a stroll around the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden. There are numerous benches, green sections with covered areas, and winding walking routes in this large garden. Around this area in the stunning City Park, there are many fascinating things to discover. You might go to a nearby restaurant for lunch when you start to get peckish.

6. Bourbon Street

A trip to Shreveport wouldn’t be complete without seeing this well-known strip, so if you have not already planned to visit the finest sights down Bourbon Street, then you will surely miss some great places to hang out with your girl mates. Galatoire offers excellent wine, while Cat’s Meow has karaoke nights. Or, enjoy both!

There isn’t any zip-lining from bar to bar, as in “Girls Trip,” Bourbon Street is a well-known destination in Crescent City that will give you enough tales to tell your friends and family back home.

7. Magazine Street

Are you prepared to spend money and go shopping with your girl gang? Without taking a stroll down Magazine Street, a vacation to Shreveport with the girls wouldn’t be complete. Magazine Street offers a variety of establishments for every taste, including boutique boutiques, record shops, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, spas, and antique shops. At Blo Blow Dry Bar on Magazine Street, you may take a seat and get your hair styled.

Plan your time by perusing the shops here and purchasing the items you want for a fair price. Take advantage of a sugar scrub pedicure at Southern Swings Nail Bar & Spa when your feet can no longer endure the heat.

8. Saint Claude Social Club

The Saint Claude Social Club is the ideal setting for you to add some color and flair to your attire and nocturnal appearance. When you enter this accessories shop on the Lower side of the Garden District, you’ll encounter a fever dream of joyous local fashion. The store has a cheerful yellow entryway that draws customers in and makes them feel good.

Consider headbands, tasseled jewelry, colorful vintage derby hats, and striking outfits with fringe hems and sequins. You can get it all!

9. Shop on Sunday

The proprietors of Sunday Boutique, Katie Logan Leblanc and Jensen Killen, choose each item for sale in their cheerful Garden District shop with the same care they would have used to equip their homes.

Along with handcrafted vases, local pottery, and unique furniture items like classic ottomans made of rattan and Victorian showcases, you can also find beauty products produced by well-known cosmetic firms like Coqui and Byredo.

10. Carousel Bar

Going inside the Beaux Arts-styled Hotel Monteleone is like returning to a time when both men and women wore Panama hats. And in 1909, on their way to the now-famous Carousel Bar for a Sazerac or Mint Julep, they used to walk under the same mahogany grandfather clock.

If it’s still early in the evening, ascend the hotel’s heated rooftop pool to enjoy a few drinks with your closest friends while taking in views of the city skyline.

11. Willa Jean Dining Room

The most well-known of the many exceptional female chefs to emerge from New Orleans is chef Kelly Fields, who is up for a James Beard Award and owns the renowned brunch spot “Willa Jean.”

Despite the building’s industrial style, the food at this Central Business District restaurant is as cozy as it comes. Think of traditional Southern dishes like grits and shrimp, Fields chocolate-chip cookies, and griddle-cooked banana bread, all of which come with a tiny jug of vanilla-infused milk and a beater covered in cookie dough.

12. Hotel Henry Howard

If searching for unhurried beauty, head to New Orleans’ Garden District. Around you are rows of Greek Revival townhomes, duplexes, and cottages shaded by large oak trees. One of them is a historic 1867 double-gallery villa or mansion that has been converted into a lovely 18-room hotel with a charming fusion of the old and modern eras. You will find a few vintage saxophones hanging above custom iron beds, toile wallpaper with motifs of Mississippi riverboats, and Surrealist portraits by a local artist—Hayley Gaberlavage.

Make sure to block off some time for the parlor bar, where the towering ceilings and crown moldings make for the ideal setting for an afternoon of socializing and drinking!

13. The French Quarter

Simply exploring Shreveport is one of the best ways to become familiar with it. Unquestionably, and for a good reason, the French Quarter is the part of New Orleans that attracts the most tourists. The French Quarter views are spectacular and historically significant; you may roam around while taking them in. It is highly advised to take a walking tour of the neighborhood on your first day there if you appreciate learning about history. It will not only aid in acclimatization but also educate you on the history of New Orleans and the stunning architecture surrounding you.

14. Jackson Square

The heart of the French Quarter is Jackson Square. The neighborhood is still lively even though the square and the neighboring buildings were built in the 1700s. You may still see some Mardi Gras beads hanging from the trees as the park is lined with street performers and vendors. Jackson Square is easy to spot, and the magnificent St. Louis Cathedral is a great reference point for instructions.

15. Poltergeist Shreveport

Shreveport is the spot to go if you’re seeking an exciting thing to do because it has a long history of being haunted.

If you want to understand everything there is to know about NOLA’s eerie lore and haunted homes, you should take a Ghost Tour of Shreveport with your girl gang. These tours are a great way to learn about some of the most sinister events in the French Quarter and to tour some of the city’s most haunted areas. Perhaps you’ll discover that your hotel is haunted! Don’t worry; there is nothing to be afraid of with your girls at your side, not even ghosts!


Make sure you visit the best places to tour in Shreveport with your ‘girl gang.’  It is challenging to fit everything that Shreveport offers into a single weekend. We believe a four days trip would be enough to cover all the famous spots if you consider visiting Shreveport. Spend the afternoon doing whatever your women are most passionate about, whether it’s visiting the spectacular WWII Museum, taking a swamp tour with alligators, or exploring the Garden District on a vintage trolley.

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