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Parish Restaurant

10 Must-Try Restaurants In Monroe To Bless Your Taste Buds (2023)

Traveling to a new city with no guide to the specialties might be scary. You can miss out on a lot of attractions a town can offer. However, you cannot take the risk with a city like Monroe. It is the largest city in northeast Louisiana and is splendidly rich in local restaurant chains. Not just in Monroe, but you can also expect mouth-watering cuisines in its sibling city, West Monroe.

North Louisiana is always known for its southern beauty and heavenly food. From its famous seafood to its ever-crowded Italian and fast food outlets, you are just in the right place to experience it all.

Monroe and West Monroe serve numerous dining options to deliver a flavorsome experience to all its visitors. So what’s a better way to explore a city than sampling local cuisines? We have curated your go-to list with the best restaurants in Monroe that you cannot miss in Monroe.

10 Must-Try Restaurants In Monroe To Bless Your Taste Buds

So start gifting your taste buds without wasting time, and head to the list below.

1. Parish

Parish is the art of the famous award-winning chef Cory Bahr. He emerged victorious on a food network show called Chopped. He has won several cook-offs in his city, Louisiana, beating people with his finest recipe for seafood. So you can expect the best seafood at Parish and local ribeyes as specialties. The services are top-notch, and the magical food will compel you to come again and again. Visit this place for the best ambiance and food.

Parish Restaurant

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Address – 318 N 2nd St, Monroe, LA 71201, United States

2. The Warehouse

For first-timers, The Warehouse is the best place to dine, offering the best seafood, shrimp combos, cajun catfish, and po’boy sandwiches. It has been the most preferred place by the locals for its refreshing view of the Ouachita River. This place has been receiving love for its food and drinks for more than 40 years. The splendid ambiance, staff, and services are what adds to the whole vibe at The Warehouse. You can visit this place for a fulfilling experience at Monroe.

Address- 1 Olive St, Monroe, LA 71201, United States

3. Trapps

You cannot miss having the famous cajun dishes of Monroe. Trapps is one of the best places for cajun food with the eye-pleasing view of the Ouachita river. Bourque’s Seafood Nachos, fried crawfish, grilled shrimp, and crab cakes are the mouth-watering specialties you cannot miss. Trapps take full care of your entertainment with live music and a magnificent ambiance. Visit your friends and family to experience the best cajun food with a lovely view to look at.

Address- 113 S Riverfront St, West Monroe, LA 71291, United States

4. Enoch’s Pub

A place you’ll always hope to find while traveling to enjoy the best beer around. Enoch’s pub is an Irish pub offering the best food with various beers and drinks. It would be best if you tried their heavenly burgers. From Blarney Stone to Cornelius, their burgers are incredible. Don’t forget to order Conley fries with any burger you order. You can expect some good live music all week. Their services and ambiance are up to the mark. Make sure to visit this place for a local pub experience.

Address- 507 Louisville Ave, Monroe, LA 71201, United States

5. Cotton

Cotton is the ultimate place to experience the best southern culinary art in Monroe. It is one of the most liked and celebrated restaurants built around the city’s attractions. Pimento cheese beignets, Cochon du lait, venison schnitzel, North Delta shrimp, and Campfire redfish are the bestsellers you cannot miss to eat. The eye-soothing glimpses of food will compel you to take pictures and flex on your socials. The ambiance and services are top-notch. So visit Cotton with your friends and family and enjoy the best southern cuisine.

Address- 101 N Grand St, Monroe, LA 71201, United States

6. Waterfront Grill

If you are looking for the best patio dining restaurant in Monroe, then Waterfront Grill is the one for you. It has served Monroe for over two decades with its mouth-watering food and lovely ambiance. One must order chicken gumbo, catfish almondine, salads, handmade crab cakes, BBQ shrimp po’boy, grilled pork chops, and rib eyes. The beautiful view of Bayou DeSiard will complement your food. Don’t forget to take a trip down to the restroom to look at the old news clipping and banners. These have been there since the place was an officers club in World War II.

Address- 5201 Desiard St, Monroe, LA 71203, United States

7. Doe’s Eat Place

This renowned restaurant was founded by the Signa family in Greenville, Mississippi, in 1941. Mostly popular for serving the best local steaks. Their black and blue steaks salads are nowhere to be found. Apart from its delicious food, you can expect a wide range of wines, whiskeys, and cocktails. This romantic place also serves mouth-watering desserts that you cannot miss, especially Creole cheesecake. The services and ambiance are up to the mark. You can bring a date or enjoy yourself with your friends at this finest beauty of Monroe.]

Address: 300 Washington St, Monroe, LA 71201, United States

8. Big Momma’s Fine Foods

Big Momma is the home to the best southern food across the whole of Monroe. It is located in a wooden building about a mile from the Masur Museum of Art. With its outstanding services and soul-satisfying meals, it provides its visitors with complete comfort. Try the juicy fried chicken and hot water cornbread, both of which are universally adored. Dessert selections include crème-filled cake, peach cobbler, and the chef’s signature cake. The delicious food doesn’t stop anyone from eating even if they are full—a must-visit for everyone visiting Monroe with their friends and family.

Address- 1118 S 2nd St, Monroe, LA 71202, United States

9. 2Dudes Brew And Que

Previously a food truck, 2Dudes Brew & Que is a full-service bar and grill diner in downtown Monroe. You can expect the best BBQ, sausage, ham, brisket, and chicken with yummy desserts to end your meal nicely. However, if you are starving, you must get the Hail Mary Sammich, which has three layers of cheese, five different types of meat, and their special coleslaw. The ambiance, as well as the live performances, will surely make your day. Visit with your family to have the best time and enjoy all the attractions 2Dudes Brew & Que has to offer.

Address- 436 Desiard St, Monroe, LA 71201, United States

10. Latin Food

The Latin Food Restaurant offers pleasant-tasting cuisine from Honduras and its neighbors. It is just the right place to let you fall in love with the Latin American food of Monroe. For starters, you must try classic chicken steaks and shrimp to experience the flavor of Latin American cuisine. You will also love its Milanesa steak, which includes ham, cheese, and tomato sauce. Their early morning Honduran cuisine is also famous. Don’t forget to grab their best coffee at the end of your meal. Visit this restaurant with your friends and family to experience the best Latin food and feel good about its simplicity.

Address- 1102 Thomas Rd, West Monroe, LA 71292, United States


Monroe is undoubtedly blessed with rich history and food culture. There are more places one can discover while exploring Monroe with their whole heart. Visiting Monroe is equivalent to visiting a fine culinary experience. You will never be out of options to experience the best cuisines and rivers during your stay at Monroe.

However, do not miss the best restaurants in Monroe for a full-fledged southern cuisine experience. You may find everything from southern cooking, steaks, and seafood to Italian, Asian, Cajun, and Indian cuisine at more than 100 locally owned restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks. So if you are visiting Monroe, you know where to eat. Your taste buds will surely thank you later.

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