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11 Best Places In Shreveport For Couples (2024)

Hey there! Are you a couple that loves traveling and exploring the world hand in hand? Is it your thing to explore quaint corners of the world and explore a different side of yourself too? Do you both love taking the road less-taken? If yes, let me tell you – you are truly made for each other. Now jumping to the point, if you are wondering about the best places in Shreveport for couples, consider this a complete and exciting guide.

Let us start with some trivia about this cute little city Shreveport. Shreveport is Louisiana’s third most populous city, following New Orleans and Baton Rouge. It is located in the northwestern corner of the U.S state. While the southern corner of the state enjoys high tourist footfall all year round, most people do not know that Shreveport is a hidden gem in terms of music, history, culture, and casinos. There is much to do in the city of Shreveport, whether traveling with family, friends or as a couple.

Be assured of good times when you visit some of the best places in Shreveport for couples. Let us begin exploring these here so you can save precious time when visiting this city in all its glory. Shall we start?

1. The Agora Borealis:

If you visit downtown Shreveport, do not miss out on this unique small art gallery and local market. Buy your lady-love all things sweet and make memories forever. At Agora Borealis, you find art and handmade goods such as jewelry, soaps, lighting fixtures, food items, paintings, and so much more. Buy little souvenirs and be reminded of all your fun times in Shreveport. This art gallery is the first of its kind in the city and is located in an old building.

2. Orlandeaux’s Cafe:

You haven’t done Shreveport right if you do not take your spouse out for a hot dinner at Orlandeaux’s Cafe. If you and your partner love all things shrimp, this is a must-visit. One of the oldest eateries in the region, the cafe is an African-American family-owned restaurant in the city. It has been there since 1921 and serves tourists from all over the country with its world-renowned stuffed shrimp, chicken fried steak, pork chops, gumbo, and much more. Do not miss out on whipping a plate of every item on the menu because it is that good.

3. Asian Gardens Of Shreveport:

If you and your sweetheart are nature enthusiasts or love the great outdoors, this lush oasis is the place for you. Enjoy strolling through mesmerizingly beautiful gardens while spending quality time together. Explore a wide range of endearingly engrossing landscapes, plants, flowers, and more. This is a great way to spend some quiet time with your partner, away from the city hustle-bustle.

4. All Things Art And Culture:

If art is something that interests the two of you, there you must visit these places that also fall on the list of best places in Shreveport for couples. First on the list is the Strand Theater. Plan a night in the town as you take your special one for a broadway musical to the Strand Theater. Enjoy music, art, and the subtle innate romanticism that persists in the air. Next, you can visit the famous Riverview Theater and lose yourself in the tunes of the melodious symphonies performed by the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra. End the night with some drama. By drama, we mean something classic by the Shreveport Opera. Sounds perfect, no?

5. Nature’s Lap:

Ditch the mainstream mania and set aside some time in mother nature’s lap. Enjoy unforgettable experiences and make memories that last a lifetime. Shreveport is located along the banks of the Red River. Enjoy strolling hand in hand with your sweetheart and maybe pop the big question here. Well, there’s something to think about, isn’t it? You can also book an hour-long cruise and have the boat to yourself. Since we are still on the subject of the great outdoors, why not indulge in something we usually don’t get to do? Yes, we mean hiking. Choose any hiking trail as you visit Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Park, downtown Shreveport. Life’s journey is full of ups and downs, and so are the hiking ones. Why not test your companionship with hiking?

6. Luxurious and Romantic Spa Day:

Vacations are for relaxing and some downtime with your sweetheart. Dedicate a day rewarding yourself with relaxing and rejuvenating couple massages. The Destiny Day Spa is just opposite the Red River and is renowned for offering the best and most exclusive deals on couple massages. Imagine Swedish massages, facials, chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne, and being several miles away from home. It sounds like the day of our dreams! You can also check out My Spa My Way for couple massages, body treatments, and mouth-watering lunches at the spa’s juice bar and lounge.

7. Romantic Accommodations:

You cannot plan a visit to Shreveport without pinning down some of the best places for couples and romantic accommodations in Shreveport. Accommodation is essential to any travel planning and needs to be the best. A bad hotel can be a total buzz-kill after a tiring day of exploration and travel. The Remington Suite Hotel, located in downtown Shreveport is one of the most romantic hotels in the city. It is known for its romantic ambiance and larger-than-life suites. For special occasions and anniversaries, consider booking the Grand Suite and spend some luxurious and quality time with your sweetheart. A two-story suite that is screaming luxury is what this hotel offers.

Another option is Fairfield Place which is a beautiful bed and breakfast. This is another excellent option.

8. A Taste of Nightlife:

To experience nightlife in the Shreveport style, you must visit Fatty Arbuckle’s. It is one of downtown Shreveport’s oldest pubs. One can enjoy live music, entertainment at its best, a tastefully crafted cocktail menu, and a lavish ambiance. If you and your sweetheart love your whiskey, know it better by booking a private whiskey tasting. All in all, it is a great way to spend the night if you are not looking for fine dining.

9. Local Breweries:

Shreveport is a city full of several local beer breweries. There is so much to explore and enjoy at these local stations. You can take a brewery tour, stop at several spots for beer and enjoy some live music. Enjoy many other fun activities and events with your beer or two.

10. American Rose Center:

No trip to Shreveport is complete without taking your rose (spouse) to the American Rose Center. Visit the country’s biggest rose garden and get engrossed in its beauty. Be left in awe of the beautiful sceneries and landscapes. Enjoy spending time in the spellbinding fragrance of thousands of roses. Click pictures and make beautiful memories, just like roses. The place also features many plants, fountains, sculptures, and other delightful sights. You can also take your sweetheart for a guided cart tour of about 30-45 minutes. Enlighten yourself on roses, their care, cultivation, and history.

11. Adventure Times:

If you and your special lady love indulging in some fun times and adventurous things, there are many things to explore. The Red Herring Escape Rooms in Shreveport are a great way to spend the afternoon. Choose any theme of your choice, and together make your way out of vulnerable yet fun times. The other option is to spend the first half of the day at Cross Lake, an excellent spot for water sports and fun activities. The banks of the lake are covered with moss and make for a photogenic spot. Indulge in kayaking, waterboarding, jet skiing, fishing, boating, and others. This is another one of the best places in Shreveport for couples who love adventure sports.

Shreveport is the place to be if you love exploring the unexplored. While the southern part of Louisiana gets the maximum tourist footfall, it is unknown to most people what this hidden gem holds for them. Shreveport is outstanding in every aspect, with a rich mix of culture, cuisines, cafes, great outdoors, and many tourist attractions. It is a great place for couples because there is much to do and explore with your partner. So take this cathartic journey together to this quaint corner of the country.

Even though Shreveport is a full-blown city, it has that small-town feel we all miss. Spend a few days with your sweetheart in a whimsical place that is straight from a storybook. Spend mornings strolling along the Red River, afternoons having lunch in the city center, and evenings spending time at local breweries and swapping life stories with locals. Get to know the customs and traditions of this place and fall in love with the countryside feel it offers.

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