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8 Awesome Weekend Getaways From Monroe (2024)

Monroe and West Monroe are located on Bayou DeSiard and the Ouachita River. If you are here for a few days, you will surely have the most pleasant yet unforgettable experience discovering North Louisiana, whether you love exploring the nature trails or want to sip craft beer with your friends. In short, there is no end to adventure if you are in Monroe. Louisiana gives us so many reasons to fall in love with this amazing place. Be it the mouth-relishing food or the jazz music and stunning mansion.

8 Awesome Weekend Getaways From Monroe

But when you are in North Louisiana, then have a look at some of the best weekend getaways from Monroe.

1. New Orleans

It is one of the best vacation spots that you can find in Louisiana. This place is close to Monroe so you can plan it on weekends. It has more than 300 years of history, unique experiences, and great culture that you would love to explore. If you head out towards New Orleans’s streetcars, you will be thrilled to explore some amazing neighborhoods like the French quarter. There are different streetcar lines, and the Saint Charles streetcar line is the oldest of all that has been operated worldwide for more than 150 years.

Also, if you are in the French Quarter, visit Vieux Carre, where you can check out some great iconic landmarks like touring the St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square. New Orlean presents you with the most fantastic weekend stay and famous places like Café du Monde for beignets and French Market, which you shall surely love.

A visit to this place is incomplete if you don’t explore the local live music at Bourbon Street in the evening. You should also plan for dinner at Antoine’s Restaurant. It has been owned by a family that has been there for 179 years and offers mouth-relishing New Orleans cuisine. There are also amazing hotels to plan your stay; if you want to experience something unique, then Hotel Monteleone will be a great option.

Distance from Monroe: 267 miles

Time to travel by road: 4 hours and 27 minutes

2. Avery Island

Avery Island is another amazing place that has been home to many people for quite a long time that you could have even imagined. Located 3 miles from Vermillion Bay, this small city is home to the Tabasco factory, where every bottle of Tabasco sauce is prepared. The factory is also open for public tours, where you can discover various sauces. Of course, not to miss out on the most iconic Tabasco sauce created here. It’s not just the Tabasco sauce for which you should plan your weekend visit but also the 170-acre Jungle Gardens. The garden is one of a kind, wrapped in a blanket of greenery. It is well known for hosting a wide range of indigenous plants. There is also a range of bird species that you may not find elsewhere. If you get lucky, you can get a chance to see Deer and alligators as well.

Distance from Monroe: 212 miles

Time to travel by road: 3 hours and 35 minutes

3. Baton Rouge

Well, this is one gorgeous city with an overwhelming count of things that you can explore and even do. At the weekend, if you are planning to discover something that can bring you close to the Monroe culture, well, there are some old mansions. Talking of which, the historic Magnolia Mound Plantation is one of them that you can visit. A French Creole home was also built in the 18th century. Along with its popularity, the property also expanded later. Now it has been turned into a gracious home on the plantation. You can witness the architectural influences from the early west Indies and France stellers.

Distance from Monroe: 186 miles    

Time to travel by road: 3 hours and 15 minutes

4. Toledo Bend Reservoir

This place is located at the border of Louisiana and Texas, where you can find a range of recreational scopes to explore. The best part is that this location is recognized nationally for the bass fishing tournaments. You must visit here to enjoy different water-based activities if you are a water baby. Also, many families plan here for a weekend getaway to relax amid nature at North Toledo Bend State park. You can also visit South Toledo Bend State Park, where there are many vantage points from where you can see the waterfront view. Many other activities are conducted, such as biking, camping, and hiking, which you will have fun doing with your loved ones.

Distance from Monroe: 171 miles

Time to travel by road: 2 hours and 52 minutes

5. Lafayette

Located in the heart of Louisiana’s Cajun, Lafayette is one perfect weekend getaway from Monroe that you can add to your list. It is also called the Happiest City in America because of the fantastic Cajun experience you get in terms of food, culture, and music. When you are here, you must try out seafood, Creole, and Cajun, which is the specialty of this place. The food here is so mouth-relishing that you would surely want to take some more servings in your dish. If you are a music lover, well, no shortage of bonuses offering live music. You can enjoy the lively yet rich sound of music, be it fiddle, dulcimer or accordion, while feeling the local scene.

This place is close to the Atchafalaya Basin, which has a large river and basic swamp of around 850,000 acres of lakes and water prairies. So you might want to add this place to your itinerary as well. Your presence here will give you the most amazing experience of the rarest yet unique swamp tour. This place is just a short drive from Lafayette, so a weekend trip here while covering a day trip at the basic can be a great idea. For foodies, there are some historic homes where bed-and-breakfasts are served that can be a great experience too.

Distance from Monroe: 183 miles

Time to travel by road: 2 hours and 56 minutes

6. Chemin-À-Haut State Park

The name may seem funny, but if you love recreational activities, plan your one-weekend getaway from Monroe here. The park’s name is derived from a French phrase that means high road. It is what Native Americans used for the seasonal migration for which they used north Louisiana woodlands. Kayaking is one of the popular activities conducted here, while the park is all designed in a colorful way keeping kids’ tastes in mind. There is also a swimming complex on the site, which is like a cherry on the cake.

Distance from Monroe: 36 miles

Time to travel by road: 44 minutes

7. Breaux Bridge

Located in the heart of Cajun Country, this charming town is also called the Crawfish Capital of the World. You shall discover ample restaurants that offer gourmet Cajun, antique shops, and boutiques when you are here. It also is home to some thriving music and folk art scenes. There is a festival called annual crawfish celebrated on a large scale every year. Held on the May first weekend, the festival draws the attention of Cajun food lovers. People often come here to enjoy the mouth-relishing crawfish and this region’s popular Cajun. You might want to enjoy exploring the location while listening to Zydeco music played here. On weekends this play is quite crowded so you might want to get with the booking well in advance. This way, you can avoid any kind of hassle later.

Distance from Monroe: 189 miles

Time to travel by road: 3 hours and 35 minutes

8. Hot Springs, AR

Located just 3.5 hours away from Monroe, this national park can be a great weekend getaway. Here you can closely experience the real nature that Mother earth offers. It is one of the most extraordinary national parks located in the Southeast, where you can relax while at Buckstaff Baths. There is also a Garvan Woodland Gardens where you can explore different sculptures which are impeccable.

There is no perfect time if you are planning to visit Monroe. There are so many amazing weekend getaways listed above. It’s time to start with your packing and plan up your day. It is the right place to visit with your family and pets to experience the awesome destinations close to Monroe, LA. You can also book some good resorts offering transportation facilities if you don’t want to drive further from Monroe. If you visit any restaurant or historic sites, call them beforehand. There are high chances that it could be a weekend rush. Confirming open timings would save you time and money.

Distance from Monroe: 181 miles

Time to travel by road: 3 hours and 22 minutes

Final say:

Monroe has so much to offer, be it a romantic weekend getaway or a family trip. But if you are already done visiting Monroe and want to explore other options close to it, take time to visit the above mentioned best weekend getaway from Monroe. The above-given list offers the best destination where adults can plan for a vacation and kids can enjoy it too. With loving people, great surroundings, and amazing hotspots to enjoy relaxing music and mouth-relishing food, explore these awesome destinations soon. If outdoor adventure and food, the above-listed options can be the best weekend hotspots.

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