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13 Best Shopping Places in Monroe (2022)

Monroe is the largest city in Northeast Louisiana. West Monroe is known for its cultural activities. Monroe got its name after the boat rode by J. A Palfrey, he had undertaken a daring voyage from Mississippi. This daring travel paved the way for traders and trappers to sell their goods in New Orleans. However, the city is known for Museums, cultural activities and shopping! The Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo, Kiroli park, and Black Bayou Lake are some of the tourist spots. In addition, several eateries with varied cuisines and Shopping in Monroe complete you. Read the article if you are fond of shopping and want to have a jaw-dropping moment around Monroe, Louisiana.

13 Best Shopping Places in Monroe

Check out our ultimate list of best shopping places in Monroe below:

1. Pecanland Mall

Pecanland mall is located on Millhaven Road in Monroe,  known for its food courts and architecture. The mall’s architecture has not gone old for ages and remains timeless and fresh. The open and airy mall is a good place to shop for gifts for the festive seasons or just to walk around.

The enclosed shopping mall is known for its food courts, a massive arcade, and a great selection of shopping stores. You could find people shopping their hearts out, walking across the mall, and enjoying the clean environment.  

Moreover, the mall also comprises Movie Theater that charges pretty fair in the whole town. Also, if you are fond of hand-made sauces, you must stop at Raynell Markets. The condiments, sauces, soups, jams, and pecans they sell are authentic and flavorful.

The mall has a capacity of 450 seats at its food court and 10 screens in its theaters to house many spectators. Also, if you want a pamper session, you can stop at any salon in the mall to have a mani-pedi service or gather energy at any restaurant.  

Since the mall houses leading stores like H&M, Hot Topic, Victoria’s Secret, JCPenny, and much more, you would need time or energy to explore them all.

2. Twin City Shopping Center

Twin City shopping center is evolving and adding so many changes in recent times. Especially if you love to bargain or thrift items, you will love shopping at Ollie’s. Ollie’s was established in the space in 2020 and has become famous for personal care items, pet-related items and odd things needed to run a house.

The shopping center has considered the pain points of the residents. The shopping mall has been built disabled-friendly and enables shoppers to park effortlessly. To shop here, you don’t have to walk till you lose a pound.

3. South Gate Shopping Center

South gate shopping center is located at Winnsboro Road in Louisiana. The place is known for fresh meat. If you are stocking up your pantry with fresh meat, you will find them in Mac’s Fresh market at reasonable prices here. To make a comfortable shopping experience, the businessmen have built large shopping spaces, food, gas and other personal services. Southgate shopping center has organized things neatly, and the mall is known for its accessibility and cleanliness.

4. Bayou Trade days Flea market

The market opens on the 3rd week of every month, where skilled vendors sell their hand-crafted goods and unique products. The shoppers open at 9 am, and getting in by 10 am enables you to roam around and shop peacefully. In addition, the owners make more effort to enhance the shopping experience; they offer amazing customer service and free parking.  

The friendly set-up, varied items and deals make you a shopaholic.

5. The Toggery

The toggery is located in North of 18th street in Monroe, operates on all the weekdays, while operates on the weekend based on appointment. The amazing customer service helps you find the right attire for men, the staff working here are good in fashion sense and highly knowledgeable. The place also offers other services related to clothing, such as tailoring, alteration and others.

Their wide range of collections in varieties helps you choose just right for the occasion. The store also has a wide range of men’s accessories, such as shoes, ties, perfumes and bags. The shop is a one-stop shop for men’s attire.

The Denim range speaks volumes about its progressive and sophisticated design. In addition, the designers tried to combine contemporary and classic styles in denim that make them unique for men.

If you are looking for clothes manufactured with advanced construction techniques and materials that touch Italian craftsmanship, this is the right place.  

6. Muffin Tin

If you are confused about what to gift your friends or family, Muffin tin is the right place for you to find unique gift options. In addition, the shopping place has staff more knowledgeable about their merchandise. As a result, you can find gifting options that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.  

Although the items are a bit pricey, you can be sure of their premium quality gift options. You will get unique gift ideas once you get there. You will be amazed at their expansive and unique gift options. There are gift options for everyone that range from unique kitchen items, cookware, jewelry, candles, beard balm or magnetic eyeglasses holders.  

They also offer great customer service, stay patient, and help you find the right gift for yourself or your loved one.  

7. NorthGate Shopping Center

If you have already visited the North Gate shopping center in Monroe, you must have gone to Debbie’s Hallmark shop. Although the shop is known as a gift card shop in the locality, they sell cute little gift items suitable for children or adults. There is something for everyone here. You just need the patience and time to go through every store department.

Specifically, Debbies’ hallmark shop is known for its attentive service and premium scented candles. Their uniquely smelling candles could be the nicest gifts you could give or get. If you are confused about gifts at the last minute, this is the place you should visit in Monrow.

8. Herring Stone’s

Herring stone’s is one of the top-rated stores in Monroe for women’s apparel. Their friendly stylist guides you in shopping for the latest model. Ladies fall in love with friendly and polite customer service and varieties. Herring stones is known for its customer service and women’s accessories.

If you are confused about mixing and matching skirts, hats and clothing, you will always get help from the talented staff.

9. Maurices

Maurices is another top-rated women’s apparel store located inside the Pecanland Mall in Monroe. The store offers a women’s clothing chain that matches current fashions. They also offer varied size ranges. The store specializes in plus-sized apparel and plus-sized footwear and accessories. Additionally, the store offers in-store shopping and In-store pickup services that allow shoppers to shop easily.

10. Petals and Pearls

Looking for flowers? Who wouldn’t like a bunch of scented flowers on their desk? Flowers make days brighter and awaken the soul. Fresh flowers lift the mood and bring home a relaxed and calming atmosphere.  

Shopping for fresh flowers can be overwhelming; however, you would get customer-specific flowers here at petals and pearls. They customize an arrangement for every occasion that doesn’t go without flowers. You can share your thoughts and requirements via phone and place the order. Staff are very caring towards customers’ requirements. The florists, with their experience, are sure to surpass your expectations. Moreover, the shop’s atmosphere would be like, come and have a cup of coffee.

11. Books-A-Million

Shopping for books brings more joy to book lovers. Who wouldn’t love to spend their vacation reading? Books-A-Million is known for its large chain of stocking books and toys for children.

The store in Monroe offers great coffee and a place to read as well. Great customer care and fair price point attract more readers to the place. The well-organized location and helpful staff make the bookstore highly rated in the city. Moreover, you can find all kinds of books, especially those that aren’t easily available.

They play soothing music to keep up the calming vibe across the bookstore. Overall a great place for book lovers and kids. Plus, they have thought about it; they are wheelchair accessible.  

12. Textbook Corner

Another top-rated book store in Monroe is located at Desiard street. Although the book store closes at 5 pm and remains closed on the weekends, they have never failed to attract readers with their awesome collection of books and customer service.

The book store offers in-store shopping and doesn’t offer delivery services. However, they are wheelchair friendly in car parking and at the store.

13. Pet Smart

Pet smart is a one-stop shop in Monroe for all pet supplies, from leashes, toys, shampoos etc. They also offer pet grooming services, boarding and others. Pet smart is located inside the Pecanland Mall and operates every day of the week except from 10 am -7 pm on Sundays. Their operation time makes it easier for the shoppers to reach out at any emergency shopping for their fur babies.

Pet smart is known for its professional pet grooming services. They extend their care towards every detail and your pet’s health. They are highly reliable and take note of every requirement of yours.

Staff here are highly knowledgeable in the field and know methods to handle varied clients. They inquire about the pets brought there and evaluate them. They don’t treat every pet the same way. No doubt why this place is one of the top-rated.


We have tried to list some of the best shopping places in Monroe you could try while exploring the place. Have a great time shopping!

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