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9 Best Weekend Getaway From Shreveport (2024)

Everyone wants a little break from their daily routine during the hot summer seasons. However, it would be impossible for working professionals to take a week-long trip to relax and enjoy themselves with their families. But, it doesn’t mean you cannot go on a trip and explore new places. There are many places close to Shreveport that you can get to quickly. You can plan a weekend getaway with your friends or family.

It would be best if you planned meticulously to explore as much as possible while still being able to relax during the short weekend so that you can be back at work with a fresh mindset. Choosing a destination for your weekend getaway can be confusing as there are so many places close to Shreveport you can visit.

9 Best Weekend Getaway From Shreveport

Read this article to find a comprehensive list of amazing places you can visit on a weekend getaway from Shreveport.

1. Morrell Dairy Farm

The Morrell Dairy Farm is a top-rated dairy farm and creamery just a 26-minute ride from Shreveport. It is situated near Mooringsport and Blanchard. Randy and Ann Morrell own the farm. This farm is famous for producing high-quality chocolate milk, butter, and whole milk from Jersey cows. If you are interested in learning more about the process of milking cows and the dairy industry, this is the perfect place to visit for your weekend getaway.

You can visit this farm easily by car. The owners allow you to pet the beautiful cows and give a comprehensive tour of their dairy factory so you can gain more knowledge about this industry. Morrell Dairy Farm was opened in November 2019 officially. You can find their products in three major locations in the Shreveport-Bossier area: the Lowder Baking Company, Maxwell’s Market, and Rhino Coffee.

2. Allen’s Guide and Tour Service

Allen’s Guide and Tour Service is an excellent choice for looking at informative and quiet experiences on Caddo Lake. You can reach this place by driving 43 minutes from Shreveport. Mark Allen is a fishing expert who provides visitors excellent guidance and knowledge.

You can visit here and join cruises led by the expert Mark Allen. Depending on your time and interest in nature, you can choose to go on a one-hour, four-hour, or eight-hour cruise. These cruises are excellent for relaxing on the lake. You can go fishing, sightseeing, etc., on these cruises. You would need to call ahead to book a tour.

3. Saige Acres Flower Farm

The Saige Acres Flower Farm is an experimental farm and a family floristry. It is just a 28-minute drive away from Shreveport. It is situated at 10200 Blanchard Furrh Road in Mooringsport. Meagen Oberley owns the farm and is a certified florist. She produces a wide variety of beautiful flowers and various other low-maintenance vegetables around the year.

Meagen Oberley successfully expanded her farm by buying a flower truck. The flower truck was extremely helpful in distributing bouquets at the local farmer’s market. You must make a reservation if you want to visit this flower farm. Zit is a beautiful farm that you can visit to relax and experience simple yet happy living with your family. It will teach you the intricate mechanisms of farming and help you escape the fast city life.

4. Bayou Bodcau Dam and Reservoir

If you are a fan of nature, it would be best to visit the Bayou Bodcau Wildlife Management Area in Bellevue. You can plan your trip to this reservoir and enjoy going along Louisiana’s breathtaking bayous. You can go kayaking here easily with your family as it’s just a 34-minute drive from Shreveport. It is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway as you can relax and enjoy the tranquil environment.

The bayous are slow-stream and low-key. They provide a peaceful coasting experience. The kayaking trail is picturesque, and you can take in the natural beauty of your environment. People that do not own a kayak yet still want to go on a short kayaking trip over the weekend can easily do so by contacting the Bayou chapter of the Ozark Society, which organizes kayaking events, training, and memberships. It is in to go kayaking, and you can easily book this adventurous trip.

5. Big Mama’s Antiques and Restorations

If you are a history nerd, Big Mama’s Antiques and Restorations is the perfect place to visit for the weekend away from Shreveport. You can reach it only after driving for 33 minutes from Shreveport. It is situated at 6403 Dogwood Street in Hosston. It is quite a hidden gem. It is an African-American-owned vintage store. It is known for housing many antique and unique things such as newspapers from two hundred years ago, pre+civil war artifacts, vintage portraits, etc.

Ray Stephenson owns this antique shop. He is quite passionate about the history of the United States of America and helpful too. You can visit his antique shop to observe original cotton sacks, signage that says “Coloreds Only” or “Whites Only,” “for sale,” news articles from years ago, etc. He has a vast and invaluable collection that helps tell America’s rich and brutal history.

6. Skydive Louisiana

If you have an adventurous spirit, you must visit Skydive Louisiana in Gilliam. You can reach there in 38 minutes by car from Shreveport. It is the ultimate activity for thrill seekers to soar through the sky like birds. It is located at 5266 Gilliam Airport Road. It is a certified training center, according to the USPA guidelines, and is a center drop zone.

Skydive Louisiana has many skilled and experienced workers that can help calm you down and have a memorable experience. They are highly professional and make you feel safe while doing this dangerous and adrenaline-inducing activity. You can request them to help you do a tandem jump, sports jump, etc., so you can enjoy yourself thoroughly from the beginning to the end of this experience. It is reasonably priced and provides a high-quality experience where you feel safe yet exhilarated. You can call and enquire about the timings and requirements before visiting.

7. Robert L. Nance Park

Robert L. Nance Park is situated at 14770 Odom Road. It is big and stretches from Houston to the end of the Ark-La-Tex. It is a magnificent park that offers numerous things, such as a picnic table, a boat ramp, a fishing pier, a playground for children, a grill, etc. If you are looking for a location to visit for your family getaway, this is the perfect place. It meets all the requirements for a family to enjoy themselves as everyone has something to enjoy. The children can get engaged in the beautiful park. If you want to know more about bodies of water in their areas, you can contact them through their website.

8. Hotel Monteleone

Hotel Monteleone is located in New Orleans. New Orleans is a beautiful and exciting city that perfectly blends Creole culture, Cajun bliss, and French Architecture. It is a highly refined and top-rated hotel. It is quite a luxurious hotel inspired by the historic French Quarter. It was built in 1886 and is a proud landmark in the city. It is included in the list of Historic Hotels of America. The hotel has an attached bar called the Carousel Bar & Lounge. The carousel beautifully lights up the interior space. You can take a bright spin merry-go-round while eating delicious food and drinking your favorite cocktails.

9. Plantation Country

The Oak Alley Plantation Country is approximately one hour away from New Orleans. It is the perfect place for a couple’s weekend getaway. The Oak Alley Plantation Country is a historical region with many plantations you can visit. You can find the famous andouille, which is the staple ingredient in most Southern food. This plantation has dining and lodging available so that you can enjoy the plantation thoroughly.

You need to make reservations and book rooms before you decide to visit this plantation. You can stay on a plantation and take in the rich culture of Louisiana. You can visit many different restaurants to experience authentic Southern food. This plantation is quite famous and has been a part of several feature films. You can visit a smokehouse to have some fresh andouille. You can enjoy the Cajun cuisine that is quite popular in plantations.


There are many excellent places available near Shreveport for you to take a weekend trip. You need to call ahead and book an appointment or reservation for most locations if you are planning on staying there. You can visit many reservoirs and parks to observe and enjoy nature with your family.

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