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12 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Dallas City That One Must Witness (2024)

Dallas City is serenely encircled by the beautiful landscapes and respite from city life. You will find several wonderful waterfalls in Dallas that are free to visit for everyone. With the most beautiful trails around them, these hidden and beautiful waterfalls in Dallas are tucked away in the most bountiful nature sides and are the best escape for hikers and nature admirers.

Some of the noteworthy waterfalls in Dallas City are natural, and some are man-made and have their own kind of natural beauty which can’t be perfectly described in words.

12 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Dallas City That One Must Witness

So, to experience them, better make a visit to these stunning waterfalls of Dallas city.

1. Prairie Creek Park, Dallas

One of the oldest parks in Richardson, Prairie Creek Park, is home to a stunningly beautiful waterfall. It is a very popular picnic and hiking spot among the locals, which is spread over an area of 38 acres. The hiking lovers can also enjoy the rich vegetation and plantation of wildflowers grown along the hiking trail that leads to the waterfall.

The serene views of the Creek in the falls make it bliss for anyone who visits this location. It is also amongst the favorite tourist spots in Dallas that takes you to natural bliss-like vibes.

2. Turner Falls, Dallas

Located in close proximity to Honey Creek, the Turner Falls is a 77 feet tall waterfall dropping naturally into a natural swimming hole. The visitors of this area enjoy hiking around the beautiful trails full of lush greenery and picturesque landscapes. The best part about Turner is its natural pool which offers the visitors the opportunity to enjoy swimming. The falls are surrounded by beautiful views of the Arbuckle Mountains, which make this place very appealing visually and are 130 miles drive from Dallas city. The best part about Turner Falls is that it is a family-friendly location, and you can also bring your fluff friends here with you for full enjoyment. Turner Falls, Dallas Image Source

3. Hamilton Pool Waterfall, Dallas

For all the hiking lovers, here’s something of your interest. This beautiful 50-foot waterfall is reachable after an 80-foot hike through the Canyon in the Hamilton preserve. The waterfall is surrounded by the collapsed grotto and has water flowing throughout the year no matter what the season is. The Hamilton pool waterfall area is spread over an area of 232 acres of land, which is 220 miles drive from Dallas. The best time to enjoy the serene views of the waterfall is during the summer season, as you also get to enjoy the opportunity of swimming in the Hamilton natural pool. Also, don’t forget to explore the nearby natural habitat areas, which will surely entice you with their natural beauty.

4. Marion Sansom Park, Dallas

The Marion Sansom Park is known for being one of the best-hidden gems in Dallas, with numerous hiking spots, natural trails that lead to a very beautiful waterfall and a small clear water lake. Just fifteen minutes drive from Fort Worth, this spot is the best option for the hikers to enjoy hiking with the best natural views around. Not only hiking, but you can also enjoy swimming, fishing, canoeing in the lake. The Marion Sansom Park is the perfect escape on a summer morning to spend some time in the lap of nature, admiring the beautiful views of the waterfalls.

5. Krause Springs, Dallas

Known for the best camping and swimming site, Krause Springs is a popularly famous attraction during the summer season. It is a four-hour trip from Dallas and is located just on the outskirts of Austin. The Krause Springs sprawls over an area of 114 acres with a lot of fun activities to offer. The tiny little waterfalls that flow into the lake look very alluring to the eyes. The natural setting of the location makes this place the best to admire and enjoy nature. You can also enjoy swimming at the pools, and there are also numerous hiking trails to give you the best nature bounties around. Also, don’t forget to carry your tents and stoves because you can also enjoy camping in the designated areas.

6. Gorman Falls, Dallas

The Gorman Falls, also popularly known as the Living Waterfalls, is located at an elevation of 1000 feet. The Gorman falls are in very close proximity to Colorado Bend State Park, with 2.6 miles of a hiking trail, which offers the best scenic views during the journey. The stunning 70 feet tall waterfall directly falls into the Colorado River, where swimming is strictly prohibited. In addition to this, there are various attractions and restaurants on the periphery sides of the waterfalls, which is a must-visit place for all the visitors. The Gorman or Living Waterfalls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Dallas.

7. Wichita Falls, Dallas

The artificial man-made waterfall, Wichita Falls, is a cascading waterfall located in Lucy Park. The fall was built after the floods of 1800, which washed away the original falls from the location. The fall with three-tiered cascades is 54 feet high and just two hours drive from the main city of Dallas. It is a must-visit place amongst the tourists as they get to witness and enjoy the stunning views of the Wichita River located nearby. There are also many other recreational activities available in the vicinity of the park.

8. Dolan Falls, Dallas

Located on the banks of Devil River, this waterfall is almost 15 feet tall. The Dolan Falls is the largest volume of waterfalls in Dallas, Texas. It is situated near Bay Mountain Park. The land around the waterfall area is private; thus, you need to take the owner’s permission to enter the falls area. This waterfall is a must-visit during the springtime and summers. It is one of the best-hidden waterfalls in Texas that offers various fun-filled activities like kayaking, fishing, and swimming. This place is the best to enjoy some time with the scenic natural beauty elements around you.

9. Tonkawa Falls, Dallas

The Tonkawa Falls is on the list of very popular waterfalls in Dallas. It is almost 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from the main city area. The 15 feet tall Tonkawa Falls are situated in City Park. The water of the walls is directly dropped into the natural swimming hole. The falls attract a lot of visitors by offering them fun activities like swimming, cliff-jumping, and kayaking. The surrounding area of the falls is a very eminent place for various adventure activities and is also pet friendly so that you can take your fluff friends with you too. During the weekends this area is a bit crowded because of its popularity, but it is worth visiting.

10. Airfield Falls Trailhead & Conservation Park, Dallas

The Airfield Falls are the largest natural waterfalls in Dallas. It is one of the hidden gems in Fort Worth and is a favorite escape amongst the hikers. The waterfalls are surrounded by extravagant natural beauty, which is total bliss when you will be walking on the trails. The hike to these beautiful waterfalls is hardly a 5-9 minute walk from the main trailhead. The falls are located in the Airfield Conservation park, which holds a very strong and glorious historical significance. The visitors also get to enjoy other attractions that are in close proximity to the waterfalls. You can also bring your fluff friends because this is a pet-friendly place and is just 40 minutes drive from Dallas.

11. Westcave Preserve Falls, Dallas

The Westcave Preserve Falls is nestled in between varied caves, Canyoncanyon, and wildlife of the Western Preserve spread over an area of 30 acres of land. Here you will find 40 feet tall, beautiful waterfalls which are most visited by the tourists. The stunning waterfalls are surrounded by the natural habitat of the west cave preserve and are no less than a wildlife safari tour-like experience. The visit to the Preserve falls also included in the guided tours of the Westcave Preserve under professional guides who guide you with all the details and whereabouts of this natural habitat.

12. Cattail Falls, Dallas

The most popular waterfalls of Dallas city are Cattail Falls. The long 80 feet tall waterfall nestled amidst the Chisos Mountains is a visual treat to any visitor’s eyes. The Cattail falls are located on the lowest part of the Canyon. An unmarked 5.7-mile hiking trail which takes about 2-3 hours to complete, brings you to these very beautiful waterfalls.

The Cattail Waterfalls is one of the gorgeous hidden gems of the Big Bend National Park, which is a must-visit, especially after the rains of the spring season. This waterfall has the best trail to be enjoyed by all novice hikers. So do make a visit to Cattails Falls if you want to admire quirky natural scenic views of this location.

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