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Jacob’s Well-Beautiful Natural Swimming Location In San Antonio City

10 Beautiful Natural Swimming Locations In San Antonio City (2024)

Summers are almost approaching, and it’s time to bust out the bathing suits and jump into the water. Ease out your sunburned body into the cool springs and float until you are pruned. With ample lush green grass linings, the water with shaded outdoor lounging, and an excellent environment, you will find a plethora of natural swimming areas within the driving distance to cool off under the lap of nature without traveling too far from the city.

So if you want to cool down in an old-fashioned way, then these beautiful natural swimming locations in San Antonio will surely get you started with your summertime with beautiful swimming holes located in an appealing natural setting. We have shortlisted 10 best natural swimming locations in San Antonio city.

10 Beautiful Natural Swimming Locations In San Antonio City

Blue Hole

Beautiful Natural Swimming Location In San Antonio City-Blue Hole

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If you want to loosen your sunburned body in the cool water springs of the San Gabriel River, then this Blue Hole is the best location in Wimberley. The area is beautifully surrounded by lush green sides around the water. Blue Hole provides an excellent aura for shaded outdoor lounging for a lengthy time. The park offers a joyous time, and also remember there are no alcohol and glass containers are allowed. It also has several picnic spot areas, volleyball courts, and hiking trails to make more of your relaxing time. The San Gabriel River offers a very decent floating water that is best for swimming and tubing. The blue hole in San Antonio is also amongst the top 10 natural swimming holes in the entire country. So float and relax into the water springs with your family or friends.

Jacob’s Well

For the admirers of scenic beauty and clear waters, then Jacob’s well is one of the most beautiful swimming locations in San Antonio. Despite its refreshing clear water, it also attracts lunatics for underwater cave explorers. So if thrill-seeking activities excite you, then carry on your best oxygen tanks and descend 30 feet down the well and spot various spindly underwater labyrinths. The water here is very cool and clear and not very much deep. It is also recommended to visit this location after rains to get the full amount of water in the area. So if you are looking for more than swimming, then look no further and head to this location.Jacob’s Well-Beautiful Natural Swimming Location In San Antonio City

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Landa Park

With almost more than 50 oak tree-shaded areas, a miniature golf course, Landa Park is a beautiful natural swimming destination in San Antonio. So if you are looking to lower your internal temperature in the hot summers, then head to this spring-fed pool and float until all your summer troubles go away on the dry land with endless memories wandering around this scenic place. If you are visiting with family, then this place has several extra activities like water slides, zip-lining activities to keep the kids busy after swimming sessions. Landa Park is beautifully located in a natural setting that is visually alluring, and that is, it is the perfect escape on a sunny day, especially for family outings.
Natural Swimming Location In San Antonio City-Landa ParkImage Source

Blanco State Park

Ease down your summertime sadness at this amazing Blanco State Park in San Antonio. This scenic park which is also a beautiful natural swimming destination, is amongst the best water holes to be in. If you are done with swimming, then bring your canoe and fishing pole and spend some time catching unlimited numbers of sunfish. Located right down the street from downtown Blanco this park also offers overnight camping options with a series of stunning waterfalls near to the location. This place is an ideal location to enjoy some quiet time in the wild.
Best Natural Swimming Location In San Antonio City-Blanco State ParkImage Source

Guadalupe River State Park

Drive yourself to this very beautiful natural swimming location in San Antonio, Guadalupe River State Park, and park your car near the banks of the river. And indulge in the natural water of the Guadalupe River surrounded by gorgeous and massive cypress trees. This place will not only fulfill your temptations of natural water hole swimming but also offers diverse wildlife. So make sure you are prepared to witness some majestic Hill Country animals in the wild out there. With stable water flow in the river, this is one of the safest natural water bodies to enjoy swimming with family.
Popular Natural Swimming Location In San Antonio City-Guadalupe River State ParkImage Source

San Pedro Springs Park

San Pedro Springs is one of the oldest public parks located in Texas and is also in the country. It is one of the best grillings outside the pool location. And more importantly, here you can enjoy grills or BBQ near the waterslides. So grab on your finest meats, claim a grill and swim till your heart is full out. When you are done with swimming, then dry yourself under the sunny shades of trees and witness one of the best views of Downtown SA city this place has to offer you.
Top-rated Natural Swimming Location In San Antonio City-San Pedro Springs ParkImage Source

Boerne City Lake Park

A park with its disc-golf course adjacent to the water body and is also home to a gorgeous butterfly garden. If you are interested in catamaran sailing, then Boerne City Lake Park is the place where you can experience the best of it in the most refreshing water available in San Antonio, Texas. Because of its popularity, the park is jam packed during the weekends. Numerous localities and visitors come here to enjoy swimming and other water activities and get rid of the warming sun in the shades of trees.

Rio Vista Park

In the middle of huge rocks, this spring-fed water pool of Rio Vista Park is one of the best natural swimming locations in San Antonio. The spring-fed water pool is filled with water from the San Marcos River that will surely cool down the warmness in you on a bright summer day. In summers, the park also gets a bit crowded, but there are several upstream locations in the park itself that will cool you almost the same as the waters of Rio Vista park’s main pond area.
Incredible Natural Swimming Location In San Antonio City-Rio Vista ParkImage Source

Zedler Mill

With endless opportunities to enjoy swimming, Zedler Mill is very close to quality BBQ scenes. The very first thing any visitor will notice here is the water-slide-like dam structure which has a sturdy rope swing. Unlike the other strange swings, in this one, you won’t fear for your life when you will be swinging on it back and forth. The cool waters of the San Marcos river will surely bring down the temperatures during summers. Also, the area is surrounded by forest areas where you can also enjoy overnight camping. One of the best summer weekend places to enjoy swimming and camping out in the wild is Zedler Mill.

Hamilton Pool

The very popular Hamilton Pool is located just a few hour’s drive away from San Antonio. It is one of the best and finest swimming holes that you will ever witness find anywhere in the US. The natural swimming hole looks like a meteor hitting a side of a hill. Behind the pool, you will see big giant caves that are filled with water. And one of the most interesting parts of this location is that it has a stunning 40-foot waterfall. To visit this scenic location to find an escape from the shiny sun, you will have to reserve the place in advance. Because of its popularity, this place is always amongst the visitor’s choices.

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