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11 Most Popular Things To Do In Door County, Wisconsin (2023)

Wisconsin has no shortage of tourism destinations, and one of the top amongst the lot is Door County. The imaginary Doors of this county open up to the reality of picturesque coastal towns, cherry and apple orchards, waterfronts, events, tours, festivities, and endless other recreational spots and opportunities. Travelers from Midwest and even further away plan weekend or week-long vacations in this splendid region. There aren’t just a variety of tourist attractions but an array of recreational and fun opportunities as well.

When in Door County, a traveler can never get bored. There are several must-to-do activities that travelers tend to break their comfort zone and try new things. Be it jumping into the Lake Michigan water from age-old limestone cliffs or driving through the windiest roads, options and opportunities here are meant for surprising. Check out all of the Must do things when in Door County. Have a look:

11 Most Popular Things To Do In Door County, Wisconsin

1. Washington Island Ferry Line

At the tip of Door Peninsula, the Northeast end of Wisconsin, Washington Island Ferry Line offers a fun recreational opportunity. This Ferry tour service operates from the Northport Pier, east of Gill’s Rock and goes all the way to Washington Island. Through this 30-minute excursion, participants can see the magnificence of Lake Michigan and the terrific views all around. Even though the route is small, various scenic vantage points make for Instagram-able photo opportunities. The Ferries that operate for the tour features both indoor and outdoor seating which operates conditional to the weather. From families to a group of friends, it is definitely a must-to-do for all.

2. Peninsula Players Theatre

The Oldest Summer theatre in America, Peninsula Players Theatre, is a popular place to visit in Door County. The theatre has been operating for over 85 years on the Banks of Green Bay, featuring world-class talent and phenomenal fun. Depending upon what is lined up during your visit, you can watch theatrical plays, comedic acts, musical shows, caliber shows and more. Not just the shows but the setting of this theatre within a 16-acre wooded lakefront property adds to every visitor’s experience. Especially the evening and night hour shows here are another level of fun.

3. Door County Coffee & Tea Company

On a chilling winter day, the best thing to do in Door County is to visit this Coffee & Tea Company. This country-style café has been operating since 1993, offering premium blends and gourmet coffee. For reaching here, head towards the small town of Clarksville, right on HWY 42¸6 miles north of Sturgeon Bay. The Café operates seven days a week and also deals in an extensive breakfast and lunch menu. Some of their specialties include freshly baked pastries & pastry mixes, croissants, salmon salads, and different jam varieties. Every tea and coffee option here is splendid and a must-try for drinks. They also have an on-site store dealing in all kinds of eatables, accessories, and cup supplies.

4. Door County Trolley

If you are skeptical about building your itinerary, just hop on one of the Door County Trolley tours. Throughout the year, they offer 15 different uniquely themed tours, all of which include a friendly guide. Some of the popular tours include Lighthouse Tour, Premier Wine Tour, Ghost Tour, Murder & Mayhem Tour, Haunted Pub Crawl, Farm Ride, and Narrated Scenic Tour. The excursion begins from 8030 WI-42, Egg Harbor, and then different routes. Timings for the same goes as 8:30 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday and 8:30 am to 7 pm on Saturday. On Sunday, there remains an off day. Every tour includes Fabulous Lunch, Dessert and Tasting sessions (situational).

5. Door County Adventure Rafting

When done with that of land, for the next go for the Door County Adventure Rafting. This fast and fun high-speed boat tour offers boat cruises and chartered rafts on the shores of Lake Michigan. Participants can choose from various options, including the Bayside Tour, the Death’s Door Tour, the Lakeside Shipwreck Tour and more. Some of the vantage points you will see in between includes Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, Horseshoe Island, Peninsula State Park and the Eagle Cave. The rafting tour is a little rough but definitely fun and enjoyable.

6. Door County Creamery

Wisconsin is the largest cheese producer in America, and a glimpse of the same can be found in Door County Creamery. This family-owned creamery has an in-house goat farm and dairy that supports the production of gelato, hand-crafted cheese and other products. Guests visiting here can sample several fresh produces and then shop for the same accordingly. Or participate in the Farm Lunch Tours that that focus upon teaching about the farm and production process. They even deal in

7. Door County Wine Trail (Wineries)

The association of Door County Wine Trails goes for as many as 8 splendid wineries. Even though the hub is small, it is showing tremendous development in promoting local agriculture and produce of the region. Anyone above the age of 21 can navigate this route and try different wine varietals. Begin from the Von Stiehl vineyard and try apple, grapes and cherry-made drinks. Further, head towards Door Peninsula Winery and try 60 different wines and ciders. Some other great wineries options include Simon Creek vineyard & winery and Lautenbach’s orchard country wintery & market.

8. Door County Cherry Blossoms

There are several reasons to visit Door County in Spring, but the Cherry Blossoms are the most popular. Every year during the Spring, photographers from throughout the state start gathering here. The blooming season starts somewhere between the mid of May and goes through the beginning of June. Cherry Blossoms remain in bloom for about a week or two; thus, the best time to see them is from 24 to 29th of May. There are several such orchards in Door County, and all of them are super easy to find. Drive on Highway 42, towards the North, and from Sturgeon Bay, towards Ellison Bay and you will see cherry orchards from the road itself. As most of the orchards are private property, do ask for permission before stepping inside.

9. Drive Through The Windiest Road of Wisconsin

When they say options for tourism in Door County are endless, they literally mean it. In this part of the region lies the Windiest Road of Wisconsin, Highway 42. The route begins at the Gills Rock and stretches towards Northport and Washington Island. Not just for being the windiest, the route is also popular for its curves and a gorgeous stretch of trees on both sides. No doubt, it is the most frequently photographed stretch in Wisconsin. If you love road trips and are a driving enthusiast, choose to vist here during the Autumn season or closer to Fall.

10. Attend The Best Fish Boil In Door County

Door County Fish Boil isn’t just a meal but an event on its own. For this lip-smacking event, locals and visitors all come together. The traditional way of celebration includes gathering around the fire, sharing stories and experiences. Upon the fire, the fish mater cooks local whitefish inside the huge vessel. Once the fish is ready, boil master stokes the fire that leads to fireball eruption, which is of near-atomic proportions. Some of the popular places to attend the festivals include the Old Post Office, the White Gull Inn, and the Rowley’s Bay Restaurant.

11. Play Golf in Door County

For anyone into Golfing, one of the most popular things to do in Door County is playing Golf. This beautiful section of Wisconsin is home to 11 golf courses nestled either inside the woods, amidst the cherry orchards or on the waterfronts. No matter whether you have the required skills or not, the views, vibes and settings around will make you spend at least one game of Golf here. Some of the popular gold courses to choose from include the Orchards Golf Course in Egg Harbor, Peninsula State Park scenic golf course, and the Alpine Golf Course.

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