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6 Best Things to Do in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin (2023)

Villages aren’t always about backward living. Especially if it is a place like Elkhart Lake, your definition of a Village will surely change. Located in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, the Elkhart Lake village is home to people no more than 1200. Though along with that, it is home to the nation’s top racing course, the acclaimed Road America racetrack and a picturesque lake. Individuals from all across the state, especially Milwaukee, counts Elkhart Lake village as their go-to weekend destination. There are enthusiasts who come here for swimming, exploring the woodlands, adventuring the water sports or spending some time in relaxation.

Tourism in Elkhart Lake doesn’t have just one season, but it stays lively throughout the year. Summer here calls for water fun, Winter for snow activities, Falls for beautiful colours of nature, and Springs for its fair temperature.

6 Best Things to Do in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Though no matter which season you plan your trip, here are a few best places and activities to try when in Elkhart Lake. Have a look:

1. Spend a Holiday at the Kettle Moraine State Forest

Thirty minutes northwest of Elkhart Lake is the extensive Kettle Moraine State Forest. This natural spread covers over 56,000 acres featuring kettle lakes, prairies, forested glacial hills and miles of multipurpose trails. Adventure lovers often visit the forest for mountain biking (100 miles), hiking, horse-riding, off-road bicycling, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. There is also a certain section of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail within the Kettle Moraine.

The Kettle Moraine State Forest is so extensive that travellers can stay for days here utilizing one of the 750 well maintained forested campsites. Camping highlights here are Mauthe Lake Campground rustic, camping along Ice Age National Scenic Trail, and the Greenbush Group Campground. Other best features of the forest include the historic LaGrange General Store, Paradise Springs and the McMiller Shooting Range.

2. Explore the Wade House Historic Site & Carriage Museum

The Wade House Historic Site & Carriage Museum is a 240-acre open-air museum. It is home to the largest collection of carriages and wagons in Wisconsin. Inside the site, there are nine historical structures worth exploring. A visit here feels like stepping back into the 1840s. Upon visiting here during summers, guests can see historic interpreters wearing period-style clothing. These interpreters roam throughout the park creating vibes and an atmosphere of the bygone era. Guests also get to tour the 27-room stagecoach hotel and catch a glimpse of Mullet River alongside.

The highlight of this historic space undoubtedly is the Wesley W. Jung Carriage Museum. The collection of carriages, sleighs, wagons and nearly 100 horse- and hand-drawn vehicles which will literally blow your mind. And the most appealing part is, guests can ride some of those old school horse-drawn vehicles as well. For anyone who is interested in history, visiting the Wade House site is the best thing to do in Elkhart Lake.

3. When in the Elkhart Lake Village, Go For Knowing the Lake

Before being a village, Elkhart Lake is known for as an extensive water body, one of Wisconsin’s largest lake. If Native Americans are to be believed, this Lake has healing water that is known for its restorative properties. As per the tales, whosoever took a bath here turned young and handsome again. However, the present times don’t really go behind such claims, but Elkhart Lake still is a treat to the eyes. This spring-fed Blue-Green Lake attracts individuals just to observe how beautiful it is. Elkhart lake is though is one of the largest lakes in Wisconsin; its size doesn’t generally overwhelm.

When in the Village, you can do so much at and around the Lake. Consider staying at one of the local resorts and access Elkhart Lake via a private and uncrowded beach. Or, visit the Fireman’s Park and access the free to use the public beach on the Lake. For water-based fun, you can rent a kayak, paddleboard, or canoe and spend hours exploring the water. Or, for a more leisurely floating experience, rent the Elkhart Queen, a pontoon boat. From the designated regions, you can also go swimming in Elkhart.

4. Go Fishing in Elkhart Lake

The most popular activity undoubtedly is Fishing in the 292 acres huge and 119 feet deep Elkhart Lake. This extensive Lake is home to walleye, northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegill, crappie, yellow gill and musky. The lake water is moderately clear, which makes Fishing here comparatively easy from various other water bodies.

For an ultimate fishing experience, the owner of Jay’s Guide Service offers fishing trips on Elkhart Lake. He has been doing so since 1996 and is definitely the best at his services. His fishing trips will take you close to the best fishing possibilities of the Lake, making your experience a memorable one. He even provides for a boat landing and all the fishing gear.

5. Try The Local Food Of Elkhart Lake Village

The Elkhart Lake Village, though, is small, but the possibilities here are definitely endless for foodies. On your trip here, try the surprising variety of culinary options, especially the local food of the Village. Begin with the Lake Street CafĂ© that serves upscale American fare with Californian twists. Every item on their menu is made from scratch and by using the local ingredients. Their best makes definitely are their Pizzas. Another great lakeside option is Lola’s on the Lake. Overlooking the beauty of Elkhart Lake, this restaurant deals in traditional American cuisine. Some of the must-tries here include cedar-planked Norwegian salmon, New Zealand lamb lollipops and Amish airline chicken breasts.

When done with food, you can also go exploring other Elkhart Lake delicacies. For drinking, stop at the two bars in Siebkens Resort. Or visit Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese, a family-owned cheese factory that has been operating since 1914. Along with shopping for cheese, guests visiting Henning’s can even go for tours that explain how milk turns into cheese.

6. Visit Road America and the Throttlestop

Road America is a motorsport road course, the most popular spot in Elkhart Lake. This delightful space is located within the Kettle Moraine geographic area. Throughout the year, it hosts major international car races. Some of the notable events that organize here include the NTT IndyCar Series, the SCCA Pirelli World Challenge and the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Further, there are major racing weekends and motorcycle events throughout the year.

Close to the racetrack is Throttlestop, a unique car dealership and museum. The collection here includes some of the world’s most beautiful cars and bikes. There are a total of 75 cars and 200 motorcycles. Some of the most iconic automobile models here include Chevrolet, Harley-Davidson, Indian, BMW, Ducati, Ford and Jaguar. For an automobile enthusiast in Elkhart Lake village, Throttlestop is a must-visit place.

Where To Stay In Elkhart Lake?

Siebens Resort

Located in the downtown Elkhart Lake village, Siebkens Resort is the ultimate space to stay. It is nestled in a cosy historic building and offers direct access to a private waterfront. Rooms at Siebkens are full of amenities, luxury, and comfort, all that a vacation asks for. Further, inside the resort, there is an ice cream and coffee shop, a casual pub, a refined restaurant, an outdoor pool with a heated tub, a lounge and a terrace.

The Osthoff Resort

The Osthoff Resort is a AAA Four Diamond resort and undoubtedly the best place to stay in Elkhart Lake village. This polished resort is settled on a 500 ft. of pristine shoreline. Their in-house amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, a private beach, a reflecting pond, two excellent restaurants, a conference centre and fitness facilities. However, the best feature of Oshthoff is the Aspira Spa services. A session here will relieve all your stress and balance your chakras in the most pleasing way.

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