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Spend half a day at the Madison Children’s Museum - Fun Experiences in Wisconsin with Kids

7 Fun Experiences in Wisconsin with Kids (2022)

When on a trip, choosing kids appropriate tourist destinations becomes a tedious task. Because these little ones get bored quickly and are notoriously picky, you cannot take them to just another attraction. Though when you are in Wisconsin, you actually need not to do that. The State of Wisconsin if filled with so many kids’ friendly attractions that parents are always hands full of choices. While the entire state is for family and kids, its north central part takes the lead with more dedication.

When in Wisconsin, you may take your little ones to a fun museum, let them run in a farm, or cool down the heat at one of the adventure parks. Even further there are spooky setups, fun rides and endless activities for kids to attend. You may bring your 4-year-old or accompany your 13-year-old, there are always plenty of kids friendly things to do in Wisconsin. Want to learn about them more?

7 Fun Experiences in Wisconsin with Kids

Here, take a look over the popular things to do with kids in Wisconsin.

1. Have fun at the Country Bumpkin Farm Market

The Country Bumpkin Farm Market is a family-owned farm serving fun for over 2 decades. One can reach it at W. Dells specially while you are planning a kid outing in Wisconsin. Though the farm sells homegrown organic produce but don’t mistake it for any other local market. From inside, the entire farm is a fun place in itself. They have miniature play house imitating church, school, home, and a jail. They have animals whom visitors can pet and feed through fences. Further they have corn maze, zip line and other fun activities to try. However, what takes the limelight here is the tractor pulled train ride that excites both kids and adults. The ride goes through entire property while stopping at different exciting locations. Though as separate tickets for every activity will together charge high, consider going for package deals.

2. Spend half a day at the Madison Children’s Museum

As the name suggests, the Madison Children’s Museum is a place dedicated to kids. It is home to 3 floors full of exhibits designed for kids aged 12 and below. Kids here not only get chance to observe permanent exhibits but also to indulge into interactive activities. From daily affairs to monthly and annual events, the museum ensures easy learning. The idea is to promote understanding of arts, sciences, history, culture, and health through the most playful ways. Along with what’s housed indoor, the museum building also houses a four-season Rooftop Ramble featuring gardens and animals. The museum operates Tuesday to Sunday 9:30 am to 5 pm. Also, they offer free entry on first Wednesday of every month from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Spend half a day at the Madison Children’s Museum - Fun Experiences in Wisconsin with Kids

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3. Go for the Original Duck Tours

While you are in or close to Wisconsin Dell, you cannot miss its staple duck tours. The tour has been operating for 7 decades now offering half-water and half-lake adventure. It operates on over 92 amphibious World War II vehicles. This fun sightseeing experience in Wisconsin takes you through thousands year old island, Lone rock, sugar bowl, and Ink stands. At all of these places you will come across limestones and sandstones that belong to the pre-historic area. The tours operate from the Lower Dells of the Wisconsin River, taking guest through multiple wonderful sites. What makes the time here more enjoyable are the supremely knowledgeable tour guide that take experience to a whole new level. You be a kid or an adult, the Original Duck tours are definitely for you.

4. Get Spooky at the Ghost output haunted house

For kids who love adventuring scary places, visiting the Ghost output haunted house is a fun experience to have in Wisconsin. The house is located on the Wisconsin Dells Parkway, right next to Lost temple, on the strip across from Timbavati. The tour takes you through the spooky creatures lurking in dark including multiple bone chilling rooms. The interiors are dark enough that one has to touch walls to find the way. It though isn’t a super sophisticated haunted house but surely haunted enough for kids. Activities inside are all animated though adults might find it lame, but kids surely get that rush. Entry here is just $5 which isn’t bad for a ghostly experience of about an hour. When in Wisconsin Dell, do take your sporty kids here.

5. Try Ice Skating at Red Arrow Park

Located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, the Red Arrow Park offers it very own refrigerated rink. Ice skating here is an absolutely free affair enjoyed both by kids and adults. The one who are still learners, the rink management provides little penguins to push them around. Evening and night hours here get more charming due to the beautifully lighted settings. However, for the ones who want a cleaner ground (safer specially for kids), visiting here during morning hours is recommended. The Christmas week at Red Arrow ice rink is mesmerising to a whole new level, drawing huge crowd. For the locals of Milwaukee, it is one of their winter staples and the fun it offers deserves that title. Once done with the ice fun, guests can heat themself up at the Starbucks within the premises.

6. Take your kids to the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum

Betty Brinn dedicated her entire life to underprivileged kids and women. Today the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in Milwaukee is keeping her legacy alive in form of this wonderful site. The best part about this museum is that it invites kids with sensory processing disorders (SPD) or autism spectrum (ASD) as well. It is one of the very few sites where these special kids too can have fun of their life without being cornered. The museum from inside has several interactive exhibits and dedicated zones. The highlight here includes the town area, the Pocket Park, the Railway zone, news room, car shop and post office. The museum while focusing over science and technology encourage kids in a fun learning way. Even though with its space constraints kids can easily spend an hour or two of enjoyment here.

7. Go the usual way and visit Wisconsin’s adventure parks

Adventure parks including water park and trampoline parks are kids most favourite places. Be it any city or state, they have the maximum amount of fun in adventure parks. And when in Wisconsin you do not have to miss these spaces a lot. Wisconsin is home to several adventure parks filled with endless fun for both kids and adults. Some of the options include:

  • Noah’s Ark Waterpark
  • NEW Zoo and Adventure Park
  • Bay Beach Amusement Park
  • Little Amerricka
  • Mt. Olympus and the Bay
  • Action City & Trampoline Park
  • Chaos Indoor Water Park
  • River Prairie Park and more.

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