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Holy Hill (Hubertus) - Most Beautiful Place in Wisconsin- Photograph Worthy

12 Most Beautiful Places in Wisconsin- Photograph Worthy (2024)

Wisconsin undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful States in entire America. And in the Midwestern region, it indeed tops the chart. However, Wisconsin is still underrated when it comes to gorgeousness, still the State is loaded with picturesque landscapes. From the Apostle Island caves to Wisconsin Dells and the Dell Mill, numerous places ideally make for a Photographer’s dream. Both, the natural and artificial marvels, including the popular Madison Skyline provide that “Instagramable” backdrop.

For Photography enthusiasts, the best time to visit Wisconsin is during Winters or Springs. While Winters will add the snow quotient to your pictures, Springs will decorate them with colors of nature.

12 Most Beautiful Places in Wisconsin – Photograph Worthy

So, why wait? Get into the virtual ride to 12 such Instagram-worthy picture-perfect beautiful places in Wisconsin.

1. Madison Skyline

Humans can create wonders when it comes to beauty, and the Madison Skyline is one perfect example of that. It is basically the downtown Madison housing several popular architects in the city, especially the Capitol building. For picture-perfect views, one can capture from the Olin-Turville Park in the city. Especially during the mid-evening hours when the sky turns into red, orange, and purple hues, and the golden statehouse dome reflects gloriously into Lake Monona. The views are unparallel and unarguably one of the best. For changing sights, consider reaching the Olin-Turville Park early in the evening and staying until 8 or 9 at night.

2. Pewits Nest (Baraboo)

Just outside Baraboo, somewhere in the middle of nature, lies the splendid Pewits Nest. It is basically a deep George surrounded by majestic buffs and tall pine trees. It is known to be formed during the retreat of the last glacier. During summers, locals of the state visit here for swimming; however, during fall, the sight turns into Photography land. Whether you click it from the ground level or by standing atop the stone bluffs, every angle will land you with a picture worth Million likes. Though navigating here can be a little tricky, thus consider saving both you and your camera.

3. Holy Hill (Hubertus)

The most photographed places in Wisconsin, especially during Falls, Holy Hill is a peaceful sight to visit. Visitors from all across the Nation come here particularly to visit the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary. However, if you ask a photography enthusiast, the story of Holy Hill they narrate will change. According to enthusiasts, sight is nothing but the pure magic of nature. Words fall less to justify the views of the lush green forestland views from Basilica during falls or another world sight during winters. Along with that, exploring the neo-Romanesque church architecture is a by-product of any photography visit here.

4. House on the Rock

Located between the cities of Dodgeville and Spring Green, House on the Rock is the quirkiest architectural attraction in Wisconsin. Alex Jordan built it in 1960 and today it is famous worldwide. It is basically a Japanese-style home built over a 60 feet rock face. There are multiple features added to the site, making it a kind of tourism hub on its own. For photography enthusiasts, there are endless features both inside and outside. Being here will entertain, amaze and astound you at the same time.

5. Devil’s Lake

Though Devil’s Lake is another water body in Wisconsin’s lap, it comes first when it is about gorgeousness. Here one can capture views of waterways, forestland, and landscapes. While boating in the lake, one can grab mesmerizing views of woodlands, along with the limestone landscapes. Apart from the usual, these landscapes are the ones that add to the dramatic beauty of the site. One can also climb the high vantage point from the East Bluff trail and steal a bird’s eye view of the lake. Because it is a forested area with no artificial light source, choose peak morning or afternoon hours for photography.

6. Seven Bridges Trail in Grant Park

The 2 miles long ravine seven bridge hiking trail in Grant Park offers endless photography opportunities. This heavily wooded beautiful natural scenery with lakes, streams, stone walls, and 10 wooden bridges elaborates the entire experience. Though this entire 2-mile walk is not more than half an hour, the views will definitely extend your time. There are numerous sites in between that will keep you from moving forward. All you need to have the best time here is a pair of good hiking shoes and a high-resolution camera.

7. Boynton Chapel – Bailey’s Harbor

An off-beat yet popular wedding destination in Wisconsin, the Boyton Chapel is peacefully gorgeous. Nothing of the latest world can add what this old-school fairy-tale site does to pictures. Inspired by a church in Lillehammer, Boynton is built in 12th-century Norwegian style. The chapel opens during the summer season twice weekly from 1 to 4 pm. However, it is more popular for winter wedding and photography. This isolated yet picturesque setting makes for a closed family affair.

8. Thai Pavilion and Gardens at Olbrich Botanical Gardens

The Olbrich Botanical Gardens is a huge outdoor display known for spreading gorgeousness to Wisconsin’s tourism scenes. While there are multiple elements to photograph in the garden, the Thai Pavilion marks everyone’s top choice. Amidst the green spread of the botanical garden, this golden-yellow element comes out with its unique beauty. Outside Thailand, it is only one of the four such Pavilions. The reason for that extra bling here is a ton of gold leaf adorning the upper layer of the Pavilion. The best part is to build this entire structure; no screw or nails were used.

9. Apostle Islands Frozen Sea Caves

Dream of every Wisconsinite, the Apostle Islands Sea Caves are extravagant both in size and sight. Especially during winters when the temperature drops, these sea caves turn into a natural icy wonderland. Be it over your head or under your feet, there is ice everywhere with a never-ending ICEan (Ice-Ocean) in front. One can stand under those dramatic ice arches or even go for a walk on frozen Lake Superior. Or lying down, one can actually see deep below the lake. These sea caves open only once in a few years considered the highest safety of the visitors. If this opportunity comes your way, do not forget to take your camera along and capture the ones-of-its-kind views in Wisconsin.

10. Stavkirke – Washington Island

Stavkirke in Washington Island is a hidden historical treasure, basically a Stave Church. Drawings of one built-in Borgund inspire the church building, and it looks something straight out of a beautiful painting. Because it is a place, lesser talked about, no more than 5000 people visit here throughout the year. This includes the ones attending Weeding and Baptism as well. For reaching here, take a short walk into the woods from the Main Lutheran Church. The structure is so lovely and beautiful that one cannot stop their hand from capturing it in a picture for a lifetime. Along with that, there’s also a garden outside with a prayer path through the woods. So be it photography, spirituality, or need for peace, Stavkirke is a place worth visiting.

11. Dells Mill

Dells Mill is a historical site located in Augusta, Wisconsin. It was built during the American Civil War, back in the year 1864. Though today it serves as a museum and photographer’s heaven. And ewven a mere sight of the Mill will leave you amazed. This 5-story red wooden building sits along Bridge Creek somewhere in the rural farmland. During Springs, when the trees around are at their best colors, photographing this place becomes a delight. Though falls and Winters as well add dedicated views to the sight taking the photography game a notch high.

12. Cranberry Marshes

Wisconsin is known as the Cranberry capital of the world, producing 4.64 million barrels every single year. During the Harvest season, both the central and northern part of the State turns the views into acres of cranberry marshes. It also makes the Wisconsin Cranberry Highway tour possible that further goes to Wisconsin Rapids and then Warrens. However, the ones who want to capture views from close opt for farm tours. Ideally, during Falls from September till October, all what your eyes and camera will cover are the never-ending fields of Cranberry. It looks no less than an ocean of red and maroon color.

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