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Big Bay Beach - Famous Beach in Wisconsin

10 Most Famous And Visit-Worthy Beaches In Wisconsin (2024)

Wisconsin, on a regular day, is known for its barbarous winters. And with that notion, people often overlook the beach beauties here. However, the locals and the ones who have been here agreed that Wisconsin beaches are too beautiful that your summer travel itinerary deserves few slots for them. Also, why not? While in Wisconsin, you deserve to explore and soak in the miles-long splendid coastline of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Despite not being an Ocean state, Wisconsin beaches still will take you close to some OCEAN-ESQUE beaches.

Wisconsin is blessed with 820 miles of coastline, some renowned housing beaches, whereas others are home to hidden beauties. You can either be around the borders or at the center; several small and big lakes will open pathways towards Wisconsin beaches. Summers here in the State goes from Mid May to Mid September, with a peak in temperatures. It also is one of the best times to soak yourself in the clear water or try water sports. Further, no matter how you ideally like to spend your day at the beach, Wisconsin has multiple great options for you.

10 Most Famous And Visit-Worthy Beaches In Wisconsin

Here, have a look at our taste on the most popular Wisconsin beaches.

1. Simmons Island Beach, Kenosha

Simmons Island Beach is a huge sandy beach on Lake Michigan and the only beach in Kenosha. It is basically a park and beach featuring a boardwalk, a paved bike trail, an open-air picnic pavilion, a playground and a lighthouse. Throughout the summer, the beach is lined with a few food trucks selling all kinds of popular snacks reasonably. Stating this 8-mile shoreline as great is an understatement as this place is no less than a beach goer’s paradise. The great part is, despite being one of the best, it rarely gets very crowded.

Though, remember, there are no lifeguards on duty; thus, keep a safer interaction with water here. Also, keep a close eye on kids.

2. Schoolhouse Beach, Washington, Door County

The visit-worthy Lake Michigan Beach, Schoolhouse Beach, is one of the unique beaches in Wisconsin. Unique because instead of sand, the entire beach is filled with stone pebbles, a geological marvel indeed. This may not be the beach for sunbathing, but enthusiasts often come here to observe the polished smooth and round limestones. Thanks to this geological formation, the water here is crystal clear, and to a level, you can actually see the grounds underneath.

It is also a popular spot for divers, with 225 feet depth. Though if water is not your pleasure, you can also come here to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness. But remember, taking pebbles from the beach is prohibited.

3. Big Bay Beach, LaPointe

The most stunning beach in Wisconsin, the Big Bat Beach, is a must-visit for every beachgoer. It is located on Madeline Island, right at the Town Park on Lake Superior. Reaching here alone is exciting as one has to take a ferry to Madeline Island, which is an experience on its own. Upon reaching there, you will be welcomed by two miles of sandy beach, a one-mile-long boardwalk, a campsite and several hiking trails.

The Big Bay beach offers several fun opportunities for water enthusiasts, including swimming, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. Though if that’s not what interests you, the tranquillity and serenity around will keep you engaged. From couples to families and groups, this is one of the ideal hangout’s points amidst nature.

4. Pattison State Park Beach, Superior

The Pattison State Park is home to a small 300-foot beach on the shorelines of Interfalls Lake. For the authentic beach experience, this one may not surprise you; however, the gorgeousness of the state park and nature around it is worthy enough for like-minds. There’s barely any sandy stretch around, but a huge green grassland where one can sit and adore. You can also step down into the water to take a quick swimming lap or just a dip at the corner.

During Spring, the views at Pattison State Park Beach are undoubtedly the most panoramic of all. You can also camp amidst the woodlands overnight, and once done with the beach; there are several other natural wonders to explore. Mind it; you are very close to the largest Wisconsin waterfall and over 250 species of wildlife.

5. Meyer’s Beach, Cornucopia

Located in the North of Cornucopia, Meyer’s Beach is one of Wisconsin’s most glorious parts. Even though it has not got the recognition it deserves, the sea caves and beach beauty here is one of the best in the State. You can reach here via kayaks and access the Lakeshore trail. Further, take a 1.8 miles flatland hike and ultimately reach the caved beach. You can either spend your time at the sandy beach or take the trail down and observe the caves from a little afar. Enthusiasts even take a kayak further to reach right at the Meyer caves.

The best part is, Meyer’s cave beach turns into a fantastic Iceland in winter. It has a reputation as a bucket list spot for Wisconsin winters, and even the pictures justify the same. Overhead and underfoot, everything here turns into the most memorable snow desire. Believe it; you can get some of the best pictures in Wisconsin here.

6. Crystal Lake Beaches, Sayner

Crystal lake is home to two gorgeous beaches, and true to the same, it offers access to clean and clear water. The white sand and clear water here will definitely take your heart away on a good weather day. It doesn’t remain busy during weekdays; however, weekends here are in full bloom, especially with the locals of Sayner. This pristine water is also popular amongst swimmers, though, mind it, there are no lifeguards; thus, keep an upper hand for your safety.

Once done with the sand and water affair, you can go for a cycle ride on the nearby trails. Or, pack your essentials and plan a relaxing picnic here, right amidst the beauty of nature. Crystal Lake Beaches are also popular amongst Wisconsin’s fishing enthusiasts. Trout, bass, and panfish are some common catches here, and the best part is, it won’t take much effort. So, even if you are not good with the art, you can still live your fishing dream here.

7. Kohler-Andrae State Park Beach, Sheboygan

Housing the most expansive sand dunes in Wisconsin, beach at Kohler-Andrae State Park are one wonder beside Lake Michigan. With the mile-long golden sandy stretch, shimmering blue Michigan water and abundance of Flora and Fauna, the story of Kohler-Andrae beach is undoubtedly interesting. It is also notedly one of the most popular and visit-worthy beaches in Wisconsin that draws a crowd from all over the State. With lush greenery and typical scenery, it is also one of the prettiest Wisconsin beaches to explore.

To make the best out of your time, you can swim, boat, kayak, and canoe hire at the waters. Or stroll around the winding boardwalks and discover some unique and rare plants. There are several picnic areas, shaded campsites and a few other facilities to spend time at. Kohler-Andrae is also pet-accessible, though keep a check on your dogs as there are other birds and wildlife around which may excite or may prove troublesome for them.

8. Whitefish Dunes Beach, Door County

One of the top-rated beaches in Wisconsin, the Whitefish Dunes Beach is worth all praises. The beach is within the same-named state park. It features sandy dunes and further 14.5 miles of forested trails. While there are three named beaches in the park, Dog Beach is one of the nicest ones and also easy going. The rest two are a little rockier, though adding them as well in the itinerary is ideal.

The Whitefish dunes beaches are not full every time, but you can find a few mates here every now and then. Either go swimming or soak under the sun on sands. Though with kids around, stay a little cautious as waves get a little high, which is not safe for small kids and pets. There’s also a nature center, a few picnic areas and a boardwalk nearby.

9. Bradford Beach, Milwaukee

One of the largest public beaches in Wisconsin, Bradford Beach looks no less than a Pacific Ocean beach. From swimming to sunbathing and beach sports, there’s always something going around here, offering visitors numerous opportunities to enjoy. However, Bradford is more about the social atmosphere and lively vibe, which is also one of the best attributes. Every evening, there’s one or another event going at the sandy stretch of Bradford. Especially the Bradford Beach Jam is one great way to enjoy the evening. Along with that, the karaoke concert in August and other annual events are the biggest draws here.

During the summer season, Bradford Beach turns into the hottest spot in Wisconsin. Not only the ones from the State but also from the neighbouring states. Apart from the State, it is also one of the top urban beaches in America. Bradford is also the first Wisconsin beach to receive Blue Wave Certification.

10. North Beach, Racine County

One of the nicest beaches in Wisconsin, the North Beach is located in the southwestern part of the State. Featuring 2,500 feet of shoreline, it counts amongst the 50 greatest American beaches of all time. Since 2004, it also got its position on the list of Blue Wave Beach. While swimming and fishing are some popular water activities here, beach sports too are often live. For beachgoers and enthusiasts, North beach offers the most authentic vibes of all.

Be here with your partner, pet or kids; there’s always something to do around. Especially for kids, there’s a gem located right at the beach, known as the Kids’ Cove Playground. Evenings here turns the seen into live music with concession stands and local food stalls making their entry. So, if you happen to spend your summers in and around Racine County, do add North Beach to your itinerary.

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