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Big Manitou Falls - Beautiful WaterFall in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Waterfall: Do Not Dare Miss These 10 Beautiful Falls (2022)

The Majestic State of Wisconsin is a natural wonder of waterfalls. This midwestern U.S. state is blessed with 40 named and major waterfalls along with several unmade and hidden. If you are a true explorer of nature, you will discover several small and big waterfalls in almost every Wisconsin’s city. Majorly right after the winter ends, the Spring touches the seasonal chart; Wisconsin Waterfalls are at their beautiful bloom. It is when the snow starts melting and the spring rains fill multiple waterbodies rich water flow.

Some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Wisconsin are tucked within its rustic and wild side. However, a few of them created to serve some jobs are also within the hustle of small towns, within the easy approach. Whether it is the tallest Big Manitou Falls or the most dramatic Willow Falls, every fall sight here is impressive.

Wisconsin Waterfall: Do Not Dare Miss These 10 Beautiful Falls

And with that said, for every waterfall enthusiast, here we have a list of must-visit waterfalls in Wisconsin. Have a look:

1. Big Manitou Falls, Douglas County

The largest Waterfall in Wisconsin, the Big Manitou Falls, is one spectacularly scenic wonder of nature. The fall features an impressive vertical elevation of 165 feet, which is not more than 3 feet less than the famous Niagara Falls. Big Manitou is located inside the Pattison State Park and is open year-round. While winters here display a gorgeous frozen fall, the rest of the year flows lushly down.

Hiking up till the fall is marked as easy. Begin at the main picnic area of the state park, and after walking only half a mile, this humungous wonder will come into visibility. And while you are here in the park, you can also walk a mile more towards the Little Manitou Falls, its twin. Regardless of the name, it is a decent sized 30 feet waterfall and extremely scenic.

2. Willow Falls, Hudson

Willow Falls is Wisconsin’s most dramatic waterfall featuring multiple levels. Spanning about 100 feet, the Willow falls features several steep drops and a lush flow. The flow is at its best during Spring and after the monsoon, though at the end of the summer, you may barely enjoy the sight. But summers still features a natural swimming pool below, perfect to beat the heat. Also, for the ones who love winter freeze waterfall’s view, keep Willows at the top of your list.

For visitors who want to observe views from different angles, there is a list of stops them. Climb the bridge that spans across the Willow River and overlook Willow. Or, you can choose from multiple observation decks that offer spectacular views from both above and below the fall.

3. Morgan Falls, Mellen

Another beautiful waterfall in Wisconsin, the Morgan fall, is a site you do not dare to miss. This 70 feet tall waterfall is located in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, nearly 15 miles south of Ashland. Reaching till the fall is 1.2 miles round-trip which is marked as easy and accessible. The entire trail in itself is a beautiful affair of the stillness and panorama of nature.

Reaching up to the fall, the views emerge uniquely from whatever you may have seen till now. It here goes through elegant cascades of diagonally lined granite, a wonderful compilation of ZigZag art. When the flow is moderate, visitors can even dip at the pool underneath. However, with speedy and lush water, it can prove a little dangerous.

4. Amnicon Falls, South Range

Amnicon is a series of 4 striking waterfalls located in the Amnicon Falls State Park. It includes Now and Then Falls, the Upper and Lower Amnicon fall, and the Snake pitfalls. The entire Amnicon falls together goes up to 60 feet, ideally divided between all four. At the upper fall, there’s even a plunge pool where one can swim.

The best views of Amnicon Falls are availiable from the bridge across the river between two drops. It is a nice vantage point the provides great opportunities to photographers and observes alike. The nearby region of Amnicon is also popular for picnicking and tent camping. Dogs on lease are also welcomed here.

5. Lost Creek Falls, Cornucopia

Located amidst the woodlands of Southwestern Cornucopia, the Lost Creek fall is Wisconsin’s hidden gem. It features a vertical drop of no more than 10 feet through that alone makes it gorgeous. The upper drop flows the falling water into a cascading rock platform, taking it into the pool below. You may not find the pool fine enough for swimming, though visitors often stand under the waterfall during sunny days.

For reaching up to the fall, begin walking from Trail Drive off County Road C. It will take nearly 1.1 miles of easy walk, and your ultimate destination will soon appear. If you are unfamiliar with the route, carry a paper map along as, due to its secrecy, you may at times be hiking here alone.

6. Granite Quarry Falls, Montello

A collection of multiple waterfalls, Granite Quarry, are the human-made falls in Wisconsin. It is located in the heart of the town of Montello and is quite popular amongst locals. While you cannot actually go under the fall, watching it from a distance too is an experience.

Park at the Kwik trip parking Lot or at the city parking lot and then walk towards the observation deck. The observation area is all covered with fences for visitors’ safety and deducing any chances of mishappening. However, the views are still breathtakingly spectacular; thus, when in Montello, visit the site.

7. Potato River Falls, Gurney

A must-visit waterfall in Wisconsin, the Potato River fall deserves only praises. Its upper and lower drops give it a total elevation of 90 feet. One of the reasons for its popularity is its dramatic appearance that makes visitors explore the fall from every angle. Another scenic add-on is the gorgeousness of surrounding trees that adds more life into the fall.

From the parking lot, head down to the short trail that goes to the George. From here, you can grab a close and personal view. Or, if you want it the easier way, stop at the observation deck at the parking and enjoy the view. One can also reach up to the upper and lower drops of potato fall though the path is quite slippery.

8. Wequiock Falls, Green Bay

Wisconsin’s another hidden waterfall gem, the Wequiock Falls, is effortlessly beautiful though adventurous. It is another result of Niagara Escarpment that have already granted multiple landscapes in the state. Wequiock Falls is at its prominent best during or after the monsoon or during the spring season when the snow melts. Also, during winters when the entire region welcomes snowfall, the views at Wequiock turns into any photographers’ dreams.

Waterfall lovers who do not wish to hike long trails can look at Wequiock in their itinerary. It is because the fall is located on a small roadside park in Wisconsin’s Brown County. While an old bridge above the fall provides an overlook, for more close and personal experience, you can alight the stairs down into the George. And for reaching the park, reach the Sturgeon Bay Rd (57), for which GPS will help you the best.

9. Cascade Falls, Osceola

Cascade Falls is another impressive waterfall located in western Wisconsin. This 25-foot-high fall today serves as the main scenic stop in Osceola. However, it wasn’t always a tourist spot. Back from Osceola was founded, the Cascade falls served a functional purpose. It back then was operated to provide electric power to a mill and brewery. Even today, one can explore around and find remnants of old buildings that once were a functional part of the region.

Reaching the Cascade fall is easy and less strenuous. Stop at Route 35, alight down the stairs, and it will take you to the ultimate viewpoint. Though remember, there are nearly 150 stairs, thus begin only when you can actually complete them. During the evening hours, the entire falls decks up with LED lights that impressively with multiple colours enhances the view to a notch higher. Along with the fall, there are several places to explore nearby.

10. Long Slide Falls, Marinette County

Last but Wisconsin’s most popular water, the Long Slide Falls, is a must-visit for every enthusiast. It is located in Marinette County and is quite popular amongst hikers and nature lovers. Though the waterfall normally marks as safe for all skill levels, keeping the uneven and rocky terrain and steep drop-offs in mind, we advise only intermediates and experts to walk here. All it takes is a mindful approach, some hiking experience, and good shoes to reach close to Long slides falls.

For visitors who aren’t ready to take the challenging trail, the views from afar too are gorgeous. You can even hear the sound of fall from the parking area. Regardless of season and weather circumstances, the Long Slide Falls maintains its flow to an impressive level.

Wrapping it up, we believe your search for the best and most popular waterfalls in Wisconsin found its ultimate results.

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