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The Northwoods of Wisconsin: Winter Activities and Fun To Experience (2023)

When entire Wisconsin freezes with snow everywhere, it’s the Northwoods that freeze with snow and beautiful landscapes together. Wisconsin’s Northwood (the Northern part of the State) is even more gorgeous than what pictures and words try to describe. Because most of Wisconsin’s “Up North” is Forest and Lakes, here it brings a world of winter on its own. For miles, you see, there are either frozen white lakes or leafless trees adorned with flaxes of fresh powdery snow.

As soon as December hits the calendar, more than half of Badger State stock up the necessities that can help them stay inside for the snow season. However, the scenario in Northwoods is a bit different. Winters at Counties, Cities, Towns and Village of North welcome travellers into the snow playground. No matter how harsh the temperature gets from December through March, you will see individuals sliding over snowfields. Along with that, North has annual outings, local festivals and good food adding warmth to the atmosphere.

The Northwoods of Wisconsin – Winter Activities and Fun To Experience

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1. Go Fishing, Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

Fresh snow brings up opportunities for outdoor fun, and one of its best comes from Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing. There are multiple snow skiing and snowshoeing stations in the Northwood of Wisconsin. Individuals who are in Minocqua can take a short trip towards the North Lakeland Discovery Centre in the Manitowish Waters. There is a naturally preserved section featuring 12 miles long snow trail system. Or even if you do not wish to leave Minocqua, then head towards the Minocqua Winter Park.

Another option invites you at Rhinelander Silent Trails Association close to Washburn/Perch Lake for another option. For snow sports enthusiasts, Wolf Tracks Rendezvous XC Marathon and Half Marathon also are worth checking, ideally in the month of February.

2. Try Your Hands On Ice Fishing

Don’t let the frozen lakes in Northwood stop you if you enjoy fishing. Instead, go ice fishing. Wisconsin’s Northwood is home to over 3200 lakes, streams and rivers, all of which comes still once snowfall here starts. While not all of them makes for a good ice fishing lake (considering how much thick the upper layer of snow is), there are selective spots you can fish at. The first option includes the Forsyth Sunlite Resort, a place that is popular for its annual Ice Fishing Derby. Another destination for Ice fishing is the Nitschke’s Northern Resort, directly sitting beside Lake Minocqua. Here all you need are snow gear; fishing rod, and you are all set to walk and fish in the frozen lake.

For more options, you can head towards the town of Minocqua, which offers endless ice fishing possibilities.

3. Dedicate A Day To Exploring Ice Caves

When spending Winters in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, it is a sin if you dare to miss visiting the Ice caves. The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is the northern-most point of Wisconsin settled in the beautiful and huge Lake Superior. While 18 of the 22 islands here offer camping, a few of them also offers lakeshore ice caves. These caves are one mile from the end of Meyers Beach and are incredible in every way. Considering the thickness of ice, the authorities open up Apostle cave for tourists and residents alike every season. You can literally walk over ice while having a lot of it on your front, side, and even over the head. To as long as your eyes can capture, there’s frozen ice everywhere.

For ensuring easy accessibility and safety, make sure you wear proper show shoes. You can navigate to the official websites for exact information on whether the ice caves are operating or not.

4. Go Sledding and Tubing

The Northwoods of Wisconsin has no shortage of great sledging hills. From the bare mountains to golf courses, endless spaces turn into sledging and tubbing grounds once the snow starts falling. One of the popular sledging spots in the North region is the Sarocka Park of Rhinelander. The Minocqua Winter Park on Squirrel Hill operates first-class tubing adventures during winter weekends. If not, as a participant at Squirrel hill, you can also watch individuals enjoy sledging and tubing. Another great sledging and tubing region is at Camp Nawakwa.

This area features a 300+ foot tubing hill and operates for multiple snow sports and adventures.

5. Gear Up For More Adventure With Fat Tire Biking

If your winter happens to fall in Vilas County, Northwood, Wisconsin, then do try Fat tire biking here. Right at the Awassa Nature Trail, near St. Germain, you will come across a 1.25-mile groomed fat bike loop. The trail goes through a forest of oaks, maples and sky-touching pine trees. Even though the trial is shared with snowshoers, it doesn’t feel crowded. WinMan trails, too, are great for the sport, though it might become a little off-road for inexperienced snow bikers. When done with cycling over snow, visit Some Nerve Brewing Co or the Little Bohemia Lodge for some drinks and snacks.

6. Go For A Northwood Christmas Tour

Christmas in Northwood, Wisconsin, are extremely exciting. Through the winter, this region of Wisconsin welcomes nearly 100 inches of snow and miles long of Christmas décor. While all the towns and cities here are adorned with Christmas decorations, the lights at Hodag Park, Rhinelander are on another level. To the distance your eyes can see, there are nightly light displays and cosy fires all around. On special weekends, Santa Claus, with gifts, visit the sight for surprising guest, especially the little kids. And ultimately, towards the end of the year, must-see fireworks show lights up the skies at night with a bang. Though the event is free to visit, guests require to pay for food items they purchase.

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