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Visit Cave of the Mounds In Wisconsin Summers

10 Outdoor Things To Do In Wisconsin Summers (2024)

Wisconsin is typically a continental humid state. Summers here stretch through nearly 6 months from May to October. However, the peak of this season goes from the end of May to Mid-September. It is when half of the Midwestern residents plan for their ultimate Wisconsin vacations. Despite how warm or sunny the weather is, vacationing in Wisconsin during summers features an ultimate level of fun. There is so much to do in the State that while enjoying them you will totally forget whether you are tanning or if the Sun is getting high on you.

The State of Wisconsin is blessed with over 1000 miles of coastline served by Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, two of the Great Lakes. Along with that, there are nearly 15000 inland lakes that prepare for cooling down even the harshest of summer heat. While the southern part of the region is still warmer, the northern region is comparatively pleasant due to its proximity to the lake.

10 Outdoor Things To Do In Wisconsin Summers

However, no matter what part of the State you are in, there are endless outdoor activities to enjoy during summer vacations in Wisconsin.

1. Watch a Kwahamot Water Ski Club show

Being around lakes does not always mean getting into the water. You at times can also enjoy a show, for example, the Tomahawk Kwahamot Water Ski. Also, because you are in the Water Ski Capital of the World, having an experience or observation of the same is a must. It is a free to watch ski show that operates on the Kwahamot Bay from Memorial Day through Labour Day. The show operates every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and the tradition has been going on for over 60 years now. Expect to watch some of the finest bravery, agility, and feet balancing over water. You can also choose to watch Min-Aqua Bats, Minocqua, the world’s oldest continually running amateur water ski show in Wisconsin.

2. Visit Cave of the Mounds

Close to Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, lies the enchanting natural limestone cave, the Cave of Mounds. Except for claustrophobics, this place is a natural wonder for everyone. You get to see stunning rock formations that are literally a million-year-old. Though it is still changing and evolving, maybe after a century, the site will change into something new and unique. The temperature inside the cave remains 50-degree Fahrenheit, making it ideally a summer spot in Wisconsin. Exploring the cave takes no more than 20 minutes. However, take some extra time in hand and explore the visitor center and picnic area as well.

3. Plan a weekend dedicatedly at the Cave Point County Park

Wisconsin’s one of most engaging parks, the Cave Point County Park, is a summer topper. Even a week here and you are not going to get enough of the opportunities and observations it offers. Begin from Swimming and Snorkelling the Caves & Coves, indeed the best experience. Trained divers and snorkelers can explore some wonderful caves under the water level. Though if this is a level high for your calibre, the park has several hiking and biking trails to explore. Another popular activity here is cliff climbing and jumping directly into the cold water of Lake Michigan. Cave Point County Park is also home to Door County’s some of the top photographed locations.

4. Observe the ocean of Sunflowers at Pope Farm Conservancy

The Pope Farm Conservancy organizes an annual event drawing visitors from across the State only to observe an ocean of sunflowers. The event takes place every year during the month of August. However, you can get the same views for the entire sunflower season, mainly during the harvesting time. Walking through these well-manicured sunflower trails is free and open from sunrise to sunset. The area is so stunning that if you are, by chance wearing yellow, you are definitely going to sync and get lost in the sunflower spread. When in Wisconsin, this is definitely a summer thing that you have to experience.

5. Make the Most Out of Wisconsin Summer Festivals

Wisconsin, like any other state, hosts a number of summer festivals. From lakeside music concerts to food and art events, the entire summer spread here stores something for everyone. Begin your itinerary with the biggest art & craft festival of America, the Warrens Cranberry Festival. Here, you can enjoy different elements from art, craft, antiques, food, music, and dance. Further pick Oktoberfest in La Crosse, the best of its kind outside Germany. Or, attend the hottest musical festival, the Summerfest in Milwaukee. The event goes for 11 days hosting over 1 million attendees and over 800 bands. Other notable includes Applefest in October, Brat Fest and Morel Mushroom Festival in May, and the Festa Italiana in July.

6. Attend the Air & Water Show in Milwaukee

The largest free event in Wisconsin, the Air & Water Show, is a must-attend when in Milwaukee. Through the masterpiece of sound and color, the event focuses on exhibiting aviation’s role in the community. It is an ideal choice for a family outing with one thing guaranteed: Wholesome entertainment. For attending the show, reach Bradford beach. To get an easy parking space, reach a little early as at times of huge crowd, some have to go back disappointed due to low parking space. If not that, the local hotels, including the Knickerbocker, the Astor, and Comfort Inn, offer great show views.

7. Discover Water Sports in Thousands of Wisconsin Lakes

One of the constants and basics of Wisconsin summers is ‘Water Sports.’ You cannot miss being in the waters when you are in a State full of Lakes (quite literally). Depending upon your adventure quotient, you can go swimming, boating, or fishing. Visitors with more daring can try river swimming, rafting overs strong rapids, and kayaking down the waves. Some of the best lakes in Wisconsin to visit this summer include Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Elkhart lake, Lake Geneva, Lake Monona, Green Lake, and Crystal Lake.

8. Hike up to Wisconsin’s Greatest Waterfalls

The State of Wisconsin is blessed with some year-round waterfalls. These particular may ease down a little during summers, but their charm remains intact. Especially when it is just the beginning of summers, there is nothing over hiking to a waterfall in Wisconsin. Some of the popular choices for the same include Big and Small Manitou Falls, Morgan Falls, Willow Falls, Granite Quarry Falls, Cascade Falls, and the Potato River Falls. However, if you want to visit the best of them all in one place, plan for Pattison State Park. It alone features three Wisconsin waterfalls, including the largest and most scenic ones.

9. Spend Your Time in the Beauty and Serenity of Wisconsin Gardens

Wisconsin isn’t about cornfields, cows, and lakes, but the State is also home to some of the stunning Midwest gardens. The finest of them is named Olbrich Botanical Gardens. It is located in Madison and is known for its roses, artificial waterfalls, and a variety of other plants. Next is the Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville. During the day, it is a green wonderland; however, during the night, it turns into a lighting jewel. Another option is Allen Centennial Gardens, a garden in Madison, Boerner Botanical Gardens located in Milwaukee, and Botanical Garden of Green Bay.

10. Spend Some Time Playing Disc Golfing

The entire state land of Wisconsin is home to multiple Disc Golfing fields. With that, it is also one of the popular summer thing to do amongst locals and slowly growing among visitors as well. Most of the fields are within Wisconsin’s state parks, some free and some paid. The best amongst all of them notes Eau Claire’s Tower Ridge I & II and the Standing Rocks at the Steven Points. The Sandy Point Resort Disc Golf Ranch and Justin Trails Classic & Justin Trail Big Brother stand as other great options.

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