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Snow Covered Train Ride In Wisconsin

7 Popular Winter Fun in Wisconsin- From Snow Adventure to Christmas Festivities (2024)

Winters in Wisconsin are the longest. While other seasons come and go for no more than 2 months (each), Winters in Wisconsin stay for up to 5 months. That is why the Natives here often joke, “Winter in Wisconsin just sleeps for a while but never actually goes.” However, long winters doesn’t mean that you have to spend days indoors. Wisconsin winters, though, are freezing cold, but they never refrain one from enjoying outside. Even when the state is filled with several layers of snow, you can see locals finding ways to enjoy around.

Wisconsin winters are famous for two things, enchanting Snow and delightful Christmas. Once it’s close to Thanksgiving, the streets begin gathering layers of snow and ornaments of festivities. Tourists from the entire Midwest crave to experience at least one season here, and why not? It is worth it.

7 Popular Winter Fun in Wisconsin – From Snow Adventure To Christmas Festivities

With that said, here we begin our list of the most popular things to do in Wisconsin winter.

1. Watch the Winterfest Dog Sled Race in Merrill

If you are a dog lover (who isn’t), you have to visit Merrill these winters. This scenic city, every year during the month of January, organizes sled races featuring dogs. True to the Northwood fashion, the scenario there is splendid and impressive. The race pair canines and humans where dogs draw the sled down the hill followed by a human behind. While, most dogs are Siberian huskies except for some unique breeds featuring in the race as well. The show organizes in Pine River Young Learners School for two days straight. If missed in Merrill, you can also attend the show in Wausau in February during one of the weekends.

2. Go For A Snow-Covered Train Ride in Wisconsin

There’s something ethereal and magical about the snow-covered train rides in Wisconsin. The state is home to various snow-covered trains offering hours of fun. For example, the Great Northern Train that operates from Trego from Tuesday to Saturday is the real deal throughout the winter. The train ride begins from around 5 pm to 6 pm and goes for 3 hours. Moving forward, the ride will take you through deep woods, farmlands, and also through the panoramic Namekagon River. The views will not just include the glory of nature but also several glimpses of the local wildlife. By 9 pm, the train returns back to the station for parking overnight. However, passengers don’t have to rush quickly and can enjoy some more time sitting inside. The entire experience costs no more than $60 that also includes a multi-course meal.

3. Visit The Apostle Islands For A Truly Mystifying Experience

A fun winter list for Wisconsin is always incomplete without mentioning Apostle Islands. Ice caves here are the biggest draw, especially during the snow season from December till February. For ensuring visitors’ safety, the National Park service monitor the ice closely. As per the track record, February experiences the thickest ice at Apostle, making it the prime tourism month here. While experienced hikers can step up towards the Lakeshore trails, beginners can stick to the cave and enjoy the views around. Or maybe just climb one of the 8 Apostle Island lighthouses and absorb the whitest nature around. From photography enthusiasts to snow lovers, Apostle Islands are nothing but a winter paradise for travellers.

4. If You Are A Local, Go See The Capitol Christmas Tree

Whle Madison hosts multiple winter festivals, for locals, the biggest draw is the Capitol Christmas Tree. This huge decorated pine tree stands in the middle of the marble rotunda. While the lightning over it is just the usual, the decoration you see is all hand-made by children from all over Wisconsin. As an estimate, the tree covers 700 feet of garland and about 2400 lights. Even while you stand on the second floor of the building, you can still see the tree growing over your head. This grand Christmas tree inside the Capitol Building is definitely a winter tradition in Madison.

5. When in Wisconsin, Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

The Wisconsin Christmas Tree Association promotes the tradition of real Christmas trees. They basically have plenty of Christmas tree farms with thousands of trees across the state. And when Christmas is soon to arrive, the association invites individuals to cut and take home their own tree for the festivity. To find the complete directory of all tree farms in the state, you can visit the association’s official website and even book yourself a tree. These trees are definitely paid, but with that gorgeous end result, it is all worth it. The best part is that some Christmas tree farms also sell tree decorations and ornaments, getting all the jobs done in one place. All in all, it is one popular winter experience to live in Wisconsin.

6. Spend Your Winter Holiday in the Christmas Mountain Village

The Christmas Mountain Village is a spacious year-round playground offering plenty of recreational opportunities. It is located in the Wisconsin Dells region, only half an hour from the Mirror Lake State Park. It is basically a resort featuring 13 ski hills, a 27-hole golf course, 4 outdoor swimming pools, and multiple tennis courts. The accommodations here range from rustic cottages to bi-level houses and log cabins. There’s also an indoor swimming pool with a water slide, an RV site, a campground, a bar, and a grill, all at the location.

Guest can either visit here for a day of skiing fun or for their ultimate Christmas and New year’s holiday. From luxurious cabin stays to camping experiences, they offer everything depending upon individual preferences. The resort also hosts an annual Winter Carnival, providing plenty of things to do and enjoy.

7. Attend the Milwaukee’s Santa Cycle Rampage

If you are ready to witness the world’s largest holiday-themed costume group bicycle ride then reach Milwaukee these winters. This Cycle rampage is basically a fundraiser event. As an attendee, you will see about 3,000 Santa (s) on bicycles, all at once joining together to cycle the streets of Milwaukee. While anyone can register to participate in the ride, the first 500 participants get a custom embroidered patch with the tandem Rudolph and Santa pattern. The route has changed quite a few times every year, and for the correct route, the website updates the latest information. Along with riding or watching the event, guests can also buy merchandise both bike and Christmas specific.

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