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9 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Wisconsin Dells (2023)

Sitting in the South-Central part of the Badgers state, Wisconsin Dells has been popular for its tourism since the 1850s. It is one of those tourism cities in America that ignites your inner child. And why not? The city has the most amazing and the largest number of Waterparks in the World. You may have been to many of them around the world, but the fun that the ones at Wisconsin Dells offer is unmatched. Apart from that, Dell and its surroundings are also home to golf courses, splendid resorts, visit-worthy museums, lakes, and a small but great section of nature.

March, July, and October receive the peak of tourism in Wisconsin Dell. March or May through October is also the best time to be here if you won’t mind the crowd. It is when you can actually soak into the vibes of the city and enjoy your heart out. Apart from that, Springs here get cold, Falls get chilly, and Monsoon make it difficult to navigate around the city. If you want to explore Dell sufficiently, three days and three nights trip will do plenty.

9 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Wisconsin Dells

For your Wisconsin Dell itinerary idea, have a look at our top picks and recommendations.

1. Noah’s Ark Waterpark

The largest waterpark in Wisconsin Dell and America, the Noah’s Ark Waterpark is a must-visit. The park is spread over 70 acres featuring 47 to 51 water slides and over a dozen of other attractions. It caters to visitors of all age groups and interests and thus even has four dedicated Kid’s playing areas. There are even raft waterslides in complete darkness, a 10-story drop zone, a long waterslide, and a roller-coaster combination for anyone who loves the thrill. If you happen to visit here with family, you can go for several group rides and pass through the fear and fun together. There are even cabanas where guests can relax after a tiring waterpark session, though pre-booking here is a must. Once done with all the affairs, you can either reach the food concessions and shops or plan a personal picnic outside the park gate, on green space.

2. Wilderness Resort

Located in the serenity of green foliage, the Wilderness Resort isn’t just an accommodation stop but also a waterpark resort in itself. Undoubtedly, it is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Wisconsin Dells. The resort features four indoor and four outdoor water parks, all reserved exclusively for its guests. You may have been to the best of best waterparks across the world, but the versatility and options here are unbeatable. Here, some of the highlights include the Klondike Kavern Indoor Waterpark and the Wild WaterDome. While there are challenging rides and slides for adults, they have maintained age-appropriate spaces for kids. There are even lounge chairs close to the kids’ area for parental supervision. For added relaxation, guests can swim up to the bar and enjoy their drinks. Regardless of how many people visit here during the day, the resort is so huge to ever look crowded.

Wilderness Resort

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3. Dell Ducks Boat Tours

The most popular tourist activity in Wisconsin Dells, the Duck Boat tours, has been here since the mid of 20th century. Enjoying one of these tours is no less than mandatory for any Wisconsin Dell vacation. The tour begins splashing the water of Wisconsin River and Lake Delton and ends on 4-mile-long roads of Dell. On the water, it reveals 500 million years old rock formations, a glacier-formed 5-mile gorge, and nature’s calmness. Whereas on land, four miles of natural verdancy add to the experience. The Vehicles used for touring alone are historical that were once used for transporting supplies and resources during WWII. Since 1946, these vehicles have been given an extraordinary land and water tour in Wisconsin Dells. While there are two tour routes, the Upper George route is more gorgeous. Guests can book tours for sunset dinner cruises, live performances, night cruises, and so on.

4. Wisconsin Deer Park

There’s no better destination than the Deer Park in Wisconsin Dells for those whose idea of a vacation is peace and relaxation. Operating for 50 years, this facility is ideal for a family visit, especially to fascinate those little kids. The Wisconsin Deer Park is spread over 40 acres featuring an interactive zoo, feeding space, and walking trails. The park is home to more than 100 deer and other wildlife, including Japanese sika deer, Elk, Bison, Emu, Lemurs, European fallow deer, and more. Guests can pet, feed, and interact with all the animals in a friendly manner. The Deer Park operates from Memorial Day through Labour Day and is open for all. The best time to visit here is during early summer as it is when you may spot baby fawns, the cutest beings of all.

5. H.H. Bennett Studio

H.H. Bennett Studio is a historic landmark in Wisconsin Dell. It is the oldest operating business in the area and belongs to H.H. Bennett, an American photographer who touched fame for his pictures of Dell and Wisconsin river. As claimed, between 1865 and 1908, Bennett captured Dell’s pictures and surroundings that no one ever can compete with. Today, this studio is home to all of his great work and the greatest landscape photographs of all time. Even the studio is the oldest operating studio of its kind in entire America. Guest here can observe stills from Bennett’s work and appreciate how wonderful each of them is. Or they also offer to view unique, rare technology in the 3D imaging that enhances photographs works into stereo images. And what makes the light here that is only such piece of technology anywhere in America.

6. Rick Wilcox Magic Theater

Of the multiple theaters in the city, Rick Wilcox Magic theaters are undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Wisconsin Dell. Shows here range from a mix of magic, comedy, and splendid performances. Rick and Suzan Wilcox run a fantastic 90-minute comedy show that draws a huge crowd from the city and across. The husband-and-wife team has been running shows since 1999, and every year they upgrade their tricks and techniques, ensuring the show only gets better and bigger. For anyone who is looking for how to spend an evening in Wisconsin Dell, a show at Rick Wilcox is a must-watch for them.

7. The Palace Theater in the Dells

A state-of-the-art Theater destination, Palace theatre is a fascinating destination in Wisconsin Dells. It is centrally located at Wisconsin Dells Parkway South and is easily reachable. Spending an evening here enjoying shows like Little Mermaid and Broadway musicals is quite popular amongst the locals. They have a regular menu of shows throughout the year, most of which are Disney-inspired. The best part about visiting Palace theater is that you can even order yourself a lavish and tasty dinner while enjoying a performance. So, for the next time you are in Wisconsin Dells, spare an evening/night for visiting the Palace theater.

8. Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Ripley’s Believe It or Not is an American franchise popular for its strange and bizarre events. One of its local setups is here in Wisconsin Dell, a popular entertainment venue amongst both kids and adults. The setup features an auditorium, three floors, and 11 unique galleries. Here, visitors will come across weird oddities about animals and humans, and 200 strange and bizarre artifacts. Every single item here is accompanied by unusual information, which is fascinating to learn. Ripley’s Believe It or Not operates from Friday through Monday, 10 am to 5 pm. Entry tickets for the same range between $15.99 to $19.99.

9. Wizard Quest

Wizard Quest is Wisconsin Dell’s most unusual yet loved setup. Wizard Quest is an interactive computer game played in an awesomely settled live setting. It is spread over 30000 sq. ft. fantasy-themed labyrinth featuring purely weird ye beautiful interiors. Visitors here are required to pick up their own wand and perform magic to make their way through whimsical structures and fantastical settings. They have to free four elemental wizards and hidden pass-through passages, puzzle rooms, traps, blacklights, mirror halls, and more. The entire Quest setup is so unreal yet present in reality in front of you. For kids, navigating through the way might prove difficult, but for adults, the experience will prove exciting and enjoyable enough. Entry fees for the same range from $19.99 to $27.99.

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