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Mallamma Temple - Best place to visit in horsley hills or horsleykonda

Visit Horsley Hills (Horsleykonda or Yenugulla Mallamma Konda): The Ooty of Andhra Pradesh (2024)

Searching for your next vacation spot? We have one in mind for you: Andhra Pradesh! A hub and center of mythical stories, culture, nature, and heritage, Andhra Pradesh is a beautiful place to relieve your body and mind of stress and fatigue. Among the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh is Horsley Hills. Resting just between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Horsley Hills is a range of idle hills with a calm and serene environment that will give its visitors a breather. Horsley Hills is also known by the names of Horsleykonda or Yenugulla Mallamma Konda.

Read on to find more about the serene Horsley Hills and the other necessary details for a smooth vacation here!

Why Visit Horsley Hills in Andhra Pradesh For A Vacation?

Popularly known as the ‘Ooty of Andhra Pradesh,’ the Horsley Hills is one of the best Tourist Places In Andhra Pradesh, especially if you are looking forward to a spiritual journey. Unlike the hot and arid regions around it, the Horsley Hills provides you with a relaxed and calm setting. If you are more of an adventure-seeking person, then do not give up yet. Horsley Hills has enough in store for you too. Situated at the height of 4,312 meters, this place offers you breath-taking landscapes and sights, lush and dense forests, a diverse fauna (heads up to the bird watchers!), and an area dedicated solely for adventure sports.

Popular Tourist Spots to Visit In and Around Horsley Hills

Though the place in itself is not that big, it still has enough to make your stay a bliss. As mentioned above, it has quite the elements of nature and adventure that we guarantee will make for one of the best traveling experiences in your life! We have here a few of the best places to visit in the Horsley Hills. Get ready to make your ‘to-visit’ list!

  • ViewPoint: Topping on our must-visit places in the Horsley Hills is this beautiful tourist spot! Resting on the highest summit, the ViewPoint sits just behind the Governor’s Bungalow, only 200 m away from the Horsley Hill Bus Stand. Now, we all are aware that if there is a hill, there will be a viewpoint that will allow you a scenic view of all the things below the hill. That is precisely what you will find here at ViewPoint! But it is, in so many ways, so much more than that! This tourist spot alone is reason enough to visit Horsley Hills. Throw in the spectacular view and shimmering sunset, and this will become the magic moment of your vacation.
    Popular Tourist Spot to Visit In Horsley Hills ViewPoint:
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  • Horsley Hills Zoo: If you are with your family or are an avid animal lover, then this should be your next spot to visit. The Horsley Hill zoo located in the Van Vihar Park is not really the biggest zoo that you may have seen, but it will surely take you a step closer to nature and all its being. Creatures such as rabbits, peacocks, pigeons, crocodiles, and monkeys are found living here and are very much protected by the Forest Department. The zoo itself is surrounded by greenery, with a view of the surrounding hills.
    Best Tourist Spot to Visit Around Horsley Hills-Horsley Hills Zoo
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  • Mallamma Temple: Dedicated to the deity after which the town was named, the Mallamma temple is the ancient temple of Goddess Malamma. Every year around, believers and worshippers visit the temple to be blessed by the Goddess. If you are into history, legends, and myths or want to seek the blessing of the Goddess, pay the Mallamma Temple a visit! The temple is approximately 350 m away from the Horsley Hill Bus Stand.Mallamma Temple - Best place to visit in horsley hills or horsleykondaImage Source
  • Wind Rocks/Gali bandalu: This spot is famous for, you have guessed it, the refreshing winds that blow here all day long! The walk down the hill is just a simple delight, and the little gardens built here and there make the perfect spot for sweet family time! The Wind Rocks also give you viewpoints on the Eastern and Western sides, which are ideal sunrise and sunset spots. There also lies a small lake nearby (approx. 1 km) that you can visit.
  • Dumukurallu Waterfalls: Lastly, we have the Kaigal or Dumukurallu waterfalls, which falls from a height of 40 ft! Formed by the Kaiga Stream (one of the two streams to flow through the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary) and makes a magnificent scene to behold! Cradled in the lap of lush greenery and pure nature, it makes for a beautiful spot for a picnic. You will also find a Shiva Linga near the falls, which attracts believers and pilgrims from the villages nearby during the festival of Shivratri.

Best Time To Visit Horsley Hills

Compared to the regions around it, the Horsley Hills are comparatively more impassive and more tranquil. Yet, it is at its best in the winter season, which brings the hills the perfect temperature for a harmonious vacation and best for sightseeing. Therefore, the best time to visit the Horsley Hills is in the months of December till February.

Best Time To Visit Horsley Hills

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How To Get To Horsley Hills?

Location-wise, it is 121 km far from Chittoor, 145 km away from Bangalore, 227 km if you are traveling from Chennai, and 521 km far from Hyderabad. You may choose your preferred mode of transportation from the list below:

  • By air: If you want to travel via air, then the nearest airport would be the Bangalore International Airport. From there, Horsley Hills is just 3 hours away by road.
  • By road: If you prefer the road, then you can opt for buses, cabs, private taxis. You can find buses at the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation.
  • By railway: The nearest railway station to the Horsley Hills is the Madanapalle station, a mere 26 km away from the destination.

Interesting facts about Horsley Hills

No matter where you are visiting, it is always fun to discover exciting facts about the place you can take back home. We have a few exciting facts about Horsley Hills that will tickle your curiosity as well as make your trip here more eventful. Take a look!

The hills were initially known as Yenugu Mallama Konda after the saintly old lady, Mallama, who lived atop the hills. Legend has it that this lady here was fed by elephants (yenugula), but she suddenly disappeared one day! From then on, she was believed to be a goddess. The Mallamma temple was dedicated to her.

It came to be known as the Horsley Hills when the British Collector, W.D. Horsley made the hills his home around 1870. He was said to love the serene atmosphere of the hills.

Near the Wind Rocks, you will find a Microwave station, which is said to be one of the oldest ones to exist!

Did you know that you could find the oldest eucalyptus tree (Kalyani) and the largest banyan tree here in the Horsley Hills? Do not forget to give them a visit!

It is also among the few places in India that offer zorbing. However, you need to make prior reservations for it. There are other adventure sports as well, such as rappelling, trampoline, rock climbing, pools, archery, water walking, and many more!


For a quick escape from the fast-paced city life, the Horsley Hills is the perfect travel destination to slow things down and get your pace back. Whether you want to just bask in the serenity of the place or get your adventure suit on, the Horsley Hills is ready to serve it all to you on a platter. So come, and enjoy a little time in the lap of this beautiful landscape called the Horsley Hills!

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