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Visit Ziro Valley: 10 Top-Rated Places To See In Ziro Valley & The Famous Ziro Festival of Music (2024)

Visit Ziro Valley:

Ziro valley is an outstanding picturesque valley in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a treasure for nature and adventure lovers with beautiful Pine Mountains, paddy rice fields, bamboo huts, and an amazing flora and fauna range. Ziro valley has been declared a World Heritage Site. The valley offers an excellent opportunity to explore and understand the culture and tradition of the Apatani tribe, which in itself is an unforgettable experience to be cherished. The place is also called Apatani Plateau because of the Apatani tribe that lives there. 

Ziro Valley is a perfect place for recreation and relaxation of mind and body by offering a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. There are interesting places like Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Meghna Cave Temple, Tarin Fish Farm, etc., that one must not miss during their visit to Ziro valley. There is a famous spot known as Ziro Puto, which gives a bird’s eye view of the whole Ziro Valley. It is ideal for trekkers and nature lovers.

Location: Lower Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh 

Best Time To Visit: October – March

10 Top-Rated Places To See In Ziro Valley

1. Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

The Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 337 square km. It is home to a large and exotic variety of flora and fauna. It is an important and prominent wildlife reserve of the state. This sanctuary in Ziro Valley shelters the endangered clouded leopards. It also provides a remarkable spectrum of forests, including silver fir trees, ferns, orchids, bamboo, and rhododendron. 

Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary-Top-Rated Place To See In Ziro Valley

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2. Meghna Cave Temple

The Meghna Cave Temple is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Lakulisha, the 28th incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple has marvelous architecture and some detailed carvings of Sanskrit scriptures. The temple is an ancient cave temple that is as old as 5000 years but was discovered in 1962. Since that time, it has become a huge pilgrimage. The popular site gives an incredible view of the surrounding mountains, dense evergreen forests, and rapidly flowing rivers. This place is one of the most amazing places to visit in the state. There is a grand festival here during Maha Shivratri in February, a visitor’s delight.

3. Kile Pakho

Situated in the Ziro Valley, Kile Pakho is a point from where one can enjoy a spectacular view of the distinct landscapes. The majestic Ziro Plateau on one side and snow-laden Himalayan Mountains on the other side. 

It is a very famous tourist attraction, situated 7 km away from Old Ziro.

4. Midey  

Midey in Ziro Valley is an ideal place for trekking and hiking and is famous for its blue pine trees and splendid views. This place offers an opportunity to see the biggest and tallest tree in the Apatani valley, about seven meters at GBH (girth at breast height). 

5. Dolo Mando

Dolo Mando is a small hill situated on the western side of Ziro on the Daporijo Road. The place is perfect for trekking. It also gives the trekkers astounding views of the surroundings. If you want to enjoy the stunning views of Hapoli town and some parts of Old Ziro, trekking is the only option.

6. Hapoli

Hapoli, the spectacular beauty is the headquarter of Lower Subansiri District Administration. There is a circuit house at the top of the hill where one can stay and enjoy the city’s mesmerizing view.

7. Ziro Puto

Ziro Puto is one of India’s first managerial institutions and is a famous destination in the Ziro valley. The place has historical importance and is known as Army cantonment, which established during the sixties. The popular spot offers a remarkable view of the Apatani plateau. To get a view of the entire Ziro town, one can trek to the top. The place is a must-visit to experience the calmness and tranquility in its atmosphere.

8. Tarin Fish Farm

This famous destination in Ziro Valley is a part of the Bulla village, which is native to the Apatani tribe. The most interesting fact about this place is that two rice crops (Mipya and Emoh) and a breed of fish (Ngihi) are raised together. The people of the Apatani tribe practice this. 

9. Dilopolyang Maniipolyang

Dilopolyang Maniipolyang is a major tourist attraction with beautiful lush greenery. The place is ideal for people seeking peace and some leisure time away from the hustle-bustle of daily life. It is also a famous picnic spot, where people can enjoy the serene environment in nature’s lap.

10. Pine Grove  

The place is also known as Myolyang, is only 3 km away from the Old Ziro town. It is a popular picnic spot and is sprinkled with pine trees. It is a beautiful and picturesque site that is perfect for a day outing.

The Famous Ziro Festival of Music

Ziro Festival of Music is the largest and most happening outdoor music festival in Arunachal Pradesh. This festival is Arunachal’s Sunburn Festival and invites music lovers worldwide and other northeast states. The festival is held for four days, where people enjoy domestic and international music artists’ performances. The music and the combination of different cultures make for a wonderful experience and memory. The festival is celebrated during the month of September.

FAQ’s for Tourists Visiting Ziro Valley

1. What Is The Most Famous Thing About Ziro?

Ans: Ziro is famous for its Pine Trees and the rice fields. It is also the land of the Apatani Tribe.

2. How To Reach The Ziro Valley?

Ans:  Air: The nearest airport is at Jorhat, Assam, which is 98 km away from Ziro.

Rail: The nearest railway station is at Naharalagun, which is 100 km from Ziro.

Road: Buses are available from Guwahati to Ziro.

 3. Is There Snow In Ziro?

Ans: Ziro has winters from October-March, and the mountains are covered with snow during this time.

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