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Darrang - The Top Destination To Explore In The Region Of North Assam

North Assam Travel Guide (2024)

Flooded with natural beauty in abundance, the north eastern state of Assam is a proud possession of India. The state of Assam with its unique culture, humble people, rich history, vast wildlife, pristine natural beauty and plethora of sightseeing attractions, catches the attention of a large number of tourists. You may be surprised but Assam manages to attract a huge crowd of travellers from far and away to explore its hidden beauty. The best part is that no visitor returns disappointed from Assam.

Assam has something or the other for every kind of traveller. Specifically talking about North Assam, the place plays a significant role in contributing towards the history, culture as well as the natural beauty of the Assam state. When talking about North Assam, this magnificent region is made up of Tepzur, Udalgari, Sonitpur, Darrang and Biswasnath. All of these cities in North Assam are major magnets attracting travellers towards themselves. Each one of them has its own unique speciality and attractive factor. Are you also planning a trip to Assam and want to know more about the North Assam region? If yes, then continue reading because in this article we have prepared a complete North Assam Travel guide for you.

Why Should You Visit The Region Of North Assam?

No matter whether you are a history lover, a photographer, a nature lover, a cultural person or a wildlife enthusiast, the North Assam region is here for your refuge. So, if you are still wondering why you should be visiting the stunning region of North Assam, in this North Assam travel guide, we have made some quick pointers which will surely give you some good enough reasons to make your mind easily. They are as follows:
While Tezpur is popular for being the cultural capital of Assam, the cities of Darrang and Udalgari in North Assam boasts of housing the vast Manas National Park.

Moreover, the North Assam region is in general quite rich when it comes to wildlife. One can find a variety of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks nestled in this region. For instance, some of the wildlife centres you can visit in the North Assam region include Nameri National Park, Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary, Orang National Park and so on.

Apart from its rich wildlife, the region of North Assam also boasts of housing a plethora of interesting historical sites as well. Visitors can spot plenty of such sites which date back to about 8-9th century as well as 4th century AD in Bamuni Hills and Da Parbatia respectively.

Talking about Tezpur, some of its most popular attractions are Hazara Pukhuri, Bhomoraguri, Mahabhairab Temple and Agnigarh.

On the other hand, Darrang with its pretty lakes and historical sites is a truly scenic location. Some of the popular attractions of the place are Bhairabkund, Shahid Minar, etc.

Sonitpur is basically the hub of all nature lovers. Sporting a pristine natural beauty, the lush greenery of the place is a pleasure for every trekker to explore. A lot of trekkers frequent the Ouguri Hills for some thrill and adventure. Other than that, Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary located on the banks of river Brahmaputra is another amazing attraction in North Assam.

What Are The Top Destinations To Explore In The Region Of North Assam?


Located on the north western side of the mighty yet beautiful river Brahmaputra, Darrang district is one of the most popular destinations to visit in North Assam. It was in the year 1983 that the old sub division of Mangaldai in North East was converted into the current Darrang district. The place got its name from the Bodo word Dourang which literally means the playground of the Gods. It is said that once upon a time this region was a part of the Hindu kingdom of Kamrup, so you can expect a good variety of different places of interest existing in this region. You can find both religious as well as historical places to visit here. For all those people who wish to have a great sightseeing experience, you will love a trip to Darrang.

Darrang - The Top Destination To Explore In The Region Of North Assam

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Popular Attractions To Visit: Raj Hauli or the palace of the Koch kings, Shahid Minar, Bhairabkunda, Narikali Temple, Orang National Park and Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Places to stay: Radisson Blu Hotel, Cygnett Inn Repose, Hotel Grand Majesty

Highlight of the place: Religious, historical and mythological spots

Best time to visit: You can visit this beautiful place anytime throughout the year.

2. Tezpur:

Housing several archaeological sites, boasting of a deep mythological connection and sporting a natural beauty that leaves you speechless, the city of Tezpur is a great vacation destination in the North Assam region. Situated right at the banks of the mighty river Brahmaputra, it is often referred as the City of Eternal Romance, as the city narrates the epic love story of Usha (the daughter of King Baana) and Anirudha (the grandson of Lord Krishna). Other than this mythological and romantic connection, the scenic beauty of the city is worth mentioning. Thanks to its natural beauty, the place is often frequented by newlywed couples or for romantic trips.

Popular Tourist Attractions To Visit: Bamuni Hills, Hazara Pukhuri, Cole Park, Mahabhairab Temple, Bhomoraguri

Best Destination In North Assam-Bamuni Hills, Tezpur
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Distance from Dispur, Assam:
about 174 km away

Places to stay: Hotel Kailash, The Fern Residency, Heritage Tezpur

Highlight of the place: Mythological significance, natural beauty, rich history, romantic getaway

Best time to visit: For the best experience, it is recommended that you plan your trip in between the months of November and February.

3. Sonitpur

Boasting of being the second largest district of the state of Assam, owing to its sparse natural attraction and plenty of wildlife hotspots, the place is even considered as a top tourist destination in the North Assam region. If you are a wildlife lover, then you will probably love to explore the several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that are located in and around the region. Other than that, one can get to witness the scenic sight of some major rivers such as Brahmaputra, Borgang, Jiabharali, Buroi and Gabharu. For all those people who wish to take a break from their hectic everyday life, this place is a must – visit. There are several tea gardens located in the area as well which adds on to the overall charm of the place. With the mighty peaks of Himalaya providing a scenic backdrop, Sonitpur is a picturesque place to visit.

Popular Tourist Attractions To Visit: Da Parbatia, Bamuni Hills, Agnigarh Hills, Nameri National Park, Cole Park, Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary

Top Destination In The Region Of North Assam-Nameri National Park, Sonitpur
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Places to Stay:
Hotel Pradyut, Hotel Nagaon Point, Prashanti Lodge

Highlight of the Place: Second largest district, plenty of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, natural beauty, sprawling lush green tea gardens

Best Time To Visit: For the best experience, it is recommended that you plan your trip in between the months of November and February.

4. Udalguri

Once a civil sub division within the Darrang district in the same state, Udalguri is now a popular tourist attraction of North Assam. The place was named after a local flora of the region, Odal tree and thus it is almost symbolic of being surrounded by the trees of the same species all around. Moreover, if you are a wildlife lover and want to explore plenty of wildlife sanctuaries in your trip, then it is highly recommended that you add Udalguri in your itinerary. If you are thinking that this area is just about vast wildlife and flora collection, then you are highly mistaken. There are plenty of religious temples and many other sightseeing attractions located in the area. For all those people who are looking forward to a peaceful as well as a quiet vacation in Assam, there can be no better option for you than going to Udalguri.

Popular Tourist Attractions To Visit: Manas national park, Bhairabkunda, Borandi Wildlife Sanctuary, Orang National Park, Shree Ram Janki Mandir, Sonair Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary

Amazing Destination In North Assam-Manas National Park, Udalguri
Image Source
Distance from Dispur, Assam:
Hotel Kailash, The Fern Residency, Adityas Hotel Centre Point

Highlight of the place: Natural beauty, plenty of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, natural beauty, religious temples, peaceful atmosphere

Best time to visit: For the best experience, it is recommended that you plan your trip in between the months of October and May.

When it comes to North Assam, it literally has a diverse range of attractions that can collectively suit the tastes and preferences of almost all kinds of travellers.

FAQ’s For Tourists Planning to Visit Assam:

Q1. Who Should Visit Assam?

Ans. Assam proves to be a great getaway vacation destination which is loved by all, especially the nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and religious as well as cultural people.

Q2. What Is The Best Time To Visit Assam?

Ans. One can visit the state of Assam and have a good experience. However, if you wish to have only the best experience, then it is recommended that you plan your trip in between the months of October and March. The weather is pleasant during this period for ideal sightseeing experience.

Q3. What Are The Must-Try Local Food Options In Assam?

Ans. Assamese cuisine is a confluence of a variety of cultural influences. Some of the popular local dishes you can try in the state are Masor Tenga, Khar, Tenga, Pura, Pitika, Paan and Poitbhat. Talking about drinks, tea in Assam is very popular.

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