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Guwahati - Top Destination To Explore In The Region Of Lower Assam

Lower Assam Tourism: Top Destinations To Explore In The Region Of Lower Assam & FAQs (2024)

Assam – one of the Seven Sisters of India is undoubtedly a place worth visiting! From lush green tea plantations to mesmerizing archaeological sites to breathtaking wildlife safaris – Assam has all this and more to offer. This beautiful state has five regional divisions – Barak Valley, Hills, Central Assam, Lower Assam, North Assam, and Upper Assam.

Lower Assam Travel Guide

Lower Assam, which is also known as Western Assam, comprises a number of districts, including the largest city of Assam – Guwahati. The various tourist attractions of Lower Assam are truly a paradise for tourists. You can spend your time exploring the archaeological sites or visit the majestic wildlife parks or get your hands on some unique souvenirs or binge on mouthwatering traditional dishes of Lower Assam.

Read on to find out how to spend your time exploring the beautiful and stunning Lower Assam.

Top Destinations To Explore In The Region Of Lower Assam

1. Guwahati

 A visit to Lower Assam is incomplete until you explore Guwahati. This is one city which will satisfy all your touristy needs – sightseeing places, shopping expeditions, and amazing restaurants. Guwahati - Top Destination To Explore In The Region Of Lower Assam

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How to Reach: Guwahati in Lower Assam is well connected by air, road, and rail. The Guwahati Airport has regular flights from all major cities of India and is located just 25 kms away from the main city. Guwahati is connected to many national highways, thus, making it easily accessible via road. You can also travel by rail and get down at the Guwahati railway station which is just 5 kms away from the main city.

Places to Visit in Guwahati in Lower Assam: Some of the must-visit places include the Kamakhya Mandir which is one of the most popular religious sites in Lower Assam. Located on the top of Nilachal Hill, it is easily accessible from the city. The Bhubaneshwari Temple and the ISCKON Temple which has a beautiful and mesmerizing structure are also worth including in your Lower Assam itinerary.

Place to Visit in Guwahati in Lower Assam-Kamakhya Mandir
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Other places to visit in this largest city of Lower Assam includes the Guwahati Zoo which is a must-visit if you have kids, the Umanada Ghat which is a stunning location to capture beautiful memories, Vashishta Ashram, and the Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra which is a beautiful site full of lush green trails, museums, open theatre, and water pools. One should also take out time to witness a beautiful sunset on the Brahmaputra River. You can also plan a trip to the Kaziranga National Park to experience a wildlife safari.

What to Buy: Pick up some unique Assamese Tea, Assamese Silk products, handicrafts made out of wood, bamboo, terracotta, masks, traditional paintings, unique pickles of Assam which are made using local herbs and contain ingredients such as bamboo shoots, chicken, beef, pork, dried fish, etc. If you are looking for some unique Assamese souvenirs, then do pick up a singing bowl which is available in various sizes, a Jaapi which is a traditional hat of Assam, handmade wooden rhinos, the traditional Phulam Gamusa (Towel) of Assam, etc.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit this beautiful city of Lower Assam is October to April. You can also plan a trip around the Bihu festival during April.

2. Bongaigaon

After Guwahati, the next largest city in Lower Assam is Bongaigaon. Apart from being a sought-after tourist destination, it is also a commercial hub of Lower Assam. Bongaigaon is a great place to know more about the culture and heritage of Assam. Once you reach this beautiful city in Lower Assam, get ready to immerse yourself in its pristine beauty.

How to Reach: Bongaigaon has two railway stations and it is also well-connected by road with regular bus services operated by private as well as government agencies. The closest airport is the Guwahati airport which is 185 kms away.

Places to Visit in Bongaigaon in Lower Assam: Visit popular tourist attractions such as Koyakujia Bil, an eco park which has beautiful flora and fauna, Bageshwari Temple, historical sites of Pancharatna and Jogighopa. Wildlife lovers can visit the Kakoijana Reserved Forest and the Kachugaon Game Reserve.

Place to Visit in Bongaigaon in Lower Assam-Bageshwari Temple
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If you want to simply relax and have a fun picnic with you family and friends, then head over to the banks of Aai River from where you can get a glimpse of the Bhutan and Assam border. Apart from this, you can also spend your time exploring the Rock Cut Caves, Manas River point, Roumari Dam, Lalmati Duramari Ganesh temples, Bongaigaon city garden, etc.

What to Buy: Bongaigaon in Lower Assam is also a great place to collect unique antiques for your homes as well for gifting to your loved ones.

Best time to Visit: This city of Lower Assam is ideal for a visit from late October to early March.

3. Hajo

Hajo in Lower Assam has the perfect amalgamation of mosques, temples, and pagodas. Located just 24 kms away from Guwahati, Hajo is also known as the pilgrimage centre for Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists.

How to Reach: Similar to other cities in Lower Assam, Hajo can also be reached via rail, road, and flight. The nearest airport is the Guwahati airport, situated 25 kms away and the nearest railway station is in Guwahati as well. It has good road connectivity with the other cities in Assam.

Places to Visit: This Lower Assam city is perfect for those who wish to embark on a spiritual tour. The must-visit temples include Hayagriva Madhava Temple which has a beautiful idol of Lord Vishnu, Kedareswara Temple of Shiva which is located on top of the Madanachala Hill, Deva Bhavana and Kamesware Temple which is an 18th century temple. Another must-visit tourist attraction is the Hajo Powa Mecca.

Place to Visit in Hajo-Hayagriva Madhava Temple
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Best time to Visit:
For the best visual treat of Hajo in Lower Assam, it is recommended to plan a trip during the monsoon season, which is from June to September.

4. Goalpara

Goalpara in Lower Assam is the perfect holiday destination, especially for nature lovers. Its mesmerizing landscapes along with stunning and memorable tourist attractions will ensure that you leave Assam with a lifetime of memories. There are a number of places to visit in Lower Assam’s Goalpara.

How to Reach: If you wish to travel by air, then the nearest airport is Borjhar Airport. You can also reach Goalpara via train or bus as this Lower Assam city is well-connected to all the other cities.

Places to Visit: If you are interested in trekking, then you must visit Dadan Hill which provides some stunning views of rivers and landscape.

Place to Visit in Goalpara, Lower Assam-Manas National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
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Enjoy a leisure boat ride on the Kumri Beel Lake. One tourist attraction which you shouldn’t miss is the Surya Prahar where you will find some amazing ancient ruins, monuments, stupas, shivalingams, etc. Goalpara in Lower Assam is also home to the Manas National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a World Heritage Site declared by the UNESCO. From spotting majestic animals to enjoying river rafting – there is lots to do here! Other must-visit places include Nandeswar Devalaya, Hulukunda PaharPir Majhar, and Urpad Beel Lake.

Best time to Visit: Winter season is considered to be the best season to visit Goalpara in Lower Assam. So plan your trip any time between October to February.

Apart from these four cities in Lower Assam, some of the other places that you can include in your Lower Assam travel itinerary include Kamrup, Nalbari, Chirang, Baksa, Dhubri, Barpeta, and South Salmara-Mankachar.

While planning your trip to Lower Assam, try and plan it during the fair of Bhatheli which is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Lower Assam is a great tourist destination which caters to all kinds of tourists – whether you are on a pilgrimage, in search of best trails for hiking and trekking, want to lose yourself in the archaeological history of Assam, or simply want to relax and enjoy nature at its best!

Lower Assam is also perfect for shopaholics and one can truly get their hands on some unique Assamese souvenirs which can serve as a reminder of your beautiful vacation. So, go ahead and pack your bags and head to your next travel destination – Lower Assam!

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