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Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Valmiki Tiger Reserve Travel Guide-Bihar Tourism (2024)

Without any doubt, tiger reserves are one of the best tourist attractions for travelers who love nature and wildlife alike. These homes of the national animal are spread all across India, and they are the best places to find them raw, in real, and that too in their complete form. Spotting the tigers and leopards is one of the favorite sights of wildlife photographers too, and such facilities are completely provided in the tiger reserves around the country. Here we are talking about one such tiger reserve, national park, and a wildlife sanctuary, which is known for a large variety of animals and birds found within its boundaries: Valmiki Tiger Reserve.

Introduction to Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Valmiki Tiger Reserve is a major tourist attraction which is located near the border that separates India and Nepal in Bihar. The Valmiki Tiger Reserve is a part of the extended range of dense forests of Valmiki Nagar, which is located on the banks of the river Gandak. This whole area was under the control of the British East India Company, which was later transformed into the only national park of Bihar. Later the national park was developed into a wildlife sanctuary and then a tiger reserve. The Himalayan terai landscape further adds to the beauty and picturesque location of the Valmiki Tiger Reserve. Moreover, the forests are extended to an area of nearly 900 km, which is home to more than 40 tigers. The Champa woods of the Valmiki Tiger Reserve also shares borders with the Chitwan national park of Nepal territory. The focus of the tourism department towards the development of the Valmiki Tiger Reserve also deserves more appreciation as the attempt to turn it into the biggest grasslands of India and home for more tigers is simply a big step. Valmiki Tiger Reserve Travel Guide-Bihar Tourism

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The geographical locations of the Valmiki Tiger Reserve is simply a blend of everything. It has got beautiful grasslands spread over a huge area followed by foothills of Himalayas with cliffs and ranges, the river Gandak forming the streams in the hilly terrains is a magnificent sight. Furthermore, the swamps, woodlands, and thick forests form the rest of the Valmiki Tiger Reserve and the surroundings of it.

Major Attractions of Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Most of the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of the country are well known for some of the presence of wildlife, which is unique and special in nature. In the case of Valmiki Tiger Reserve, there is more than one such wildlife for which the entire Valmiki Tiger Reserve and the national park is known for. Some of them include the Bengal tiger, Indian Rhinoceros, leopard, Asian black bear, and Indian Sloth bear.

Major Attractions of Valmiki Tiger Reserve-Deers
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Moreover, the Valmiki Tiger Reserve is known for its wide variety of deers, which include Barking deer, Spotted deer, Sambar, hog deer, etc. The tourists can easily spot them in flocks during the jungle safari at Valmiki Tiger Reserve.

Some of the other major wildlife found in the Valmiki Tiger Reserve include otter, wild boar, wild water buffalo, striped hyena, langur, flying squirrel, clouded leopard, mongoose, etc.

The Bengal tigers are undoubtedly the primary attraction at the Valmiki Tiger Reserve, and at present, there are more than 40 tigers at the tiger reserve. The numbers of tigers were just 10 before 10 years, and it shot up as a part of the save tiger initiatives for which the Valmiki Tiger Reserve played an important role.

Now, apart from the wildlife, you can also find a large variety of birds too at the Valmiki Tiger Reserve. Nearly 250 varieties of birds have been spotted in the tiger reserve so far, and this is nothing short of a paradise for bird lovers and bird watchers. The national park has also got some excellent spots for birdwatching, which makes it more authentic. Some of the major bird species found in Valmiki Tiger Reserve include Nepal Kalij pheasant, paradise flycatcher, tree pipit, green willow warbler, green barbet, waders, ibises, storks, plovers, emerald dove, varieties of green pigeons and purple wood pigeons, etc.

How to Reach Valmiki Tiger Reserve?

By Road: The NH 64 passes right near Valmiki Tiger Reserve, and therefore it is one of the best ways to reach Valmiki Tiger Reserve via road. The NH 64 connects to other major cities of Bihar and the adjoining national highways to other popular cities of North India.

By Rail: The Bagha railway station of Bihar is the nearest railway station located close to Valmiki Tiger Reserve. The Bagha railway station has a good range of access to almost all major railway stations of Bihar and even other adjoining states.

By Air: The Patna airport is located around 200 km away from Valmiki Tiger Reserve, and it is indeed the best way to reach the tiger reserve via air. Patna is connected via the national highways, so it will be easy for the tourists to cover the rest of the distance via road.

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Valmiki Tiger Reserve is totally worth a visit for what it has to offer. The excellent landscape and magnificent locations of the area, combined with the wildlife, is simply a treat for the traveler in you. Do plan a trip to this beautiful land whenever it’s safe to travel again.

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