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Top 10 Trekking Trails in Goa

Top 10 Trekking Trails in Goa (2024)

Trekking, as they say, is food for adventure enthusiasts. That slow and steady gush of adrenaline pumping through your blood, pacing heartbeats thumping inside your chest, and a belief to achieve the unachievable are some of the things that drive trek lovers in their life. These are the feelings that they live for. Considered an extremely powerful physical exercise, trekking has proved to be great for your mental health too. The adventure lovers of the world are always in search of a trek and what better than to have one or even multiples in the amazing destination of Goa.

Adorned with marvelous sandy beaches and shores, Goa also has one other side which is no less in beauty than its counterpart. Apart from being beautiful, Goa also offers some adrenaline-pumping activities to fire up your soul. Home to some of the most popular beaches around the nation, Goa also boasts of some of the most adventurous trekking trails in India. Here is a list of 10 Amazing trekking trails in Goa.

Top 10 Trekking Trails in Goa

Detailed below are the top 10 trekking trails in Goa that are sure to quench your thirst for adventure:

1. Dudhsagar Falls Trek: Considered the best among the bests, Dudhsagar Falls Trek steals the limelight from all the other treks in Goa. Dudhsagar Falls is a national landmark and their trek is the 5th tallest waterfall trek all across the country. Dudhsagar translates to ‘ocean of milk’ in English. The water falls with such a force from the top that it forms white froth where it falls and hence the name, Dudhsagar. Plunging from a height of 310 meters, they are among the highest waterfall in Goa which makes the trek even more adventurous. The location of these falls being near the Karnataka border in the Sanguem district of Goa makes the trek strategically possible.

How to reach: The nearest railway station to Dudhsagar Falls Trek is Kulem. From there, you can rent a taxi or a jeep to reach the falls. The view of Goa from the top is spectacular.

2. Trek to Todo Waterfalls: Todo Waterfalls are situated in North Goa and boast of an adventurous trek in their trails. The trek can be started after reaching Todo waterfalls from Panjim which is a one and a half-hour drive. Numerous air-conditioned rentals are available from Panjim to reach Todo Waterfalls. This trek provides with an experience that one must undergo at least once when they visit Goa.

How to Reach: The nearest airport to Todo waterfalls is Dabolim which is just 30 km away from the city of Panjim. A lot of local traveling facilities are available to reach Todo from Panjim.

3. Neuti Beach Trek: Another adventurous trek in the state of Goa is the Neuti Beach Trek. This trek is one of its type offering a walk along the hills overseeing the sea. This trek starts at 7 in the morning from the area of Porvorim. You have to travel to Kochara-Shriram Wadi from there. The actual trekking starts from here and concludes at Neuti Beach. The cherry on top offered by this trek is that you can dive into the sea from 20 feet height or just enjoy the breathtaking adventure of the Neuti fort.

How to Reach: This ocean-peeking trek is reachable from all the parts of the state through local transport.

4. Arambol Trek: To enjoy the unreal beauty of the Arabian Sea, Arambol Trek is the perfect choice for all adventure seekers in Goa. Raw and untouched, this trek is not as popular as the Dudhsagar or the Todo Trek. Therefore, this trek is very less crowded and attracts only a limited number of tourists. Starting from Keri, which is located in the northernmost part of Goa, this trek stretches up to Arambol Beach giving you a perfec   t chance to explore the shoreline of Goa.

How to reach: By using the local transportation, you can reach Arambol from every corner of Goa.

5. Pali Waterfall Trek: Considered to be heaven for the hikers and the trekkers, Pali Waterfall Trek is one of the most adventurous treks in Goa. Bordered with Dandeli of Karnataka, the trekkers have to move across the ultra slippery path lined with bushes and thorns and the dense forest cover of the Goa border. The marvelous waterfall view with all-time blowing fresh breeze is the highlight of this trek. With the presence of such features, this trek is considered one of the best in the town and you must do it to please the adventure lover inside you.

How to reach: A variety of public transports like buses etc are available from Mapusa or Panaji to reach Pali Waterfall Trek.

6. Sonsogor Trek: Sonsogor Trek is considered one of the most exquisite trekking spots in the entire Goa. Being famous for one of the three highest peaks in Goa, the Sonsogor trek is one for the adventure lovers of the world. The scenic views surpassed while taking this trek are breathtaking. This trek does not take more than three hours but gives you an unforgettable experience of a lifetime within that short time. So, if you are someone looking for a natural retreat, this is the one for you.

How to reach: Being very popular among the masses, all types of transportation facilities are available to reach this trek. You can use the rental service or public transport at your convenience to reach Sonsogor Trek.

7. Satregad Fort Trek: Known for its wealthy biodiversity, owing to its presence around the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Satregad Fort Trek is one of the best treks in Goa. Located at a distance of just 50 km from Panaji, it attracts a lot of tourists for its exploration. Not just the biodiversity, this Sanctuary is also home to the Royal Bengal Tigers. Stretching for about an area of 15-16 km and accompanied by a vast number of waterfalls, this trek in Goa provides scenic views of Mother Nature at their absolute best. This trek is perfect for the ones looking for an adventure time along with a little exploration of a fort.

How to reach: As per your preference, Satregad Fort can be reached by hailing a taxi or a bus from Panaji which is not very far off.

8.Tambdi Surla Waterfall Trek: Lying amidst the exotic Tambdi Sula Waterfalls, this trek in Goa is a paradise for adventure seekers. Located inside the Bhagwan Mahavir National Park, this trek is one of the most exciting and strategically happening treks in Goa. As the trek takes place through the dense forests, it is advised to hire a local guide for a better and safer experience. This trek is perfect for nature lovers looking for a natural hideout from this world.Top 10 Trekking Trails in Goa

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How to Reach: Local buses and rental taxis are available to reach this place from every corner of Goa.

9. Netravali Waterfall Trek: Considered one of the most popular spots for trekking in Goa, the Netravali Waterfall trek is the one with exotic views and soul-stirring adventures. It takes you around two hours by driving to reach this spot from Margo which is the closest city to it. Located within the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, it is a favorite of the masses. This three km trek within the sanctuary provides for a lifetime experience to cherish. Providing the best sights of nature, this trek is a must if you visit Goa.

How to reach: All types of transport facilities are available to reach this trekking spot from all around Goa.

10. Kuskem Waterfall Trek: Kuskem Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls located in the Cotugao Wildlife Sanctuary of Goa. Therefore this 12 km trek starting from the mouth of the sanctuary is also one of the most adventure-filled to take. Adorned with beautiful creations of nature all around it, this trek is the one to fulfill all your nature-related cravings and desires. Being located inside a wildlife sanctuary, animals and trees of all kinds are a common sight throughout the trek. On completion of the trek, the striking view of the waterfalls and the greenery around it are one to die for. This is an ideal trek for all nature lovers and a must-have if you visit Goa.

How to reach: Cabs, taxis and all types of public transports are available to reach this spot.

FAQS on Trekking Trails in Goa:

Q1: Are Guides Available For Help While Doing The Adventure Sports Of Trekking In Goa?

Ans: Yes, guide service is available at most of the trekking spots for help and better guidance. They charge a minimal amount to give you a full tour of the place.

Q2: What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Visit Goa For Trekking?

Ans: Although you can visit Goa at any time of the year the most ideal time to visit Goa for the sole purpose of trekking is during the months of October to March.

Q3: What Are Some Of The Much-Needed Things To Carry While Trekking In Goa?

Ans: Some of the much-needed things that you should carry while trekking are: A water bottle, a backpack, a pair of comfortable trekking shoes, and a basic first aid kit. All these items come in handy in case of an emergency.


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