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Tera Village - One of the Oldest Villages in Gujarat

Visit Tera Village: One of the Oldest Villages in Gujarat (2024)

Tera Village is one of the oldest villages in Gujarat. It is home to the Tera Fort, which was partially destroyed in the 1819 Rann of Kutch Earthquake. You can spend a whole day in the village, exploring it and looking at all the scenic locales that the village has to offer. If you plan to visit this village, make sure that you read this article to know what to expect.

About Tera Village

The Tera Village is so popular for its ancient structures that tourists sometimes regard it as the Tera Heritage Village even before the Government of India declared it as a heritage village. It is the first heritage village in Gujarat and joins the small list of heritage areas, with the old City of Ahmedabad being the first Heritage City in Gujarat. Tera Village - One of the Oldest Villages in Gujarat

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According to research, the village of Tera is about 1000 years old. All along the way, you will see architecture and structures that are proof of the age of the village. You will see villagers all around, and if you strike a friendship with them, you might get a chance to explore some of the lesser-known places in the village.

The Tera Village Experience

In the village, along with the houses, you will also see a Jain Temple, which has carvings and sculptures that are true architectural marvels. The Jain temple is about 300 years old.

The Tera Village Experience
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The other place that you can visit is the Jain Atithi Temple. It is one of the most beautiful temples in the area. You see colorful carvings all over. The sanctum santorum has a 27-inch idol of Parshwanath Prabhu.

Place Can Visit In The Tera Village-Tera Fort
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Another place that you can visit in the Tera village is the Tera Fort. The Tera fort has sculptures of divine and exotic characters all about. The palace is mostly in ruins but you will still be able to get an idea of the grandeur that royalty lived in. You will be able to see the large doors of the fort that have survived centuries.

Another important structure to see is the Ashoka Stambh that has a stone railing. A mere walk through the Tera village is a learning experience as well. The village has several Havelis that show the architecture of an era gone by. Tera is home to several communities, so a walk through the streets will introduce you to the way of living of several Indians.

Tera is one of the few human habitats that are a tourist experience in themselves, making it a unique visit for anyone planning to.

Another important aspect of Tera village is the three interlinked and human-made links. The fact that they are interlinked is an engineering marvel even today. You will be able to spend a couple of hours in Tera village. Though the village has some shops, you will not find many options for food and beverages. You might need to go to Bhuj for better food options if you plan to visit Tera.

Places to Stay Near Tera Village

If you wish to spend some time in Bhuj and explore the nearby places, you can visit Mandvi Beach, the Vijay Vilas Palace, and the Shyamji Krishna Memorial.

Place to Stay Near Tera Village-Vijay Vilas Palace
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If you plan to spend a weekend in and around Tera Village and Bhuj, you have several options for hotel accommodations. You will get hotels at about 1000 rupees per night, and then other hotels offer extra comfortable rooms at a premium price.

Bhuj is a tourist as well as a business location, so there are several accommodation options available. If you are looking for cheaper options, look for the dormitories, that offer you a cot and a place to store your belongings for as low as 100 rupees per night. You don’t get a lot of privacy and the washrooms and bathrooms follow a community model, but the dormitory model is perfect for tourists on a budget and large groups.

If you are looking for a complete tourist experience in Tera, you can even hire one of the travel agencies that offer you end-to-end services, including tours of all the important places, accommodation, and food options. The locals also offer jeeps for local excursions. There are some tour guides and tour operators who are registered with the relevant authorities.

If you are in Bhuj, you can travel to Tera on the buses that leave from Bhuj every thirty minutes. Reaching Tera village is simple, as it is near Bhuj. The nearest airport is at Bhuj and the nearest railway station is Bhuj as well. Bhuj is about 3 KM, so you can cover this distance by bus as well as a private vehicle.

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