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Visit Pingleshwar Beach

Visit Pingleshwar Beach: Possibly the Most Secluded Beach in Gujarat (2022)

Pingleshwar Beach in Kutch is one of the most secluded beaches in the area. If you plan to visit this beach, read on to know what to expect. The exact address of Pingleshwar Beach is Rapar Gadhavli.

The Pingleshwar Beach Experience

The Pingleshwar Beach, like many others in Gujarat and Kutch, is right on the main road, and you do not need to drive through internal roads. There are some windmills on both sides of the road that leads to the Pingleshwar beach. The beach lies at the Westernmost and the Northernmost part of India.

The beach is a mix of rocky terrain and soft beach sand. It is a secluded beach, and there is no commercial activity around. It is not the safest beach to go for a dip in the water, because there’s nobody on the beach. Visit Pingleshwar Beach Anand Solanki : Image Source

Pingleshwar Beach is the perfect venue for anyone looking to spend some calming moments by the beach. You can take those long walks at the seashore, and it is an excellent option for small and large groups to play some beachside games.

Make sure that you prepare for a day out at the beach. Gujarat is infamous for its harsh weather, and a day out at the beach would mean that you need to carry sunglasses, caps, and sunscreen. Also, because there isn’t much commercial activity near the beach, you should carry some snacks and drinking water. The closest village to Pingleshwar Beach is Kothara, and you can arrange for food and other snacks there, but it will take a while, as the village is about 20 kilometers away.

Photographers looking to capture sunsets at the beach will find the Pingleshwar beach very helpful. Most of the time, you will see photographers clicking photographs at the beach for pre-wedding photoshoots, but other than that, the beach is pretty secluded.

Because it’s so secluded, you can even camp here for a couple of hours. Visiting a secluded beach is a unique experience. Because there aren’t many people, the ecology is safer, and you will see fishes and other aquatic animals here, provided you know where and when to look. You will see small crabs crawling in the sand. Because the beach is almost empty all the time, all this becomes more visible.

The Pingleshwar Beach Experience, Gujarat Image Source
Because Pingleshwar Beach is secluded, the authorities are taking steps to ensure that people don’t take undue advantage. For example, at the time of writing this article, there was a security guard who’d take the details of the people driving to the beach, as it had become somewhat of a premise to commit suicide.

Pingleshwar Beach is also famous for the number of migratory birds that flock to it during the season. So, you will see many birdwatchers come to it during the migratory season. The bird sanctuary of Nalia is near Pingleshwar Beach. You will find several tour operators that offer you day and multiple day trips to Pingleshwar and the nearby areas.

Therefore, Pingleshwar Beach is a favorite destination for nature photographers. You will also see influencers and travel bloggers at Pingleshwar Beach, as the cleanliness and beauty make for great Instagram photos and YouTube videos.

Places To Visit Near Pingleshwar Beach

You can spend around an hour at Pingleshwar Beach. There are other places nearby that you can explore as well. The closest is the Pingleshwar Mahadev Temple, that’s in dedication to Lord Shiva. The Pingleshwar temple is worth visiting for anyone who is at the Pingleshwar beach. At the time of writing this article, photography was not allowed at the temple. The temple is similar to several others that we have seen in Gujarat. It comprises an external area and the inner sanctum sanctorum. The color is light brown, but you see colorful statues all around, on the pillars and the walls. At the entrance, you see two statues of a sage and two guardians, in the traditional Gujarati garb. You have the idol of the Nandi bull facing the Shivling. The Shivling has the idol of the Sheshnaag above it, and you are not allowed inside the sanctum sanctorum.

The dome of the temple has a colorful facade, which shows Lord Shiva in the form of several shivlings. Experts concede that the Pingleshwar temple could be more than 900 years old.

Nearby, you have Mandvi Beach, another popular tourist location. The other destinations that you can visit are the Topansar Lake, the Koteshwar Temple, the Narayan Sarovar, and the Mata No Math.

Place To Visit Near Pingleshwar Beach-Koteshwar Temple Image Source
There are some hotels near Pingleshwar Beach that offer you accommodation on a budget. In the 10 KM radius, you will see hotels like the Hotel MJ, the Indian Guest House, Hotel Shrimmaya, Hotel Gujarat Palace, Hotel Girnar, and several more.

Pingeshwar Beach is in the Kutch area, and if you are looking for budget accommodation, you can also take a look at the dormitories, that is becoming a popular option for backpackers and those traveling in bigger groups. The dormitories offer a cot and a place to store your belongings. The Kutch area has air-conditioned as well as non-air-conditioned dormitories.

Some of them might be exclusively for a particular gender. There’s are some flipsides to staying in the dormitories, though. They don’t have privacy, and they don’t have private washrooms. Some of them don’t have food options as well. Keep in mind that the dormitories are a different experience than the cheaper guesthouses that might come across as shady. Nowadays, several dormitory franchises are opening up all over the various states in India, and security and safety are of their utmost concern.

How To Reach Pingleshwar Beach?

Pingleshwar Beach is a three-hour drive from the Kutch area. Kutch connects well with the other places in Gujarat, like Ahmedabad and Rajkot. From Bhuj, Pingleswhar Beach is a two-hour drive.

How To Reach Pingleshwar Beach?Image Source

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