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St. John’s Cathedral - Top Spot In Mccluskieganj

Top 5 Spots In Mccluskieganj That Every Traveller Must Explore (2024)

Located only 64 km from Ranchi, McCluskieganj is one of the most underrated hill stations in India. McCluskieganj, which is a tiny hill town, might not be immensely popular among tourists throughout India, but it is quite famous among people in Bihar and Jharkhand. Most people in the said states explore McCluskieganj hill station in Jharkhand to spend peaceful weekends with their family or friends. Even a few years back, McCluskieganj was home to the Anglo-Indian community in Jharkhand. But now, the population of Anglo-Indian people in the region has declined pretty drastically.

The history of McCluskieganj is pretty impressive. You will be surprised to know that this city was founded in 1933 by the Colonization Society of India who consisted of the Anglo-Indian people. It was Timothy McCluskie, who first intended to develop a town for only the Anglo-Indian community of India. Around 400 families from the said community started living in McCluskieganj. But soon after World War 2, most of the families went to England. Only 20 families continued residing at McCluskieganj.

That is why the town is so peaceful as it is quite secluded. McCluskieganj is quite beautiful, and that is one of the main reasons why the Anglo-Indian community wanted to start a township over there. This town is commonly known as “Little England. That is one of the main reasons why the Anglo-Indian people wanted to set up their home in this town.

When you visit the city, you will see reminiscences of the colonial era quite vividly. Throughout McCluskieganj, you will find bungalows inspired by European designs. Right now, this town is visited by many residents of West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. As the scenic beauty of the city is quite gorgeous, people love spending their time over there. The best way to reach McCluskieganj is to rent a car from Ranchi. You will get there within three hours. In this blog, we are going to discuss the most beautiful sites located over there.

Top 5 Spots In McCluskieganj That Every Traveller Must Explore

The places mentioned in the following part of this blog are some of the most well-known sightseeing spots in McCluskieganj. To explore the quaint hill station properly, you will have to visit the following tourist spots.

1. Dugadugi River

The Dugadugi river is not only the source of irrigation for McCluskieganj but it is also the main reason for the hill station’s natural beauty. As the mesmerizingly beautiful mountains surround the river, you will find the entire location to be quite bewildering. We would suggest you visit the riverside either during the time of sunset or sunrise. The view of the river amid the green hills is quite breathtaking.

Most people love to have a nice picnic by the bank of the river Dugadugi. You can also do that if you visit there at noon. The babble of the river amid the rustic scenery will genuinely calm your mind. Moreover, the broken bridge near the river is an excellent prop for fantastic photographs.

Top Spot In Mccluskieganj That Every Traveller Must Explore-Dugadugi RiverImage Source

2. McCluskieganj Forests

If you walk for a few minutes from the heart of McCluskieganj, you will be able to explore the beautiful forests over there. The woods are so peaceful and gorgeous that you will get transported into a different world. If you live in a crowded city, you will find the McCluskieganj forests, extraordinarily beautiful. The woods are surrounded by Mohua and Sal trees. These towering trees provides shade even in the middle of the day.

Top Spot In Mccluskieganj-McCluskieganj Forests

Credit: mousourik  Image Source

While exploring the forests, you might also be lucky enough to see some bizarre species of birds. Many bird watchers visit McCluskieganj, to get a glimpse of the gorgeous and unique birds from different parts of the world. You will also notice beautiful orchids throughout the woods. The best way to get the true essence of the area is to take the trekking path of the woods. You will genuinely be glad that you took the approach.

3. St. John’s Cathedral

St. John’s Cathedral is a Protestant chapel that was founded in 1940. The Anglo-Indian people of McCluskieganj built this church, and it is one of the memorabilia of the ties between India and England. When you enter the chapel, you will find its walls decorated with mural paintings from England. Most of the pieces of furniture seen in the church are from England. St. John’s Cathedral - Top Spot In Mccluskieganj

Image Source

Even now, the people of Christian and Anglo-Indian community living in McCluskieganj visit there every week to be a community and celebrate different customs together. As the chapel is located right at the heart of McCluskieganj, you will have no problem in finding it.

4. Jagriti Vihara

Founded in 1975, Jagriti Vihara is one of the most scenic sites in McCluskieganj. It was created to provide shelters for orphans and offer development to the rural community living in the region. But now, it has become of the most visited sightseeing spots in McCluskieganj. As the centre is located right by the Chatti river and surrounded by beautiful trees, the scenic view surrounding there is quite breathtaking.

Best Spot In Mccluskieganj-Jagriti Vihara
Image Source
When you enter the premises of Jagitri Vihara, you will be quite surprised. The calm and serene atmosphere of the centre will genuinely make you question where you are. Inside Jagriti Vihara, you can shop for beautiful pottery and handloom products that are built by its residents.

5. Duli Village

Duli Village is located quite close to McCluskieganj. The tiny village is quite picturesque and offers you peek into the lives of its local people. There are some important monuments located over there like Radha-Krishna temple and a mosque that you must also visit.

Even though you might not find this village overwhelmingly beautiful, but it allows you to see the world in a new way. It will be better for you if you bring your camera with yourself during this trip.

Amazing Spot In Mccluskieganj-Duli Village, Radha-Krishna Temple
Image Source
We have tried to include all the important places to see in McCluskieganj. Now, you can understand that the region is not busy. You can see all the sightseeing spots in a day. Most people cover all of these places by renting a car. But apart from the sites, you can also spend your time by loitering around in the by lanes of the McCluskieganj hill station. It is an excellent experience as the ambience of the town is entirely different from the rest of Jharkhand. So, venture into a new adventure by exploring the beauty of McCluskieganj.

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