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6 Enchanting Places in Netarhat For All The Wanderlust Travelers

6 Enchanting Places in Netarhat For All The Wanderlust Travelers (2022)

Jharkhand is one of the individual states in India. Apart from having some important industrial cities, the state is also filled with quite famous sites among tourists. Netarhat is one such place in Jharkhand that is extremely beautiful. Netarhat is commonly known as “Queen of Chotanagpur” as it is the most popular hill station in the region. This mesmerizingly gorgeous site is located at the height of 3700 feet and is surrounded by mountains, breathtakingly beautiful forests, and magnificent greenery.

Throughout the town, you will find many gardens or orchards that are landscaped quite expertly. During the time of British reign in India, Netarhat was an important place for a vacation for the British officers. They were the first people to convert this tribal village into a hill station. As the town is situated 150 km from Ranchi, it can mainly be reached by renting a car from there. Now, Netarhat is also famous for the residential school. This school is quite well-known, and students from all around India reside there.

There are some tourist lodges located in the town where travelers stay for a few days.

Most people from Eastern India prefer to spend their weekends in Netarhat. While exploring the city, you will notice Palash, Mahua, and Sal trees located at every corner. The lush greenery of the thick forests in Netarhat makes it so serene and enchanting. By staying for a few days over, you will genuinely feel rejuvenated. As the tourist site is located in a remote area, you might not find a good connection on your cell phone. That is why always be prepared with the basic first aid kits while exploring the town.

No matter how you visit Netarhat, you will have to travel from Ranchi. Both the nearest railway station and airport are located in the capital. Even though the town has a comfortable climate throughout the year, you will enjoy it the most during the winter. In case you are excited about going to Netarhat, read this blog. Here, we will provide you with the details of the best places to visit in Netarhat.

6 Enchanting Places in Netarhat For All The Wanderlust Travelers

The places included in the following list are wonderful and famous among travelers from all over the world. If you visit Netarhat, make it a point to see all of them.

1. Lower Ghaghri Falls

With a height of 320 feet, the Lower Ghaghri waterfall is the 33rd highest waterfall in India. The location surrounding this waterfall is so breathtakingly beautiful that you will never want to leave the site. As lush green forests cover the fall, you will notice that the environment is pretty calm. Amid the scenic and serene atmosphere, the sound of the cascading waterfall will enchant you.6 Enchanting Places in Netarhat For All The Wanderlust Travelers PC Google Maps: Image Source

The forest is so dense that you will find it pretty dark. Even if you visit there in the daytime, you will find little sunlight over there. Many people trek to reach Lower Ghaghri falls while others see there by cars. The waterfall is situated around 10 km from the main city center of Netarhat. You will easily find auto-rickshaws or rented cars to take you to the waterfall.

Address: Jharkhand 829204.

2. Sunrise Point

If you are a lover of sunrises, then the Sunrise point in Netarhat will not disappoint you. This site is located quite close to the Netarhat bus stand and right in front of Hotel Parbhat Vihar. When you see the sunrise from this point for the first time, you will genuinely be in love with Netarhat. The transition of the atmosphere from dark to light to reddish will give you goosebumps. As the sunrise occurs amid the gorgeous hills, the entire scenery becomes even more spectacular.

Many people do not know that much about Netarhat. But once they see the sunrise from the spot, they will realize it is one of India’s most beautiful hill stations.

Address: Netarhat bus stand, Jharkhand 829204.

3. Upper Ghaghri Waterfall

You have already read about the Lower Ghaghri Waterfall, now get to know about its twin, the Upper Ghaghri fall. This waterfall is located 4 km from the heart of Netarhat and is another mesmerizingly beautiful place situated over there. You will be surprised to know that this waterfall is not natural. It is formed from the overflowing water of the nearby Netarhat Dam. But the region surrounding this fall is entirely delightful.

Best Place To Visit in Netarhat-Upper Ghaghri Waterfall

Image Source Photo Courtesy- LATEHAR TOURISM

Unlike the lower Ghaghri fall, this waterfall is not surrounded by dark forests. Instead, it is located amid the green valley of Netarhat. From the foot of the fall, you will get to see the grand hills making the entire region gorgeous. Most people prefer this spot as a place to have a nice picnic. You will have a great time with your friends or family, surrounded by tranquility and bliss.

Address: Netarhat, Jharkhand 822119.

4. Magnolia Sunset Point

After witnessing the mind-blowing sunrise from the Sunrise point of Netarhat, it is time to see the majestic sunset at Magnolia point. This site is located 10 km from the town of Netarhat. Usually, people go to this spot after completing their sight seeing tour. As the sunset happens by the Vindhya mountains’ lap, you will fall in love with this site. When the sun sets behind the hills, the precise time is something to withhold for the rest of your lives.

You might be wondering why the place is named “Magnolia.” It is due to an incident that happened during the British era of India. A young woman named Magnolia jumped off from the cliff after being in love with a local shepherd boy. The point was named after her by the local government at that time. Keeping aside the site’s morbid history, Magnolia Sunset’s point is one of the best places to visit in Netarhat.

Address: Netarhat, Jharkhand 822119.

Timing: 4 am to 7.31 pm.

5. Sadni Waterfall

Located at a distance of 35 km from Netarhat, Sadni waterfall is situated near the Rajadera village of Jharkhand. The altitude of the falls is around 200 feet. After cascading from the said height, this waterfall flows along with the Sankh river. You will be surprised to know that there used to be a diamond mine in the location of the waterfall many years ago. Even though the mine existed in the seventeenth century, it is still pretty amazing to wonder that the spot was once one of Jharkhand’s essential places.

As gorgeous hills and beautiful forests surround the waterfall, you will be in awe of its beauty. You will have to rent a car to go there from your hotel in Netarhat.

Address: Rajadera, Jharkhand 835218.

6. Koel View Point

You might have noticed that every hill station in India has a viewpoint that offers a panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings. Koel View Point is that place for Netarhat. This site is located only 2 km from the bus stand and is splendid. You will get to see the flowing river, gorgeous hill locks, tiny villages, and others quite vividly from the viewpoint. The hues you will see while getting the panoramic view will be in your mind for several years.

Many people also visit the Koel Viewpoint at night. Especially during the night with the full moon, you will notice that the view is even more enchanting. The river will also be otherworldly if you visit there at night. If you love to capture photographs, do not forget to bring your camera while going to Koel Viewpoint.

Address: Netarhat, Jharkhand 822119.

All the spots included in this blog are popular in Netarhat. Without these sites, the hill station will not be the same. Even though Netarhat is still not immensely popular among travelers, that is a positive point. While exploring this site, you will not bump into random people or eat in crowded restaurants. As the town is quite secluded, you will get to spend a few days in solitude with your loved ones.

The best part about the trip is that all the blog spots can be explored in a day. Usually, by booking a sightseeing package, you will get to see all of them in a day. For the rest of the days, you can spend your time leisurely soaking in the enthralling beauty of the surroundings.

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