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Visit Ranchi Jagannath Temple: Awe-Inspiring Beauty Amid Chaos

Visit Ranchi Jagannath Temple: Awe-Inspiring Beauty Amid Chaos (2024)

Located only 10 km from the hustle and bustle of Ranchi, Jagannath Temple is one of the most visited sites in the city. This temple is one of the most sacred places for the Hindu community in Ranchi. So many tourists visit the Ranch Jagannath Temple not only for religious purposes but also to admire the architectural beauty. As the temple is situated at the top of a beautiful hill, it can be seen from some distance. If you have ever visited the original Jagannath temple in Puri, you will recognize the architectural design of this temple instantly. The only difference between the Jagannath temples of Puri and Ranchi is that the former is a lot larger than the latter. Even though this temple was founded in 1691, it got nearly destroyed in 1990. But due to the determination and hard work of the Bihar government, this temple returned to its former glory.

To reach to Jagannath temple in Ranchi, you can travel by foot or you can take any vehicle. If you visit there on foot, you will have to take the stairs. Although you must remember that, you would have to be physically fit to avail the stairs to reach the temple.

The Ranchi Jagannath temple was commissioned by Barkagarh Jagannathpur Thakur Ani Nath Shahdeo. By following the official sources provided in the front gate of the temple, you will get to know that this temple was constructed by the said ruler to revive the faith in Hinduism among people. It was mainly founded to help the tribal people understanding the power of Hinduism. One of the main reasons for this construction was that in the 17th century, many tribal people were converting to other religions. That is why so many Hindu temples have been created at that time. When you will enter the temple, you will see breathtakingly beautiful carvings of different major mythological incidents. In that way, this temple is a complete replica of the Odisha Jagannath temple. If you are interested in exploring the temple, then this blog will be pretty helpful to you. Over you will get all the necessary information relating to the temple. Not only the Jagannath Temple but also, you will get information about other places in Ranchi.

Deities Worshipped in Ranchi Jagannath Temple and Entry Timings

As the name suggests, the Jagannath temple in Ranchi is mainly dedicated to Lord Jagannath. If you are not familiar with this important Hindu deity, then you should know that Lord Jagannath is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is another sacred Hindu God. Even though the deity is mainly worshipped by people from the Odisha region, but he is also quite sacred for the Hindu people living in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Gujarat. Also, the founder of the temple is an ardent devotee of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He was one of the biggest devotees of Lord Jagannath and spent his life worshipping the deity. Apart from Lord Jagannath, his sister Subhadra and his brother Balaram or Ballabhadra are also worshipped inside the temple. In the Puri Jagannath temple as well, this culture is maintained. There is also a shrine located inside the premises of the temple that is dedicated to God Hanuman. You will find that shrine situated right at the front of the temple.

Deities Worshipped in Ranchi Jagannath Temple and Entry Timings

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Unlike other major temples in India, the idols inside the Ranchi Jagannath temple look rather simple. Over there, you will not find the idols adorned with expensive jewelry or clothes. They are rather made of wood. But the exterior part of the temple is not so simple. The architecture is intricate and it has been styled by getting inspired by the Kalinga-style architecture. There are three parts of the temple- the Nata Mandir, the Jagamohana, and the Garba Griha. Lord Jagannath and his siblings are consecrated inside the Garba Griha.

The temple is open from 5 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm. You must remember that the temple is closed from 12 pm to 3 pm. If you visit there, you will have the option to buy Prasadam from the temple. Usually, it gets delivered the same evening, but you can get it online within 15 to 45 days.

Important Festivals Celebrated By Ranchi Jagannath Temple

When it comes to festivals, the Ratha Yatra is the most famous festival that is celebrated in Jagannath temple in Ranchi. According to the Asadha month of the Hindu calendar, the Jagannath Ratha Yatra takes place every year. Usually, the said month falls between June and July. Ratha Yatra is one of the major festivals in Odisha. In Ranchi also, this festival gets a lot of attention. During this festival, Lord Jagannath along with his sister Subhadra and brother Balaram are brought out from their sanctum. Then they are carried in the Raths or the Chariots to march around the temple. Thousands of devotees gather around the temple to push the chariots or even touch the ropes of the chariots.

Apart from Ratha Yatra, Krishna Janmasthami is also celebrated quite widely by the temple committee. As devotees believe that Lord Jagannath is the incarnation of Lord Krishna, they gather around the temple to celebrate this festival. This festival is held in the Shravan month from the Hindu calendar. The entire temple is decorated with lights and prasad is distributed to the devotees visiting there.

The Best Ways To Reach Ranchi Jagannath Temple

As the Jagannath temple is located near Ranchi, reaching there from different parts of India is quite easy. If you are in cities near Ranchi, you can reach the temple by availing of public or private buses or autos. As Ranchi is connected by NH 23 and NH 33, you will find reaching Ranchi extremely easy.

You can also reach Ranchi by train. The Ranchi railway station is well connected to the major Indian cities. Or else, you can visit there by availing an airplane. Birsa Munda Airport or Ranchi airport is well connected to most Indian cities. So, reaching Ranchi by airplane will not be that difficult.

The Best Time To Visit Jagannath Temple

Even though Ranchi is a warm city, it would be better for you if you visit the temple in the summer season. The reason behind this suggestion is that the Ratha Yatra festival takes place in the summer months and that is one of the main festivals that is celebrated in the temple. You will get to experience the true essence of the temple by visiting there in the said time. Also, you will love visiting the temple even more if you visit there during dusk or dawn. The architecture of the temple amid the backdrop of the gorgeous sky is a sight to withhold.

Places To Visit Near Ranchi Jagannath Temple

Ranchi is one of the most famous tourist spots in India. That is why there are many exciting sightseeing spots located over there. Most of them are situated quite close to the Jagannath temple. Some of the well-known ones are provided below.

1. Tagore Hills

Located at an altitude of 300 feet, Tagore Hill is one of the most famous places to see in Ranchi. The name of the mountain is related to its association with Nobel Laurette Rabindranath Tagore. He used to love the view from the hillock so much that he used to visit there quite often while staying in Ranchi. It is believed that he wrote a lot of his books from there. Now, the area has been decorated and cleaned and many people go there to have nice picnics with their families. To reach the top of the hill, you will have to climb up around 200 to 250 stairs. There are opportunities to take part in rock climbing, trekking, and other adventure sports as well. Many adrenaline junkies take part in the said activities.

The distance of Ranchi Jagannath Mandir to Tagore Hills: 15 km.

2. Ranchi Rock Garden

Ranchi Rock garden is one of the most beautiful sightseeing spots in Ranchi. As it is located only 4 km from the heart of the city, most people visit there every other weekend. The rock garden is built by getting inspired by the Jaipur rock garden. If you visit there, you will find many beautiful sculptures erected. Moreover, there is an artificial waterfall located inside its premises that make the rock garden even more spectacular. This garden is located right by the Kanke Dam lake and that is why the scenic view from there is so enthralling. Many people go there to enjoy the lake peacefully while others have picnics.

The distance of Ranchi Jagannath Mandir to Ranchi Rock Garden: 13 km.

3. Ranchi Lake

Created in 1842, Ranchi lake is one of the breathtakingly beautiful sites in Ranchi. This lake was built by British Colonel Onsely. As the water body is located at the foothills of Ranchi hills, the view of the lake on the backdrop of the mountain is quite pretty. Some of the most popular activities that tourists take part in while visiting the lake are boating, swimming, and picnicking. Many tourists even go there to loiter on the pathways surrounding the lake.

The distance of Ranchi Jagannath Mandir to Ranchi Lake: 11 km.

Top Places To Stay Near Jagannath Temple

As Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand, there are many high-profile hotels located over there where you could have a marvelous getaway. In the following section of this blog, we are sharing some of the most popular and reasonable hotels located near Jagannath temple.

1. Radisson Blu Hotel

With luxurious rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a beautifully landscaped lawn, and a world-class restaurant, the Radisson Blu hotel in Ranchi is one of the best hotels to stay. As the hotel is located quite close to Jagannath temple, Tagore Hill, Ranchi Lake, and other famous sightseeing spots, you will be able to explore the city quite easily. You can easily rent a car from the travel desk of the hotel to explore the said places. Apart from all the fantastic features, the hotel also has a business center, bar, and spa.

Address: Kadru Main Road, Diversion, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001.

Phone Number: 0651 660 2222

Website: https://www.radissonhotels.com

Price of a room per night: INR 4200.

2. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is a four-star property that is located quite close to Ranchi railway station. Not only does it have fantastic rooms and a banquet hall, but also, it has a business center and luggage storage room. The travel desk of the hotel will help you in planning your entire trip to Jharkhand quite easily. As the establishment has a famous in-house restaurant, you will get to try a wide variety of delicious delicacies while staying there. There is also a bar and a gorgeous law located in the premises of the property where you could truly relax.

Address: Mahatma Gandhi Marg, near Punjab Sweet House, Maulana Azad Colony, Hindpiri, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001.

Phone Number: 0651 233 1331

Website: http://www.capitolhotels.in/

Price of a room per night: INR 3000.

3. Chanakya BNR Hotel

Spread over an area of five and a half acres, Chanakya BNR is one of the most sought-after hotels in Ranchi. As the hotel is located quite close to Ranchi airport, the area surrounding it is pretty peaceful. The hotel provides a great sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a fitness center, swimming pool, outdoor pool, and luxurious rooms, Chanakya BNR is a great place to stay while exploring Jagannath temple. Moreover, the hotel is located only 9 km from the temple. So, you will have no problem finding it. Apart from all the amazing features, this establishment also has an in-house restaurant and a bar. They are quite famous in Ranchi.

Address: Station Rd, Sirom Toly, Kishan Singh Colony, Gosaintola, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001.

Phone Number: 0651 660 6460

Website: http://www.chanakyabnrranchi.com/

Price of a room per night: INR 3700.

Ranchi Jagannath temple might not be as big as the Puri Jagannath temple, but it is immensely popular among the people of Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal. If you want to see the culmination of both history and architecture, you will find the trip to Ranchi Jagannath temple quite enchanting. We hope you will have no problem with planning your trip to Ranchi by reading this blog. So, without wasting much time, start packing for your trip!

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