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Visit Naulakha Temple: The Pride of Jharkhand

Visit Naulakha Temple: The Pride of Jharkhand (2022)

Deoghar is one of the most important and spiritual places in Jharkhand. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is the presence of Vaidyanatha Dham, but there are other monuments located over there that are of equal significance. The Nau Lakha temple is another temple located in Deoghar that is not only religiously significant over there but also, famous for its architecture.

Nau Lakha temple is located pretty close to the aforementioned Baidyanath temple and it is immensely beautiful. Nau Lakha temple in English means a temple that has been built by spending nine lakh rupees or nine hundred thousand rupees. Now, it is true that the cost to construct this temple was around nine lakh rupees. Visit Naulakha Temple: The Pride of JharkhandImage Source:

Apart from being breathtakingly beautiful, the Nau Lakha temple is religiously significant. As the temple is dedicated to Radha and Krishna, it garners a lot of Hindu pilgrims throughout the year. The Nau Lakha Mandir was constructed under the commission of Rani Charushila Ghosh. She belonged to the famous Pathuria Ghat Royal Family of Jharkhand. If you have ever visited any Ramkrishna Mission in your life, you will notice the architectural similarities of the Nau Lakha temple to them quite vividly. The primary design of the temple was inspired by the Ramkrishna Mission in Belur in West Bengal. One of the main reasons why the queen constructed this temple was to overcome her grief of losing her husband and son. She lost her husband, Akshay Ghosh, and son, Jatindra Ghosh quite early in her life. It was a saint named, Balananda Bhahmachari who guided her to begin construction of Nau Lakha temple.

The Naulakha Temple is so beautiful that people from different parts of the world visit Deoghar to witness it. Even if you are not that religiously inclined, you will find the Nau Lakha temple to be quite captivating. If you are interested in visiting there, you will find a lot of help by reading this blog. Here, we will provide you with all the important information regarding the temple.

Important Information Regarding the Naulakha Temple

As we have mentioned earlier, the Nau Lakha temple was constructed under the patronage of queen Charushila Devi. She was absolutely devastated after the death of her husband and her son. That is why she started staying at the Ashram of the saint Balananda Brahmachari to seek solace from her grief. While staying over there, Saint Balananda told her to construct a temple and she started the construction right after hearing this. Engineer Sri Kali Das Ram visited Deoghar from Kalighat to start the construction process of the temple. Finally, the Nau Lakha temple was constructed in 1940.

Important Information Regarding the Naulakha Temple

Image Source Photo Credit – Roshan Kumar

Now, it is one of the widely visited places in Deoghar. Not only the monument but also the area surrounding it is quite beautiful. As the temple has a beautifully landscaped lawn surrounding it, you will find the entire setting quite enchanting. The temple is opened from 7 am to 12 pm during the day and from 2 pm to 7 pm in the afternoon and evening. If you want to explore the temple and its surrounding area easily, it will be better for you if you visited there during the daytime. You must remember that videography as well as photography is not allowed inside the temple.

Reaching Nau Lakha Temple

The Nau Lakha temple is located in Deoghar and it is located approximately 1.5 km from the main city center of Deoghar. Moreover, the temple is situated only 6.7 km from Deoghar Junction. The Deoghar railway junction is well connected to major Indian cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and others.

If you plan to travel by flight, then the distance between the nearest airport to Deoghar and Nau Lakha temple is around 253 km. That airport is located in Ranchi. So, to reach Deoghar from Ranchi airport, it would take you approximately six and a half hours.

Perfect Time To Visit Nau Lakha Temple

Deoghar can be visited at any time of the year, but it is more comfortable during the winter months from November to March. But to get the actual essence of the Nau Lakha temple, you will have to visit there during the time of Krishna Janmashtami and Radha Ashtami. Both these festivals take place in August. The entire Mandir gets decorated beautifully and Hindu pilgrims from different parts of India gather there to worship the deities.

You will have a great time exploring Deoghar at the said time. But you should be warned that the entire region gets pretty crowded at that time. In case you are more interested only in the architecture of the temple, try visiting there between December to March to explore the area comfortably.

Some Famous Places To Visit Near Naulakha Temple

The Nau Lakha temple is located in such a locality that it has a lot of interesting sightseeing spots in its vicinity. In the following section of the blog, we are mentioning the top sightseeing places near the temple for your convenience.

1. Nandan Pahar

Located only 3 km from Deoghar, Nandan Pahar is one of the most scenic locations in Deoghar. The site is not only famous for its scenic views but also, for the presence of a lot of important Hindu temples. When you will go there, you will get to see several temples dedicated to important Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Ganesh, Kartik, Shiva, and Parvati. Most people love visiting there during the time of sunset as the panoramic view at that time is overwhelmingly gorgeous. Moreover, the adjacent children’s park located over there is a great place for families. You can have a great and peaceful picnic with your loved ones in the park.

Famous Place To Visit Near Naulakha Temple-Nandan Pahar

Image Source Photo Credit – Sandeep Zone

The distance of Naulakha Mandir to Nandan Pahar: 6.2 km.

2. Satsang Ashram

Built-in the South-West part of Deoghar, Satsang Ashram is one of the most sacred places for the devotees of Thakur Anukul Chandra. Even though the Ashram is directed towards the disciples of the famous saint, you can also explore it during your trip to Deoghar. The architecture as well as the setting of the Ashram is quite beautiful.

Nowadays, most people visit the Ashram while visiting Deoghar. The Ashram was built in 1946 and it has been active since then.

The distance of Naulakha Mandir to Satsang Ashram: 2 km.

3. Hathi Pahar

Hathi Pahar is yet another location in Deoghar that has both natural beauty and religious significance. From the name, you can understand that Hathi Pahar is a hill that looks like an elephant. If you reach there, you will see that there is a Hindu temple located. That temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Apart from the religious significance, the view from the hillock is quite beautiful. You will get a panoramic view of Deoghar pretty well from there.

Top Place To Visit Near Naulakha Temple-Hathi Pahar

Image Source Photo Credit – Hathi Pahar Mahadevatari B.Deoghar

The distance of Naulakha Mandir to Hathi Pahar: 2.7 km.

Best Places To Stay Near Naulakha Temple

Deoghar is a bustling tourist spot. So, it is quite natural that there are a lot of widely known hotels located there. In this blog, we are sharing with you the best hotels located near Nau Lakha temple.

1. GenX Rameshwaram

GenX Rameshwaram is one of the most highly-rated hotels located in Deoghar. As the property is situated right by Deoghar bus terminus, you will be able to visit the Nau Lakha temple quite easily from there. All the rooms in the hotel are quite luxurious given their prices. Moreover, the hotel comes with a good restaurant that is quite popular for serving Continental cuisine.

The hotel is so reasonable that you will be quite surprised by the service offered over there. If you are planning on staying in Deoghar for a few days, GenX Rameshwaram is a great option for you.

Address: Court Road Behind Government Bus Stand, Williams Town, Jharkhand, Deoghar.

Phone Number: 6432 240 888.

Website: http://www.1589hotels.com/

Price of a room per night: INR 1500.

2. Jashoda International

Jashoda International is one of the most coveted hotels located near the Nau Lakha temple of Deoghar. Along with well-maintained rooms, this hotel comes with a fantastic terrace and a beautifully landscaped garden. Even though this property is a bit pricey, you will find it quite worth it.

If you stay there you will get a free parking spot.

Address: Baidyanathdham Station Road, Near Tower Chowk, Deoghar, Jharkhand 814112.

Phone Number: 090512 11000.

Website: http://www.yashodainternational.com/deoghar

Price of a room per night: INR 1000.

3. Hotel Shivam International

Hotel Shivam International is a great property located in Deoghar that is affordable yet luxurious. As the hotel is located at the heart of Deoghar, you will be able to explore the town quite easily by staying over there.

As the hotel comes with an in-house restaurant, you will be able to enjoy delicious meals in the comfort of your room.

Address: Williams Town, Deoghar, Jharkhand 814112.

Phone Number: 070047 82950.

Website: Not available.

Price of a room per night: INR 1000.

In this blog, we have tried to include all the important information regarding the Nau Lakha temple. Apart from the said places located near it, there are some other famous sites present over there as well. Some of them are Baidyanath temple, Trikut Pahar, Ramkrishna Mission, and others. You will have a great time exploring the nooks and corners of Deoghar. So, without wasting much time, start planning your trip to see the majestic Nau Lakha temple right now.

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