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Uttara Karnataka Cuisine

10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka (2024)

India is one diverse country where each state has their own unique features, monuments, cultures and even cuisines. When it comes to Karnataka, this Indian state has gradually become one of the popular vacation destinations among travellers from across the country. If you are not yet aware about Karnataka cuisine, then you will probably be surprised to know that the cuisines of Karnataka include a variety of dishes of several different regions as well as communities of the state. Though there may be a wide variety of different cuisines within the state, one thing that remains common in all of them is their delicious taste. There are several options available in seafood in various parts of the state as well. If you wish to know more about the different types of cuisines of Karnataka, then you have arrived at just the right place. In this article, we have researched and brought for you valuable information about the mouth – watering cuisines of Karnataka. Continue reading!

10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka

  1. Uttara Karnataka Cuisine: Also known as North Karnataka cuisine, this cuisine encompassing the northern region of Karnataka offers a diverse collection of dishes. Owing to the dominance of the vegetarian Lingayat community in the region, the cuisine for most part offers vegetarian dishes. You will find that most of the dishes of Uttara Karnataka cuisine are based on wheat and jowar. Along with jolada rotis made up of jowar and wheat, the meal usually consists of several kinds of delicious curries and palyas as well. Palyas are made up of sauteed vegetables and are seasoned with a variety of spices. Uttara Karnataka Cuisine Image Source
  2. Karwar Cuisine: If you have researched even a bit about the Indian state of Karnataka, then you would already know that Karwar is a popular tourist hub. Other than its plethora of attractions, the place is considered as a paradise for the food lovers. Karwar cuisine is mainly a delight for all those who like to relish seafood. In fact, the local cuisine of the place is almost symbolic to the seafood variety. The main ingredients that one can find in almost all of the cuisines of Karwar are rice, cashews and coconut. Some of the popular dishes which are often loved by people from all over the country include Masli Kadi, Bangada fry, chilli squid, rice dosa, Karle Ambat, oysters and clams.
    Best Cuisines of Karnataka-Karwar Cuisine
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  3. Udupi Cuisine: This is a cuisine of South India that is named after Udupi, a city on the southwest coast of India. It is said that the Udupi cuisine was founded by Madhvacharya in the Tulu Ashta Mathas of Udupi. This cuisine of Karnataka mainly comprises dishes that are primarily made up of grains, vegetables, beans and fruits. The cuisine offers a wide variety and range of dishes. Most of the dishes are made using locally available ingredients only. Some of the prominent elements of the Udupi cuisine menu are Saaru, mango pickle, red chillies, ajadinas and a wide variety of lip – smacking chutneys.
    Cuisines of Karnataka-Udupi Cuisine
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  4. Mangaluru Cuisine: Largely influenced by the South Indian cuisine, this cuisine of Karnataka includes several dishes that belong exquisitely to the diverse communities of the region. Some common ingredients which find place in most of the Mangalorean dishes are ginger, coconut, curry leaves, garlic and chili. Since Mangalore is a coastal town, one can find a lot of variety of seafood in the area. In fact, fish forms the staple diet of most of the local people. Some of the most popular dishes you can consider trying are Masala Dosa, Kori roti, Chicken SUkka, Neer Dosa, Patrode, Kadubu and a lot more!
    Mangaluru Cuisine- Karnataka Cuisines
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  5. Kodagu or Coorgi Cuisine: For a long time, Coorg was a quite inaccessible piece of land and hence it became important for the locals to make a good use of their local ingredients and spice. As a result, the cuisine so formed was like no other. Some of the common ingredients which you will get to taste in most of the authentic dishes of the cuisine are the bamboo shoots, Kachampulu, rice, fruits and vegetables. Other than its food, the place is immensely popular for its coffee too. Rice being a staple food in the area, some of the common dishes you can find here include Koovale Puttu, steamed puttus, Nooputtu, Pandi curry and so on.
    Karnataka Cuisines-Kodagu or Coorgi Cuisine
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  6. Mysore – Mandya Cuisine: Like most of the South Indian dishes, Mysore cuisine is also mostly based on rice. If you were thinking that Mysore cuisine ends at just simple dosa and idli, then you are highly mistaken. Though idli and dosa form an important part of the cuisine of Mysore but other than that there are a lot of other varieties as well. Some of the common dishes in an authentic Mysore meal are potato filled dosa, semolina dosa, sambar, coconut chutney, onion chutney, thatte idlis, uppittu, puri palya, vada, kesari bath, uthappam and a lot more. There are a range of rice dishes, cereal salads as well as yummy desserts to form a full – fledged meal.
    Best Cuisines of Karnataka-Mysore – Mandya Cuisine
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  7. Dakshina Kannada Cuisine: As far as dakshina Kannada cuisine is concerned, there is a lot of variety available. Some of the popular dishes belonging to the Tuluva community of the district are Bangude Pulimunchi, Boothai Gasi, Neer dosa, Kori rotti and Kadubu. The list does not end here. Some of the other specialties of the Konkani community include Val val, Kadgi chakko, Malpuri, Chane gashi and Golibaje. There is a lot of variety available in seafood as well. Other than just main dishes, one can even find a lot of other food accessories with which the dishes are served including delicious chutneys and pickles.
    Dakshina Kannada Cuisine, karnataka
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  8. Malnad Cuisine: Spanning over the Sahyadri mountain range and covering a variety of districts of the state, Malenady is a well – known region. Starting from its geography to its lifestyle, there are plenty of factors which make this place exceptional. Though you may not be aware, another thing that sets this place apart from the rest is its remarkable cuisine. Be it the wholesome delicious meals, lip smacking chutney, tangy pickles or crunchy snacks, this cuisine of Karnataka provides all for you. It is one of the unsung culinary gems of Karnataka. The main characteristics of the cuisine is the use of fresh vegetables, freshly grounded masalas, local ingredients and rich aromatic spices. You will find most of the dishes of Malnad cuisine have excessive use of local produce and ingredients such as Colocasia leaves, raw jackfruit, turmeric leaves, tender bamboo and jaggery.
    Malnad Cuisine, Karnataka
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  9. Ballari- Raichur Cuisine: When it comes to Raichur cuisine, it is not just your typical dosa or idli. If you order a complete typical lunch thali, then it comes with a variety of options. Usually, the options you get in a typical thalli are different types of local dishes as well as other accompanying items like salad, pallia, pickle, chutneys and dals. Sometimes, you also get curd, bread, curries, rice, curd rice and a delicious sweet dish to complete the meal. The best part that all of the foodies love about this cuisine of Karnataka, is that almost all of the dishes you get here are not only pretty healthy but are also made with minimal use of oil. Some of the frequent ingredients you will find in the cuisine are jowar, rice, garlic, peanuts and wheat.
  10. Davangere Cuisine: Though the Davangere culinary culture is majorly south Indian but it is an ideal mix of north and south cuisines of Karnataka. Some of the staple foods of North Karnataka such as Jowar roti, Ragi Mudde and South Karnataka delicacies like rice akki roti are commonly consumed here too. Some of the culinary specialities of the cuisine are Benne Dosa, Kara mandakki, Mandakki Uppittu, Avalakki, Rice bath and so on. Guladiki Undi is the popular dessert of the place.

FAQ’s on Karnataka Cuisine

Q1. What are the famous dishes of Karnataka?

Ans. Though there is a lot of variety available in cuisines of Karnataka but nothing tops the variety of dosas, rice bath and idli.

Q2. What is the popular sweet of Karnataka?

Ans. There are multiple options when it comes to desserts in Karnataka cuisine, but the love people have for classic Mysore Pak is what makes it the signature sweet of Karnataka.

Q3. Are only vegetable dishes available in Karnataka cuisines?

Ans. No, there are multiple options available in both vegetarian as well as non – vegetarian dishes in the cuisine!

It is the combination of immense natural beauty, plethora of tourist attractions and its exquisite cuisine that makes the state of Karnataka an exceptional vacation destination. Make sure to have a taste of cuisines of Karnataka on your next visit to the state!

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