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Explore The Koppal Fort In Koppal District, Karnataka

Explore The Koppal Fort In Koppal District, Karnataka (2024)

When it comes to historical monuments and ancient forts, they are always a delight to explore. With their great architectural style, ruins, small details and untold stories, they hold a special place in your hearts. If you are also looking forward to exploring one great historical fort, then Koppal fort located in the Koppal district (Kopana Nagara) of the Indian state of Karnataka is a great option. Surrounded by hills on three sides, the Koppal town is believed to have a significant importance when it comes to the history of the Indian state of Karnataka. Its rich history is related to many royal kingdoms such as Hoysalas, Chalukyas, Gangas and Satavahana dynasties. It was in the Ashokan reign that the town significantly gained importance. Other than that, the town even houses the historical Koppal Fort. Though it is a bit unclear as to who built the Koppal fort, still it is considered as one of the top tourist places to visit in Karnataka. In this article, we have collected and brought for you all the necessary information about the place that you should know before visiting it. Continue reading!

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Structure & History Of The Koppal Fort in Koppal?

Koppal fort is one of the significantly important objects of historical interest located in the Kopal town in Karnataka. Located at a height of about 400 feet, this ancient fort is regarded as one of the strongest forts of the country. Hence, many people come to the Kopal town to visit this fort. Thereby making Kopal fort as one of the top tourist places to visit in Karnataka. Are you unsure about visiting Koppal fort? Are you still looking for more reasons as to why you should be visiting this ancient fort in Koppal town? If yes, then we understand your dilemma and hence have prepared a list of compelling reasons which may help you in making up your mind.

Structure & History Of The Koppal Fort in Koppal?
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  1. Rich Historical Past: Though it is still unclear who exactly constructed the Koppal fort, there are many stories circulating in the town that say that the fort was acquired in 1786 AD by Tippu Sultan from a Paleyagar of the Marathas. It is believed after acquiring the fort, Tipu Sultan strengthened the fort. He rebuilt the fort under the guidance of French engineers and thus made Koppal fort into one of the strongest forts in the entire country.
  2. Appreciative Legends: The Koppal fort was besieged by the forces of the British as well as the Nizam army in the year 1790. However, it is believed that the strength of the fort was so remarkable, that it was even appreciated and praised by the British forces themselves.
  3. Architectural Marvel: Other than the fact that the Koppal fort is one of the strongest forts, the construction of the fort is too complex and applause worthy in general. It is said that there are two forts inside the entire fort complex. While exploring the fort, you can come across several unique ways of preserving rainwater, walls in the guise of a dam across the gully and several interesting inscriptions.
  4. Ruins and Temples: Just outside the Koppal fort walls, there is a water tank known popularly as Moti Talab. Just above the water tank, one can find a few ruins probably of a mosque and two temples. Out of these temples, one of them is dedicated to Yellammadevi and all of the rituals are still carried out here regularly.

The Koppal Fort Timings

As such there are no specific opening hours or timings for visiting Koppal Fort. You can visit this popular tourist place in Karnataka whenever you wish. However, due to safety concerns most of the travellers come to visit the Koppal Fort between 6 AM till 6 PM. You can visit it on all days of the week.

What Is The Best Way To Reach The Koppal Fort In Koppal?

You will be pleased to know that the Koppal town is a very well – connected place. Hence, as far as travelling issues are concerned you can be rest assured. The town is accessible by multiple modes of transports easily. You can reach Koppal Fort by:

  1. By Air: The nearest airport to reach the Koppal Fort is the Jindal Vijaynagar Airport. It is located at a distance of about 72.3 km from the Koppal Town. Another nearest airport to reach the Koppal Fort is the Hubli Airport. This airport is located approximately 123.4 km away from the Koppal town. You can hire a taxi or take a cab to reach the destination from the airport.
  2. By Rail: The nearest railway station to reach the Koppal Fort are Bangalore and Hubli. These railway stations provide plenty of trains connecting Koppal to many major cities of the country. No matter whichever railway station you choose, from the station you can take a taxi or cab to reach Koppal fort.
  3. By Road: Koppal town is well connected via roads as well. Bus services are easily available. Buses run between Koppal and Bangalore as well as to many other important cities in the state of Karnataka on a regular basis. If you are interested, you can even go by your personal vehicle.

Best Time To Visit The Koppal Fort

Since Koppal fort is open always, there is no restriction on the visitors upon when they should visit and when not. However, when it comes to the best experience it is recommended that you don’t visit the Koppal fort during summer season as the scorching heat will make it a bit difficult for you to go sightseeing, exploring and hiking the fort. Moreover, prefer to go during early morning hours to make the most out of the trip.

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What Are The Different Places To See Near The Koppal Fort?

Since there are plenty of tourist attractions in Karnataka that lie closely to the Koppal fort, you will never have a dull moment. Some places you can consider visiting are:

  1. Kukanoor: Located close to the Koppal fort, this place is popular for housing temples back from the times of the Rashtrakutas and Chalukyas, also the Navalinga group of temples which is even a UNESCO world heritage site.
    Place To See Near The Koppal Fort-Navalinga Temples, Kukanoor
    Image Source
  2. Kinhal: Kinhal is located about 13 km away from the city of Koppal and is immensely popular for its traditional bright lacquer ware work.
    Amazing Place To See Near The Koppal Fort-Jaina Kashi, Kinhal
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Koppal town, also known by the name of Jaina Kashi is considered as a sacred and a religious place for Jain. However, its rich history and ancient forts are another reason for its popularity.

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