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Shopping in Mysore: Where to Shop and What to Buy? (2024)

Mysore is like the Elysian Fields for people who love to shop wherever they travel. The fact that Mysore is a shopper’s paradise gives more reason to the travelers to go to Mysore. There are many lively and vibrant markets with the zealous shopkeepers who give the guests a warm welcome. One can buy handicrafts like the dolls, incense sticks, sandalwood carved boxes and idols, the very famous Mysore silk sarees, and Mysore Pak for people with sweet tooth. The place has a lot to offer for everyone. The place has very famous eateries where people can enjoy the very famous Mysore masala Dosa amongst other food items.

Mentioned below are the famous things and the famous markets which offer the best things to buy, delectable food and sweets to eat among other things.

1. Mysore Silk Sarees

One of the best things you can buy from Mysore is a silk saree for yourself or to gift someone close. It is a perfect addition to the sarees collection and a beautiful thing to be added to the wedding trousseau. Mysore sarees with intricate zari work with the golden thread are a heart winner. The history of silk sarees dates back to the reign of

Tipu Sultan while the history states that the business of sarees and the existence of Mysore silk saree shops boomed in the twentieth century which never stopped.

Where to Shop and What to Buy?Mysore Silk Sarees

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Best place to buy an authentic Mysore silk saree is from the Government silk store in Mysore where one can see the workers working on weaving every single thread to create a beautiful saree. Actual gold leaves are used for the golden zari work. The prices can be a little on the higher side. However, you can get an authentic saree here.
The Government silk store is located at Ashokapuram in Mysore and is open between 10.30am to 8pm.

2. Mysore Pak

Another specialty that Mysore is famous for is everyone’s favorite Mysore Pak. A trip to Mysore is not justified if you did not eat Mysore Pak or bring it back home with you. It is a simple sweet made with flour, sugar and clarified butter also known as ghee. Make sure you indulge yourself with this delectable sweet.

Where to Shop and What to Buy?Mysore Pak

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The famous places to buy the best and most famous Mysore Pak is the Guru sweets mart. Another famous shop to buy Mysore Pak is Mahalakshmi sweets.

3. Sandalwood Products

Mysore has forests with sandalwood tress which make them a perfect spot to buy sandalwood products from. The government had formed Sandalwood oil factory back in 1914 where the tourists can see the entire process of extracting the oil from sandalwood. The tourists can buy sandalwood oil, sandalwood, perfumes, sandalwood incense sticks, sandalwood soaps from the factory. In addition to these items sandalwood carvings are also very famous. One can find sandalwood carving and sculptors of the deities which can be bought from Mysore.

Where to Shop and What to Buy? Sandalwood Products

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Other places to buy sandalwood items are the Gandhi market and Devaraja market in Mysore.

4. Mysore Paintings

If you have interest in Indian arts or arts in general, you would like to look at the famous Mysore paintings and would definitely like to bring them back home. These paintings are inspired from the richness of culture of Mysore and depict the heritage of the city. Mysore paintings are famously known as the Ganjifa paintings. The paintings can be easily seen at every local house at Mysore. You can find these paintings depicting the ancient art and culture, ancient traditions, deities, gods and goddesses, major events in history among other things. You will have a lot of choice to buy the paintings.

Where to Shop and What to Buy? Mysore Paintings

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Best place to buy Mysore paintings is Cauvery arts and emporium.

5. Sculptures

Another thing which connects to the history and culture of Mysore are the sculptures, there are many sculptures which adorn the beauty of palaces in Mysore including the Mysore palace. K Venkatappa has been a very famous sculptor who is very famous for his work and carvings on soapstone. One must but a stone carving from Mysore to decorate them at their homes or to keep them at the work desks. They are also very good gift items.

Where to Shop and What to Buy? Sculptures

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These sculptures will be found in every market in Mysore but the most famous place to but these sculptures is Mandi Mohalla in Mysore.

6. Rosewood Handicrafts and Artifacts

In addition to the sandalwood artifacts and stone carvings, rosewood crafts are also very famous in Mysore. Like sandalwood, this wood also became very famous during Tippu Sultan’s reign in Mysore. It is one of the possessions you buy at cheap as well expensive price in Mysore. You can find it while street shopping as well as at a mall.

Where to Shop and What to Buy? Rosewood Handicrafts and Artifacts

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The best place to buy Rosewood artifacts in Mysore is Cauvery Arts and Crafts Emporium.

7. Coffee Powder

Mysore has a very big coffee market. It has some fine coffee along with other cities in southern part of India. Trip to south India is incomplete without having the famous coffee. Trip to south India is not complete without one bringing back coffee from Mysore or coffee from nearly places like Coorg, Chikmagalur etc.

Where to Shop and What to Buy? Coffee Powder

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The best place to but variety of coffee in Mysore is the famous Gandhi market.

8. Incense Sticks

Sandalwood incense sticks also known as agarbattis in India are very famous in Mysore. They are produced in great quantities in Mysore because of the huge availability of sandalwood. Other varieties of incense sticks or agarbattis are also available including rose, lily, champak, and many more. Although they may seem like thin sticks of coal or mud, they are mood boosters with the beautiful fragrance just like candles.

Where to Shop and What to Buy? Incense Sticks

The famous market to buy agarbattis in Mysore is the Devaraja market.

9. Wooden Dolls

Wooden dolls also referred to as Channapatna Dolls by the locals are very famous in Mysore. Mysore palace has a an entirely separate gallery of these dolls in the entrance section. Channapatna is a small town between Mysore and Bangalore which is very famous for wooden items. Tourists can find these famous dolls and other wooden artifacts to buy from this town. Along with artifacts household items made of wood can also be bought like wooden trays, bowls, glasses, trays, serving spoons etc.

Where to Shop and What to Buy? Wooden Dolls

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10. Khadi

Melukote is a very famous town about 50 kilometers from Mysore with is very famous for Khadi cotton textiles. Mysore is not only famous for its silk, but good quality khadi cotton can also be bought from Mysore.

Where to Shop and What to Buy? Khadi

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