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10 Must-Visit Places In Varkala (2023)

Kerala has a well-known reputation as a tourism destination. However, Varkala is sometimes overshadowed by the likes of Wayanad, Kochi, and Trivandrum. Indulge in all the finest that Kerala has to offer by visiting this destination.

Uninhabited islands like Ponnumthuruthu Island, noted for its unspoiled beauty, and the high cliffs that surround one of Kerala’s most prominent beaches, Varkala Beach, are just some of the region’s highlights.

Here are some of our favorite spots for you to visit in Varkala: Beaches and lakes and temples and backwaters. While you’re at it, jot down a couple of your favorites and take some pictures. Visit the nearest sites and make the most of your time in Varkala by taking advantage of your stay.

1. The Varkala Cliffs

Varkala beach is only 5 kilometers away from a distinctive red stone cliff that is a prominent Varkala tourist attraction. A wide variety of cuisines from across the globe are available at a number of outstanding restaurants located along the Cliff.

It’s known for its fresh fish dishes, particularly those made from locally caught fish. Shops selling gifts may be found in a local flea market in this popular area. While sipping on a hot cup of coffee, take in the brilliant colors of the dawn and sunset from your perch on the cliff overlooking the beach.

2. The Pilgrim Church of St. Sebastian

This church, built by Portuguese missionaries, is one of Varkala’s most important religious landmarks. This Christian pilgrimage site, located on the banks of Varkala’s backwaters, is well-known for its annual procession of Saint Sebastian. Every February, a parade resembling a feast is organized.

During the holidays, the cathedral transforms into a riot of color, drawing throngs of worshippers and non-believers alike. In addition to boats, sports, and stage entertainment such as dancing, theatre, and magic on stage, the church feast is attended by a large number of people from the surrounding region and is organized as a festival.

3. Kappil Beach

Located on Kappil Beach, Varkala’s Kappil Lake joins the Arabian Sea. A metalized road separates us from the lake, which is just across the street. For those who like photographing nature’s beauty, there are plenty of possibilities to do so on the beach, which isn’t very huge.

When looking at the beauty of Kappil Beach and Lake, search for images taken from above. The contrast between the peaceful lake and the raging sea is breathtaking. Vettekkada Beach is just a short distance away once you’ve explored both sides of the region. These accommodations are ideal for anyone who want some “me” time while traveling.

4. Janardana Swami Temple

Dedicated to Vishnu devotees, the Janardana Swami Temple has stood for more than two millennia. One of the most popular attractions in Varkala, it’s known as the South Varanasi and is on a hill overlooking the beach and is a popular destination for tourists. On the way, you may stop by and see it. This Varkala temple’s grounds are graced with a banyan tree that is decked with idols. Non-Hindus are not permitted to enter the inner sanctuary, although they are allowed to walk around the grounds and admire the temple’s front.

Arattu, a 10-day event in March and April, including nightly traditional dances. If you want to witness this and other vibrant processions, make your vacation plans around this time.

5. Chilakoor Beach

The Chilakoor Beach is about 15 kilometers from Varkala, passing through the state’s coastal hamlets. There are numerous nice resorts all along the beach that will make your stay more enjoyable. When you’ve traveled through picturesque towns, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas like those provided by the casuarina trees that line the shore.

Time seems to stand still as the sun sets over the horizon, leaving behind a pleasant evening on the beach and the promise of a new day.

6. Lighthouse of Varkala

Varkala Lighthouse, built in 1684 by the Britishers to aid ships from the UK in their navigation, is one of the top locations to see in Varkala. The 130-meter-tall lighthouse tower provides breathtaking views of the seashore from a bird’s-eye perspective. People come here to relax or enjoy a picnic throughout the day. It’s a popular location for photographers, as well. You’ll want to bring your camera with you to Varkala Lighthouse.

7. Fort Anjengo

Varkala’s Anjengo Fort is a must-see historical site. Varkala Beach in Kerala, India, is home to a beautiful architectural wonder. Coconut grooves have been placed to the shorelines of the Fort to enhance the beauty of the site.

The East India Company is reported to have established its first trading post in Kerala at the old Anjengo Fort. There were just five coconut palms in the vicinity when the fort was named Anjengo or Anjuthgu.

It’s a great place to have a picnic or watch the fisherman as they go about their business, according to centuries-old traditions and practices, amid the peaceful surrenders of the Fort.

8. The Sarkara Devi Temple

Sarkara Devi Temple, one of the region’s most revered shrines to Goddess Bhadrakali, is a must-see while in Varkala. The Kaliyoot festival, which takes place in March, is undoubtedly well-known. In this event, the figurines of Bhadrakali and Darika symbolize the good and the wicked. In addition, the Meenabharani celebration is held for 10 days, during which the Goddess is transported to the Bhagavathy Palace on five elephants.

9. Sivagiri Mutt

Varkala’s Sivagiri Mutt sits on top of 200 acres of mountainous land and is the only charming holy spot to visit in Varkala. Thousands of individuals have found it to be a source of spiritual nourishment throughout the years. As a result of his admiration for Varkala’s wide-open terrain and peaceful atmosphere, Sree Narayana Guru chose the Sivagiri Hills to house the commune.

As the Saradha (Saraswathi) Temple has an octagonal form, the prayers may be offered as per the devotees’ taste, some choose religious songs, while others chant. The area is remarkable because of the teachings and spiritual atmosphere.

10. Kaduvayil Juma Masjid’s Architecture.

The Kaduvayil Juma Masjid, built in memory of Saint Kaduvayil Thangal, is a major religious site for Muslims in the area. Tourists flock to this mosque for its beautiful architecture and the sense of purity and divinity it exudes. This is a must-see if you’re looking for tranquility.


Varkala is a serene seaside town where nature and spirituality harmoniously coexist in perfect harmony. As such, if you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, we strongly recommend that you visit the places mentioned above in Varkala.

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