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Experience Tranquility at These 8 Best Beaches Near Wayanad (Within 150 km)

Experience Tranquility at These 8 Best Beaches Near Wayanad (Within 150 km) (2024)

Known for its mesmerizing natural beauty, Wayanad attracts thousands of nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts every year from all over the country. Located at a high altitude on the Western Ghats, this district in God’s Own Country lets you rejuvenate amidst lush green valleys. Apart from having mountains, Wayanad is home to some of the most serene sea beaches as well. In this article, you’ll get to know more about the best beaches near Wayanad.

Experience Tranquility at These 8 Best Beaches Near Wayanad (Within 150 km)

1. Kappad Beach: Located approximately 84 km away from Wayanad, Kappad beach is known for its striking natural beauty. The history of this beach goes way back to 1498. Vasco-da-Gama first arrived at this beach during his journey to discover India. Today Kappad beach stands as a popular tourist attraction among visitors. Earlier this beach used to be predominantly a fishing village. The nearby area is known for producing quality spices in the country. Being home to different plants and trees, the spice production centre here is one of the leading sources of spice in India. There are multiple resorts and hotels near the beach that perfectly cater to the need of tourists that visit this gorgeous beach with their friends and family.

Kappad Beach-Best Beach Near Wayanad

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2. Kozhikode Beach: Situated 85 km away from Wayanad, Kozhikode beach is one of the best beaches near Wayanad. This mesmerizingly beautiful beach was also visited by Vasco-da-Gama who even selected this place for trading spices. During your visit here, you should definitely make time to visit the nearby sight-seeing points. One of the most popular nearby attractions is the Dolphin Point from where you can spot the dolphins in the sea. Built a hundred years ago, the historic lighthouse here enables you to capture the gorgeous view of the entire beach. The nearby Lion’s Park is also a popular tourist destination among those who visit Wayanad with their kids. Taking you away from the noise of urban life, this beach gives you the much-needed peace that you have been looking for.

Kozhikode Beach-Best Beach Near Wayanad

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3. Mahe Beach: Located 100 km away from Wayanad and 75 km away from Calicut International Airport, Mahe Beach is one of the most popular sea beaches in the district. Popularly known for the nearby fishing villages, this beach is home to several hamlets as well. The beach here adorns itself with the lush greenery of the surrounding palm and coconut trees. Because of the nearby fishing villages, you’ll be able to taste some of the most delectable fish dishes here. During your visit here, don’t miss the spectacular sunset and sunrise. Allowing to create memories forever, this beach is the perfect spot to experience solitude. The nearby resorts and hotels solve your accommodation problem while the cafes make it easier for you to take yourself on a gastronomic journey.

Mahe Beach-Best Beach Near Wayanad

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4. Payyambalam Beach: Located 121 km away from Wayanad, Payyambalam Beach is one of those beaches that you simply can’t miss during your visit to Wayanad. Having become popular among tourists, this beach unravels the best opportunity for you to experience gorgeous sands and the surrounding beauty of nature. The strict restrictions of the local government have helped this beach to be spotless. The palm trees across the beach make you feel at home away from home. You’ll be amazed to know that many films were shot here because of the dazzling natural beauty of the location. Being popular among couples and families alike, this beach satisfies your adrenaline rush too. You should consider going paragliding, parasailing, or windsurfing here. There are some five-star resorts and hotels that provide you with excellent accommodation options.

Payyambalam Beach-Best Beach Near Wayanad

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5. Muzhappilangad Beach: Located 113 km away from the town of Wayanad, Muzhappilangad beach is one of the best beaches that you’ll ever find near Wayanad. Spread across 5 km, this beach allows you to drive on the beach as well. You wouldn’t want to miss that experience for sure. Popular among tourists who love swimming, this beach adorns itself with black rocks present across the beach. During your visit here, don’t miss the Dharmadam Island which is located roughly 4 km away from the beach. This island is known for being the only green island in the entire country. The best time to visit the Muzhappilangad beach is the months between October and May since the weather remains extremely pleasant during this time.

Muzhappilangad Beach-Best Beach Near Wayanad

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6. Ezhimala Beach: Located 145 km away from Wayanad, Ezhimala beach is known for being surrounded by the gorgeous mountains that add to the beauty of the beach. The natural beauty is here simply breathtaking and you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to capture the mesmerizing view here. Adorned with trees and plants, this beach unravels the opportunity for you to rejuvenate and reinvigorate your soul. The plants on the beach are used to extract medicinal herbs. You’ll be amazed to know that Lord Buddha visited this beach once upon a time to preach Buddhism.

Ezhimala Beach-Best Beach Near Wayanad

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7. Beypore Beach: Located approximately 93 km away from Wayanad, Beypore beach in the Kozhikode district is known for attracting thousands of beach lovers every year. This beach used to be the port of trade once upon a time. You’ll be amazed to know that the Arabian merchants and Chinese travelers used this port to trade with the local dealers. During your visit here, don’t miss the chance to experience the 1500 years old shipbuilding industry. Also, you must try the Sharjah Shake here.

Beypore Beach-Best Beach Near Wayanad

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8. Ettikulam Beach: Located 151 km away from Wayanad, Ettikulam beach is one of the least visited beaches. Lying at the northern boundary of Kannur, this beach adorns itself with breathtaking textures created by the waves hitting the rocks. The Mount Deli Lighthouse here is 50 km away from the beach and continues to be a restricted area. This beach provides you with the opportunity to experience bluer sea and spot dolphins as well.

Despite being known for lush green valleys, Wayanad is a must-visit place for those who want to stay amidst nature for a couple of days. If you have some time to spare during your travel to Wayanad, you should definitely visit these nearby beaches to experience adventurous activities or simply soak in the fresh air. Plan your trip to these magnificent beaches near Wayanad and you’ll never regret it. Plan well ahead of time to enjoy your vacation at Wayanad.

Ettikulam Beach-Best Beach Near Wayanad

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