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The Wayanad Gate - Best Restaurant to Try in Wayanad

Best Street Foods Dishes & Restaurants of Wayanad (2024)

Located amidst the Western Ghats, Wayanad in Kerala is known for its tranquility and spectacular beauty. Besides offering scenic views filled with enchanting forests, Wayanad is also known for its delectable street foods. Filled with distinct flavors, the street foods here attract thousands of food lovers every year from different parts of the country. Let the foodie in you have a unique experience as you try these street foods and the best restaurants during your visit to Wayanad.

Best Street Foods Dishes of Wayanad

  • Fish Moilee: You just can’t complete your Wayanad experience without tasting the Fish Moilee. Known for its heavenly taste, this fish curry is worth giving up your diet. Made with fresh fish, this dish adorns itself with ingredients such as mustard seed, turmeric, curry leaves, and coconut milk. During your stay in Wayanad, you should definitely try this fish curry with the Gandhakasala rice which is the original cultivation of Wayanad. Fish Moilee - Best Street Foods Dishes of Wayanad Image Source
  • Then Nellikka: Being one of the most important tribal delicacies in Wayanad, Then Nellikka is astoundingly simple. Well, if you are getting confused about what this dish is, Then Nellika is nothing but gooseberries with honey. It is made with the finest gooseberries produced in Wayanad. After being preserved in honey for a duration of eight months, these berries soak in all the honey. Often available in the form of candy, Then Nellikka is perfect for rejuvenating your taste buds.
  • Kattu Soup: Kattu Soup is another gem that the tribal cuisine of Wayanad takes pride in having. While you might be thinking of a simple soup, Kattu Soup is far away from simple in terms of ingredients. Made with raw mango pulp, chicken, tapioca, and fish, this soup is known for its medicinal properties as well. Many consider it as the Keralite alternative of porridge. Do try it yourself to understand its unique flavors better. Kattu Soup - Best Street Foods Dishes of WayanadImage Source
  • Nandan Beef: Nandan beef is that one dish that you can’t miss during your Wayanad trip. Keralites are known for their craftsmanship in making different beef preparations. Made with different spices, Nandan Beef comes with a thick gravy that is simply lip-smacking. You can try this with rice or paratha. The unique texture and taste of it will certainly leave you amazed.
    Nandan Beef - Best Street Foods Dishes of WayanadImage Source
  • Karimeen Pollichathu: Do you love fish? If yes, you must try this one. This fish preparation is made with fresh fish marinated with a number of ingredients. After being wrapped with banana leaves, it is steamed until it gets perfectly cooked. As you try the dish, simply unwrap the leaf, and you will soon find delicious fish melting in your mouth.
  • Chemmeen Unda Puttu: Better known as prawn dumplings, Chemmeen Unda Puttu is known for being one of the most popular dishes in Wayanad. Made with rich spices, this dish comes with delicious cakes. These cakes contain steamed rice and grated coconut as well. With prawn filling inside, these cakes are one of the favorites of the locals.
  • Malabar Biryani: Malabar Biryani is another dish that Wayanad boasts of. Popularly known as Thalassery Biryani, this dish is made with rice and is perfect for biryani lovers. Containing juicy chicken prepared with rich spices, this dish unravels the opportunity for you to take your tastebuds on a gastronomic journey.
  • Malabar Duck Roast: Want to experience the authentic taste of Kerala? You have to try the Malabar Duck Roast! Being full of flavors, this dish contains a roasted duck. The gravy that comes along with it contains numerous spices and provides you with the opportunity to experience a gamut of flavors.
  • Kadala Curry: Made with black chickpeas, Kadala Curry is one of the best dishes that you can try during your trip to Wayanad. Featuring a captivating aroma, this curry goes well with puttu and appam. Trying this dish will certainly redefine your overall Wayanad experience.

Best Restaurants to Try in Wayanad

Wayanad is home to several eateries where you can try all these local dishes. Some of the best eateries that you must try include:

  • ClayHut Restaurant: Known for offering authentic Kerala cuisine, ClayHut Restaurant unravels the best opportunity for you to experience the local delicacies. Served in a plantain leaf, the dishes here pave the path for you to experience the true taste of Kerala. ClayHut Restaurant - Best Restaurant to Try in WayanadImage Source

Location: Opposite New Bus Stand, Kalpetta, Wayanad

  • Green Gates Restaurant: Offering a wide variety of dishes from the Malabar cuisine, the Green Gates Restaurant is one of the best places to eat during your trip to Wayanad. With plenty of vegetarian and nonvegetarian options, you will find yourself at home here. Best Restaurant to Try in Wayanad - Green Gates RestaurantImage Source

Location: T.B. Road, Kalpetta, Wayanad, Kerala

  • Mirch Masala Restaurant: Known for creating a unique combination of healthy and delicious dishes, Mirch Masala Restaurant inside the Green Ginger Resorts is known for offering hygienic food at an affordable price.

Location: Melapoonchola, Old Vythri, Vythri Post, Wayanad, Kerala

  • Coffee Factory: If you want to refresh your senses with a cup of coffee, you should definitely visit the Coffee Factory at Kalpetta, Wayanad. Here you will be able to taste locally made cakes as well.

Location: Best Western Plus Ekobarn, Mandayapuram, Kalpetta, Kerala

  • The Wayanad Gate: Known for its friendly atmosphere, the Wayanad Gate is another excellent restaurant in Wayanad. This place is extremely popular among locals who want to rejuvenate their taste buds in a comfortable space. The Wayanad Gate - Best Restaurant to Try in Wayanad Image Source

Location: Near Chain Tree, Lakkidi, Wayanad

  • Malabar Restaurant: Offering delicious items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this restaurant is known for its ultimate craftsmanship. The courteous staff here strive to make your visit a memorable one.

Location: Vellamunda, Wayanad, Kerala

Made with natural produces, the local street food of Wayanad has distinctive flavors and is known for being made with rich spices. Try the local delicacies mentioned here. Let the memories make their way through your stomach. Also, try these restaurants listed above to get the best Wayanad food during your stay here. Creating a culinary album is absolutely essential during any trip, And, Wayanad gives you plenty of opportunities to do that. The priceless feelings of tasting these dishes will always be with you even after the trip ends.

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