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Roopmati Palace in Mandu - The Most Exciting Weekend Getaway From Bhopal

The 11 Most Exciting Weekend Getaway From Bhopal (2024)

Bhopal a tourism hub because of the various places of religious tourism and tourist interest that it is home to. While you can spend more than two days in Bhopal, some of the nearby locations and structures near Bhopal are on the most exciting traveling itineraries as well. Here’s a quick list of excellent weekend getaway from Bhopal. You can visit most of the destinations listed here via car and by road.

The 11 Most Exciting Weekend Getaway From Bhopal

Exciting Weekend Getaway From Bhopal are as Follows:

1. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

The Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is around 190 kilometers away from Bhopal, in Indore. Since this is a Wildlife Sanctuary, it’s everything for everyone, including a photographer’s haven, a great place for a light trek, and also for anyone who wants to spend some time with nature and greenery.

Some aspects to note, apart from the initial resting spots, there aren’t many in the Sanctuary. Also, the Sanctuary is home to wildlife and therefore has insects, birds, etc. You should dress so that your arms and limbs are covered and don’t stand the risk of an insect bite. You get an incredible view of the Sanctuary as you make your way through it. You see wildlife like the leopard, blackbuck, Sambar, Chital, Jarak, Bhedki, and others.
Most Exciting Weekend Getaway From Bhopal-Ralamandal Wildlife SanctuaryImage Source

The Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular tourist spot, so the hotels nearby are a bit pricier. You will get accommodation for about 2000 rupees like the hotel Riddhi Siddhi, the OYO Townhouse Gandhi Hall, and other hotels in the one-kilometer area.

2. Pench National Park

Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh is one of the most famous nature parks in India. It has a pop culture reference, as it finds a mention in the original The Jungle Book. Since then, the animals like the Sloth Bear, the Indian Wolf, the female Wolf, and the Royal Bengal Tiger are Baloo, Akela, Raksha, and Shere Khan. Pench National Park is one of the farthest locations on this list and is about 300 KM away from Bhopal.
Best Weekend Getaway From Bhopal-Pench National ParkImage Source

The Pench National Park is a premium tourist location, and the nearby hotels have a very high cost. Hotels like the Baghvan and the Regenta charge about 30000 rupees for a single day’s stay. Both these hotels are within a 5 km radius. Mowgli’s Den, which is about 5 km away from the Pench National Park offers accommodation at about 6000 per day.

3. Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

The Bhimbetka Rock Shelters are a popular archaeological site that is one of the oldest tourist locations in and around Bhopal. The actual place is about 50 KM away from Bhopal and dates back to the Mesolithic periods, making it a tourist location of historical importance. The Rock Shelters are a rare look at the pre-historic lifestyle, so this is a must-visit location near Bhopal.

The Bhimbetka Rock Shelters are in a secluded location. But, there are some hotels nearby that offer accommodation at cheaper rates.
Weekend Getaway From Bhopal-Bhimbetka Rock SheltersImage Source

Some hotels like the OYO Shivin Palace are at a distance of 16 minutes and offer accommodation for 1200 rupees. Then, you have the Hotel Silk Mandideep, which is half an hour away and charges 1500 rupees for a stay.

4. Raisen Fort

Raisen Fort is about 50 km away from Bhopal. The fort is famous because nobody could ever conquer it, even though conquerors tried to attack it more than twelve times. The Raisen fort is a bit of a trek. Most of the Fort is dilapidated, so you will not find shelter from natural aspects like the scorching sun, so come prepared accordingly. You will see ancient architecture, the beauty of the sculptures on the doors and walls, etc. If you are up for it, you can visit Raisen over the weekend and return to Bhopal. If not, there are hotels in the Raisen Fort vicinity. The nearest hotel is Hotel Amogh, which is just a three-minute drive from the fort.
Nice Weekend Getaway From Bhopal-Raisen FortImage Source

5. Ujjain

Ujjain is a must-visit tourist destination near Bhopal and is home to several temples in dedication to Lord Shiva. It is a must-visit city for those interested in religious tourism in India. In Ujjain, you can visit the Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple, which is among the twelve jyotirlingas. You can also visit the KalBhairav Temple, a unique temple dedicated to Lord Bhairav and a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Devotees believe that this deity looks after travelers. Ujjain has several hotels in its vicinity, like the Hotel Mittal Paradise, the Hotel Anushree, the Hotel Abika Elite, and others, all within 10 km of the city center.
Amazing Weekend Getaway From Bhopal-UjjainImage Source

Make sure that you visit Chintamani Ganesh Temple, the biggest Ganesha temple in Ujjain. Devotees consider that the idol here is a Syavambhu Ganesh Idol.

Ujjain isn’t just about temples. You can spend time at the Kaliadeh Palace, one of the few in India having a Persian influence on its architecture.

6. Vidisha

The town of Vidisha is just about 60 kilometers away from Bhopal and home to several tourist locations that will cater to all tourists, ranging from food bloggers to those fond of visiting historical and culturally important structures. It is an excellent choice for a weekend getaway from Bhopal.
Attraction Weekend Getaway From Bhopal-VidishaImage Source

Vidisha has the Udayagiri Caves, the Maladevi Temple, the HindolaTorana, the Udayeshwara Temple, and many other locations.

The nearby hotels are the Hotel Grand Ashok and the Hotel Surya. The hotels here offer accommodation for under 2000 rupees.

7. Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is another great weekend getaway from Bhopal. The roads are serene, beautiful and they take you to the Panchmarhi plateau, one of those places that have unsurpassed natural beauty. Panchmarhi is a secluded location, but there are some places nearby, like the Lover’s Point, the Panchmarhi Biosphere Reserve, the Shri PanchPandav Caves, the Begum Palace, the Butterfly Garden, and so many other must-visit destinations in Panchmarhi. Distance between Bhopal to Panchmarhi is 200 Kms.
Popular Weekend Getaway From Bhopal-PachmarhiImage Source

8. Sanchi Stupa in Sanchi

Sanchi is one quick drive away from Bhopal and is famous for the historical artifact, the Sanchi Stupa. The location is just about 50 KM away from Bhopal city and nearer to Vidisha. The Sanchi Stupa in Bhopal is one of the oldest stone structures in India. Experts concede that it dates back to 3 BC. The Stupa is one of the many Buddhist structures that exist in the country. The journey from Sanchi railway station to the Stupa itself is somewhat of a tedious journey. You will need to trek a bit, including climbing steps. The Government is maintaining the site well. Interestingly, the Sanchi Stupa makes an appearance in the new 200 rupee currency note.
Famous Weekend Getaway From Bhopal-Sanchi Stupa in SanchiImage Source

The Sanchi Stupa is a popular tourist location, and hotels in the vicinity offer accommodation at budget prices. All hotels are a bit further from the Sanchi Stupa, and the rates can be anything from 1000 to 1500 rupees.

9. Roopmati Palace in Mandu

Roopmati Palace is about 300 km away from Bhopal and famous worldwide for its beautiful forts, scenic locales, and stunningly beautiful forts. The Palace is on a hill, so there’s a bit of a trek involved. If you are lucky and are traveling in clear weather, you will be able to see the Narmada River, which is about 20 km away from the Roopmati Palace. It is possible because of the natural elevation and the strategic location that the Roopmati Palace has. Roopmati Palace in Mandu - The Most Exciting Weekend Getaway From Bhopal

Image Source

The Roopmati Palace is secluded, and the hotels around the Palace are at a distance. The hotel rates start from 1500 until 3000 rupees, depending on how close they are to the Palace. The Pavillion is a two-hour drive from Indore, and you will find several hotels in Indore.

10. Hoshangabad

Hoshangabad is on the Narmada Riverbank and one of the most beautiful and scenic locales in India. Hoshangabad is about 50 km away from Bhopal and makes for a great road trip option. Along with that, you have the Satpura Tiger Reserve and the Tawa Dam nearby. Hoshangabad is on the banks of the river Narmada, so you will be able to see beautiful, calming, and serene ghats all around, like the SethaniGhat. The SethaniGhat is a common fixture in Bollywood movies, and there are boating options available here too. Hoshangabad is also home to Adamgadh Caves, which experts concede to be from the pre-historic age. Another ancient structure here is the Hoshang Shah Fort, near the SethaniGhat. Hoshangabad has the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary too. This place is an great choice for a weekend getaway from Bhopal.
Top-rated Weekend Getaway From Bhopal-HoshangabadImage Source

There are some temples that you can visit here too. You will see several hotels offering accommodation on the way from Bhopal to Hoshangabad, and the charges range from 1000 to 2000 rupees. Some of the hotels that you will come across are the Hotel Silk Mandideep, Hotel Shubh Inn, Hotel Mark, and Club, etc. These hotels are at the end of Bhopal, and one of the few hotels near Hoshangabad is the Hotel Madan Palace.

11. Dhana

Tourists interested in adventure sports travel to Dhana, which is about 200 km away from Bhopal. Dhana is a popular spot for skydiving, paragliding, and other adventure sports. Dhana is in Sagar District.

These are some of the weekend destinations near Bhopal that are worth the while for every traveler and tourist. Bhopal is a popular tourist location, so there are several hotels in and around Bhopal that provide accommodation at the prices that one is comfortable with.

Bhopal connects well with the locations in India via road, rail, and air. Bhopal has an airport that has connecting flights to important cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore.

Bhopal connects well via rail, and several trains ply from Bhopal to other connecting cities. You can also travel to Bhopal via buses. Several private buses ply on this route, as well as the State transport routes.

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