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Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - Top Beach of Michigan

Top 10 Beaches of Michigan (2024)

When it is about Beach locations in the USA, the State of Michigan is counted amongst the top. Even though Michigan is not located on the coast but holds more than 3000 miles of coastline, all thanks to the Great Four lakes that border the State. The pristine beaches of Michigan are ideal for a summertime gateway where you can relax, swim, sunbathe, or indulge in some fun and adventure water activities.

Top 10 Beaches of Michigan

Michigan is home to beautiful beaches with white shining sand, aqua blue-striped water, adjoined with lush green forest and parks, and the towering sand dunes. The beaches here offer something for everyone, either you want to enjoy in a crowd or explore a secluded location. There are plenty of beaches in the State, out of which we have compiled a list of “Top 10 Beaches of Michigan”.

1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is one of the top-rated beaches of Michigan, a dream location that visitors cannot forget in their lifetime. It has a 60 miles long shoreline with a panoramic view of golden sandy beaches, lush green forests, an abundance of flora and fauna, and Lake Michigan’s clear & clean water. Lake Michigan is visible from the coastline in its real glory that can only be captured with eyes. The beach can be accessed from either Peterson Road, Esch Road, Tiesma Road, and Platte River Point. The beach is famous for swimming, trailing, resting under the sun, or lodging in the nearby resorts, motels, or bed-n-breakfasts.
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - Top Beach of MichiganImage Source

2. Saugatuck Dunes State Park Beach

Around 3 miles long shoreline, a secluded location, clear blue water of Lake Michigan, and over 200 feet tall sand dune together make the beautiful Saugatuck Dunes State Park Beach. Only accessible during the daytime, this beach location is full of adventures with steep slopes, rolling hills, substantial coastal dunes, numerous trails, and 1000 acres of State park lying alongside. It is a family-friendly beach that is only accessible via entry and ticket to the Saugatuck Dunes State Park. Due to the glorious state park, the beachside has an abundance of panoramic views where visitors can often capture tiny birds chirping sweetly.
Top Beach of Michigan-Saugatuck Dunes State Park BeachImage Source

3. Grand Haven Beach

Grand Haven is a classic summer beach and one of the most popular tourist spots in Michigan. Comprising in the property of a 48 acres state park, the entry to this beach side is open only till the day hours and with a state park ticket. The shores of Grand Heaven connect to a picturesque and iconic Broadway and a red lighthouse that a little walk further will lead you to the heart of the town. Visitors here can try various water activities, including swimming, surfing, or even kite boarding. There are numerous dining and lodging options with basic amenities available nearby.
Best Beach of Michigan-Grand Haven BeachImage Source

4. Orchard Beach State Park

Another beach side on the famous Lake Michigan is Orchard Beach. It is a beautiful location with more than 150 campsites, picnic facilities, paved sites for campers, a mini-cabin, and restroom buildings. Orchard Beach offers a fantastic view of Lake Michigan on one side and lush green trees covering the sandy pathways on the other. Some of the favorite water activities here include swimming, fishing, and even cross-country skiing during winters. The beach side is often populated due to being very famous amongst the locals of Michigan.
Attraction Beach of Michigan-Orchard Beach State ParkImage Source

5. Empire Beach

Beautiful Beach of Michigan-Empire Beach

Photo Credit: Michigan Drones Image Source

Counted amongst the one of the best Beaches of Michigan, the charming Empire beach lies Sleeping Bears lakeshore. It is a dog-friendly beach and is also a breading home to various local birds, in short, a paradise for bird watchers. The water here is peaceful and calm, thus excellent for swimming and spending a peaceful family time. There are few biking and hiking trails nearby, which are ideal for exploring the nearby forest and hills. The popularity of Empire beach draws substantial local as well as foreign crowd every year.

6. Caseville Beach

An eastern Michigan beach with great spots to play and dip in the waters is Caseville Beach, a must-visit vacation spot in Michigan. Located on Lake Huron, Caseville Beach is a family-friendly site with plenty of swimming and dipping spots in the calm and shallow water. The beachfront’s vast sandy stretches are ideal for lying down, relaxing, and witnessing the charming view of sunset when both sky and water are painted in shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple. Being there, you can often see the fishermen on the piers marking their target, or if your timing is right, you might also be the audience of random concerts going around near the beach side. For visitors who want to spend some days on the waterfront, there are several campgrounds, lodges, and resorts available as well. The beach side has a friendly and safe play area for kids as well.

7. Copper Harbor

A picturesque beach side in Michigan that turns tremendously beautiful in the Autumn is the Copper Harbor. Mining companies earlier used it to transport goods, but today it serves as a recreational point and commercially for ferrying visitors from Isle Royale National Park to northern Michigan. Copper Harbor beach has some world-class mountain trails and alluring scenic beauties, which made it quite a famous spot for pre-wedding shoots amongst the locals of the State. Across the beach is a classic lighthouse that one can add to their list of viewing. The beach side is ideal for relaxing and chilling down from the city’s hustle and bustle. Just make sure you take your camera along to capture some marvelous natural beauty.
Top-rated Beach of Michigan-Copper HarborImage Source

8. The Beach of Silver Lake Sand Dunes

The beach of Silver Lake Sand dunes is a hidden paradise and absolute heaven for individuals who want to spend some days in peace and rejuvenation. It is located in a secluded site, and getting to the beach is not an easy task. However, if you are a brave heart and ready for some thrill, you would have to go through around 2,000-acres of sand dunes between the beach and the lake. However, there are other ways available as well: a 45 minutes’ walk from the Silver Lake parking area to the beach or get an off-road vehicle and access over the dunes with some adventure. Although, the astonishing views during the walk or after reaching the site are worth all the efforts. Being there, you can just relax, swim, indulge in some boating activities, or play beach side golf.
Popular Beach of Michigan-The Beach of Silver Lake Sand DunesImage Source

9. Warren Dunes Beach

One of the top-rated beaches in Michigan, Warren Dunes Beach, attracts a million vacationers every year, including locals and foreigners. The clear water and large sand dunes give the site a rough look, which one cannot easily find in other beachy locations. The large sand dunes not only add to the overall view of the beachside but are fun to climb up and slide down (if you carry a sandboard along). Nearby the beach is a 2000 acres park with several exciting hiking trails and a massive sand dune. Being here, either dip into the water, play around the sand dunes, or capture the magnificent and epic landscapes that promises one of kind views.
Nice Beach of Michigan-Warren Dunes BeachImage Source

10. Cheboygan State Park Beach

A peaceful beach with a fantastic scenic location, the Cheboygan State Park Beach is the Best Beach in Eastern Michigan. The beachside has a lot more than just clear water, sugary sand, and sparkling sun. The site is filled with hiking excursions, beautiful trails, picnic spots, a playground, and beautiful parks. It is an ideal beachside where you can spend a long day with family while planting your canopy, building sandcastles, and enjoying the day peacefully under the sun. If you have plans for a staycation, you can easily find suites, campgrounds, and rustic cabins nearby.
Famous Beach of Michigan-Cheboygan State Park BeachImage Source

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