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Chikhaldara - Top Rated Weekend Destination from Amravati in Maharashtra

6 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations from Amravati in Maharashtra (2024)

Amravati is one of the most important cities in Maharashtra. It is famous for its farming background as well as the industries that are now upcoming. There are several tourist locations in the city, but for someone looking for weekend destinations that can be an escapade, Amravati has something for them too. Here’s a quick list of all the weekend destinations around Amravati.

6 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations from Amravati in Maharashtra

6 Top-Rated Weekend Destinations:

1. Chikhaldara

Chikhaldara is about 80 km away from Amravati and one of the most popular weekend getaways from Amravati. Chikhaldara has several tourist spots, ranging from hill stations, heritage sites, and even sites home to nature and wildlife. The most popular tourist location in Chikaldhara is the Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to several local and exotic animals, birds, and other flora and fauna. Chikhaldara isn’t only home to a Sanctuary, but home to two museums, Maharasthra Forest Rangers College and the Melghat Tiger Project. The college also houses fossils of pre-historic animals, something you don’t get to see every day. Chikhaldara - Top Rated Weekend Destination from Amravati in Maharashtra

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Another tourist location here is the Gawilgardh Fort, which experts say is more than 1000 years old. From the fort, you get an excellent view of the valley. In Chikhaldara, you should make it a point to visit Panchbol, a scenic location that gives you a stunning view of the valley below and five hills in the vicinity, and the coffee plantations nearby. Tourists maintain that you can hear five different types of reverberations of anything that you shout out here. Panchbol is, therefore, a must-visit weekend tourist destination near Amravati.

Chikhaldara has several tourist locations and therefore is a popular area with several hotels offering accommodation, like the hotel Vedanta, Hotel Utkarsha, Hotel Amruta Homestay, etc. These hotels work on the price band of anything between 1000 to 4000.

2. Sevagram

Sevagram is 140 km away from Amravati. It offers an insight into the lifestyle of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. Sevagram is popular among tourists and historians because the Mahatma and his wife, Kasturba lived in the huts here when the Mahatma set up the ashram. Sevagram Ashram helps tourists understand the life and times of people living in the pre-independence area. Sevagram is a popular weekend tourist destination near Amravati, and there are several hotels here. They work in the price range between 2000 and 6000. The hotels might be a distance from the actual Sevagram camp, so ensure that you have your travel options set. The various hotels are Yatri Nivas, Hotel Parth Inn, Hotel Vidhyadeep Inn, and others.
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3. Nagpur

Nagpur is also one of the cities near Amravati that offers excellent options for anyone looking for tourist places. One must-visit destination in Nagpur is the orange orchards. The other tourist locations here are Pench National Park, the famous Diksha Bhoomi, and Zero Pillar that has the distance to all the major cities in India engraved. Diksha Bhoomi is one of the few locations with political importance, as it was here that Doctor Babasaheb Ambedkar embraced Buddhism with more than 60000 followers. The historical importance of this place makes it a must visit weekend destination from Amravati You can visit the nearby Sitalbudi fort, more than 300 years old. Nagpur is about 150 km away from Amravati. There are several hotels here, including the OYO flagships that operate at a price range of about 1500 to 2000 rupees.
Best Weekend Destination from Amravati in Maharashtra-Orange Orchards,NagpurImage Source

4. Yavatmal

Yavatmal is another popular tourist destination among those looking to explore Maharashtra and its natural beauty. It is home to some tourist locations, like the Kinwat Wildlife Reserve, a rare opportunity to look at wildlife in its natural habitat, which makes a must-visit weekend tourist location from Yavatmal. The Wildlife Reserve offers you a jeep safari as well as a walking safari. Another destination to visit in Yavatmal is the Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. The third wildlife sanctuary that you can visit in Yavatmal is the Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary. So, all in all, you can spend about a week in Yavatmal, dedicating one day to these must-visit places near Amravati. Yavatmal is about 100 km away from Amravati. The various hotels that offer accommodation here are the Hotel Gyansons, Hotel Chintamani Deluxe, Hotel Makrand, and others. The hotels here offer their rooms for anything between 1000 and 3000 rupees.
Amazing Weekend Destination from Amravati in Maharashtra-Kinwat Wildlife Reserve, YavatmalImage Source

5. Akola

Akola is another popular tourist location in the Maharashtra area and is at a distance of about 102 kms from Amravati. Like most other places, Akola has an eclectic mix of forts, wildlife areas, and contemporary tourist interest places that makes it a must-visit weekend destination from Amravati. The three most famous forts in Akola are the Narnala Fort, the Asadgard Fort, and Narnala Fort, which is about two hours from the Akola railway station. Apart from these places, Akola is also home to the Narnala Wildlife Sanctuary, making it a complete tourist location for Maharashtra tourists. At the Narnala Wildlife Sanctuary, you will see animals like leopards, boar, porcupines, and other such wildlife. Akola has a couple of tourist locations, so some hotels offer accommodation.
Weekend Destination from Amravati in Maharashtra-Narnala Fort, AkolaImage Source

6. Wardha

Wardha is about 100 km away from Amravati and has several places of tourist interest. In and around Wardha, you can visit the Bor Wildlife Sanctuary, about 30 km away from Wardha station. Bor Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular sanctuaries in India. Every Sanctuary listed on this website is a haven for wildlife photographers, as they provide a rare chance to see the animals in their natural habitat, giving some incredible photo opportunities for wildlife photographers. Wardha is a popular tourist location, and you will find several hotels jostling for space in Wardha, like the Hotel Parth Inn, Hotel Centre Point, Hotel Ramakrishna.
Top Weekend Destination from Amravati in Maharashtra-Bor Wildlife Sanctuary, WardhaImage Source

These are the most famous weekend getaways from Amravati. Amravati connects well with almost all of the popular tourist locations in Maharasthra either by bus and train. Currently, the nearest airport is in Nagpur, though Amravati is all set to have its airport at Bellora, some 15 km away from the Amravati city.

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