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Kolaba Fort - The Place Where The Great Maratha Leader Kanhoji Angre Breathed His Last

Kolaba Fort: The Place Where The Great Maratha Leader Kanhoji Angre Breathed His Last (2024)

Kolaba Fort is in Alibag and is one of the most famous forts in the Mumbai area. The fort is a favorite of tourists and anyone who loves Indian history, heritage, and culture. Many tourists make it a point to visit it because of the fort and the various other places that they can check out in and around Alibag. If you plan on visiting this fort, you need to keep some information in mind. Read on to know what.

Historical Importance of Kolaba Fort

The Kolaba Fort is the place that the great Maratha leader Kanhoji Angre breathed his last. The fort has also experienced two fires. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj fortified the structure, but it fell in the hands of the British.

Historical Importance of Kolaba Fort

Photo by Abhiram Ka  Image Source

Structures Inside The Kolaba Fort

The Kolaba fort has some temples within its perimeter. The fort also has some cannons. A couple of them are dismantled and on the ground. Two of them are in an enclosure. But you get an idea of how they would be guarding the forts from the ramparts of the fort. The two cannons in an enclosure have markings that tell us about its make and other information. The fort has at least three freshwater wells for the water supply of the people living inside the fort.

Structures Inside The Kolaba Fort

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The walls and fortifications are still strong. You will see various carvings in the walls that show you the architecture and designing styles from the ancient times. You will see the carvings of various animals like peacocks, tigers and elephants. The Kolaba fort has a Hanuman temple and several others. You can also see the dargah of Haji Kamaluddin Shah inside the Kolaba fort. The other temples are that of Mahisashura and Padmavathi.

Kolaba Fort - The Place Where The Great Maratha Leader Kanhoji Angre Breathed His Last

Photo by Vikas Rana  Image Source

While these structures are visible, looking at the forts reminds us of one of the last symbols of the ancient Indian architecture. One of the most interesting carving is the one of two alligators, above a carving of Lord Ganesha, at one of the entrance doors. Experts believe that the two-alligator carving is not found anywhere else, in any fort in India. There are several such carvings all along the walls. All this makes Kolaba an important part of fort tourism in India.

Tourist Experience of Kolaba Fort

The Kolaba fort is on an island, which means that the only way to reach it is via the sea. You will find several motorboats at the shore, ferrying you to the Kolaba fort. This is one of the many naval forts, so there’s absolutely no trekking or hard climbing, all you need to do is hop into the motorboat You can explore the Kolaba fort on your own pretty easily as well. The fortifications are tall enough and can be easily accessed through stairs.

Tourist Experience of Kolaba Fort

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Taking a walk along these fortifications gives you a surreal and memorable view of the beachfront. If you visit it during low tide, you will be able to walk through the beach to reach the fort. If during high tide, you will need to take the motorboat. If the boat ride does not interest you, you can also hire a horse cart to ferry you from Kolaba fort to the beach. The Kolaba fort is big enough, and you will be able to spend about two hours exploring the fort.

If you are visiting the Kolaba fort during the summer season, remember that you are on an island and the sun will be the harshest. Make sure that you pack your sunglasses, a cap and sunscreen, as necessary.

Places Near Alibaug

Kolaba Fort is right at the Alibag shore, so the first place you can explore is the Alibag beach itself. Alibag has several beaches and the Alibag beach is immensely popular. It is perfect for an evening stroll as well as she watersports – as various vendors offer the water sports activities. All around the beach, you will find vendors offering fast food and local dishes, make it a point to taste them. Alibag Beach has some resorts around as well. If you plan to spend you weekend in Alibag, you will easily get a room for the weekend.

Kanhoji Angre Samadhi

Kanhoji Angre will forever connected with the fort. His tomb is just a few minutes away. Make sure that you spend some time at the tomb, thinking about the great leaders of their time who sacrificed everything for the sovereignty of the country.

Place To Visit Near Alibaug-Kanhoji Angre Samadhi
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Vrindavan Farm

If you would love to spend time among fruits, flora and fauna, head over to Vrindavan Farm, just about two kilometers from the Kolaba Fort. The farm is spread over 28 acres and you need to see to believe the various fruits, both seasonal and perennial that are available at the farm.

Nagaon Beach

The Nagaon Beach is another popular beach that tourists and locals flock to. The beach is famous for its cool, soothing sand, the lines and lines of trees that settle at its shoulder and the incredible view of the sunset.

Best Place To Visit Near Alibaug-Nagaon Beach
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How to Reach Kolaba Fort?

Kolaba Fort is in Alibag, which is well connected to Mumbai. From Mumbai, you can opt for a drive or a road trip in public transport. You can also take the more exciting route of a jetty, that leaves from the Gateway of India and drops you to Alibaug in under an hour. The ferry service drops you in Alibag in under two hours. The bus service will take about three hours. You can reach Alibag from Mumbai in a train as well. The train journey is about four hours.

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