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Film City in Goregaon, Mumbai

Film City in Goregaon, Mumbai: The Capital of the Hindi Film Industry (2024)

Mumbai is called the city of dreams and the capital of the film industry in India and with good reason. Mumbai is home to several production houses and locations, with the biggest of them being Film City in Goregaon. Film city is not just the hub of all movie shoots in Mumbai; it is also a tourist location. If you plan to visit Film City, read this article to know what to expect. The official name of Film City is Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari.

The Film City Experience

Film City is in Goregaon and is one of the few tourist locations that you cannot go by yourself. You will have to book a tour with the local operator. You need to take permission purely for security reasons, as many fans and even news reporters barge into the Film City to get a scoop on what’s shooting and who’s headed where. Film City in Goregaon, Mumbai

One pro-tip, if you are at the gates of Film City, you will see many touts who will claim that they can not only get you inside but also have you meet celebrities. These are scammers, and you should not believe in them. Either you book your tour online, or do not venture inside, it’s as simple as that.

Once you are inside Film City, the tour operator will take you through some of the most iconic sequences in Bollywood movies were shot. If there is a live shoot, you will get a chance to view the shoot, and it all gets impromptu after that. You never know, the casting director might spot you in the crowd!

While it makes for a great social media post that you visited the place where shootings take place, what you might get to see there totally depends on outside forces.

You will be surprised to see how guarded the film locations are. You will not get to go inside a studio or a live indoor shooting location, even if you are a star’s so-called biggest fan.

You cannot even go inside Film City unless you have an identity card of some kind. This decision is controversial, as many artists say that it no longer leaves acting a level playing ground for the lesser-known artists. The online reviews will be disappointing reads, but that is the reality of Film City, you cannot go in without permission.

A tour to film city might not be for everyone, but for a movie-buff, this is heaven. You will get to see some locations that were part of a movie. You are on a guided tour, so in some cases, the tour guides do not allow you to get down from the bus. So, it all depends on what kind of tour guide and operator you have.


The tour to Film City might be a disappointment but remember that Mumbai never disappoints. You will spend around a few hours in Film City, but you have the entire afternoon and evening to explore Mumbai, after all.

The Film City is a Government undertaking, but the tours to this area are the responsibility of a private company. These are usually bus tours that take you through the entire location.

Places Near Film City

If you are in Goregaon, you can take a train to Andheri and soak in the humdrum of the big city that’s Mumbai. Andheri is famous for its flea-market, Veera Desai Road, which has several production houses and being the hub of nightlife in Mumbai. Andheri also has the Infiniti Mall and Lokhandwala Complex. In the Infiniti Mall, you might again see some actors or celebrities. If you go to the food court in Infiniti Mall, you will see people sitting around and having in discussions. Most of these are scriptwriters, casting directors, and other production people talking to people they will probably work. And yes, you might see a TV actor waiting around, so he can meet a casting director on time. It is a surreal experience to see them go about their daily chores and being normal – like we are. Lokhandwala Complex was and still is a premium locality, where some celebrities still maintain houses. Do not be surprised if you see a TV actor or anchor as you cross the road – no jokes.  Best Place Near Film City - Infiniti Mall

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Done with the mall-crawling? You can head over to Juhu Beach and take in some of the most crowded scenarios in Mumbai. Juhu Beach is the beach to beat them all, with its clean beachfront and the dozens of options when it comes to food. Juhu Beach has several vendors selling the dishes that have made Mumbai all over Maharashtra and the world, like the Bhel, the Sevpuri, the Pav Bhaji, etc. The prices here might be equivalent to those in a full-blown restaurant, and not many of them accept digital payments.  Great Place Near Film City - Juhu Beach

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If you have had your share of celebrity spotting for the day and are still in Goregaon, you can head towards the North, to Malad. Malad West is home to several beaches, like the Dana Pani Beach, the Aksha Beach, and the Marve Beach. Malad West, Link Road is also home to some malls, you can have your fill of mall crawling. The Link Road area has some food franchises as well, so you can gorge on those delicacies during your visit.  Nice Place Near Film City - Marve Beach

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How to Reach Film City?

To reach Film City, you first need to reach Goregaon station and then take an auto or a bus. If you are traveling from the north side, you need to board a train that goes towards Churchgate. If you are traveling from the south, board a train that goes towards Borivali.

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