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Panju Island - Unexplored Urban Tourism Place In Mumbai

Visit Panju Island: Unexplored Urban Tourism Place In Mumbai (2024)

Panju Island, in the interiors of Vasai, Mumbai is one of the many underrated and almost unexplored urban tourism places that have a contemporary as well as historical importance. The village island is the connecting point for Vasai from Salsette Island. If you plan to visit Panju island, here is a brief article about what to expect.

Visit Panju Island: Unexplored Urban Tourism Place In Mumbai

Panju island in Vasai, Mumbai is a contemporary village and roaming around gives you an old Goa vibe. The island has lush greenery, quaint little paths, and houses with architecture and themes that go almost decades back. All around, you will see villagers living in fields that they own, surrounded by their crops. If you are a botany student or love to explore the world of plants, make sure you give Panju Island a visit. There is a calming lake that you can spend some time around.

You will see a couple of fishing boats on the island, and fisherfolk as well. Panju Island is an excellent location to get a glimpse of that lifestyle. Panju Island has several farmers as well, making it a unique village that gives you a glimpse of the farmer’s as well as the fisherfolk’s life.

Like so many places in the Konkan area, even Panju island comes alive during the monsoons. During the monsoons, even a walk through the farming lands and the interiors of the island are memorable. This island becomes an excellent place for photography during the monsoon when the flowers all around are in full bloom, and the fields are full of crops.

You will be able to see water all around you, and you are sure to find some spot that has a beautiful sunset or sunrise at the Panju island. Therefore, Panju Island is the favorite of amateur photographers and those who love to update their social networks with information about where they are currently.

Panju Island is specifically of importance for India because the village has given more than fifty freedom fighters. A plaque informing tourists about this aspect is at the entrance. The plaque makes for an interesting read.

Panju Island - Unexplored Urban Tourism Place In Mumbai

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The Panju adventure begins right at the jetty, which you can board at Naigaon. The island is also extraordinarily rich in flora and fauna, thanks to the low population, that allows trees and other greenery to bloom to their fullest. Panju Island is an excellent option for anyone interested in macro photography and nature photography. Tourists with a keen eye get to see butterflies, birds, and insects that they will rarely see in the other parts of Mumbai.

One pro-tip, if you are touring the island village, refrain from photographing people or houses unless you have their express permission. All villagers, whether they are rural like Panju Island or urban-rural like the ones in Santacruz frown on amateur and professional photographers, so be careful of what you are clicking and why.

Panju island in Mumbai is a farming and fishing village, so you get to see that lifestyle. Like Uttan, even here, you will see gaudily painted houses and a unique, rural theme of the interiors. If you can strike a friendship with the locals, they might even take you out to the boat, provided that their boats are out there.

Panju Island is now becoming popular with casual tourists. The island is accessible, nearby, and offers a memorable experience, making it a must-visit location in Mumbai and its surrounding area. It is one of the few destinations in and around Mumbai that has kept its connection with the roots intact and yet embraced modernization wherever it should, making it an evolving place in Mumbai. Tourists might get a culture shock, looking at the calm and stress-free life that the inhabitants of the Panju Island lead.

Places Near Panju Island

You can spend a few hours or even an entire afternoon at Panju Island. Remember to pack sunscreen, sunglasses and hats and caps. Even though you are on an island, the mornings and the afternoons are humid, and you will need something to protect from a searing sun.

If you are in Vasai and looking to explore Mumbai, you have a few options in the interiors and then more towards Mumbai. You have the Bassein fort in Vasai, which is the favorite haunt of nature lovers and photographers who are interested in nature photography. The Vasai Fort is the location for several photography themed outings, set up by experienced photographers for amateurs. If something like that interests you, you can join in.

In Vasai, you have the Jivdani Temple and the Tungareshwar Temple, both places where you can spend some time to get hold of the ever-elusive calmness and serenity that we all want.

If you come towards the South of Mumbai, you can explore places in Mira Road, Bhayander, and even Borivali. While Mira Road has you closest to shopping malls, Bhayander and Borivali have the Bhayander and the Gorai creek and beach. In Borivali, you have the Sanjay Gandhi National Park as well. If you are up for it, you can have a view of the Gandhi Tekri and the Kahneri Caves. SGNP is a whole day outing though, so you should opt for it only if you are up for it or are okay with skipping either of the two places in SGNP.

How To Reach Panju Island?

It is easy to reach Panju Island. You need to travel until Naigaon and then take the jetty for Panju Island. The simplest way to reach Naigaon is by catching a train that travels to the North end and goes until Vasai or Virar. Naigaon is a railway station after Borivali on the Western Railway Line. If you would rather explore Mumbai, you can board an auto or a taxi from anywhere you are in Mumbai to Naigaon and travel via the Express Highway to reach Naigaon.

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