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St. Thomas Cathedral Church in Mumbai

Visit St. Thomas Cathedral Church in Mumbai: The Reason Behind the Name Churchgate (2024)

The St. Thomas Cathedral Church in Horniman Circle in Mumbai is the oldest Church in India. It is more than 300 years old, with its foundation stone dating back to the 1600s. The St. Thomas Cathedral Church is a popular tourist destination and has become one of the iconic religious places to visit in Mumbai.

History of St. Thomas Cathedral:

St. Thomas Cathedral Church is part of Mumbai’s contemporary history as well, as it is the answer to the question many Mumbaikars have. Why is Churchgate named so when there is no Church and no gate that they know. The St. Thomas Cathedral had a road link to the railway station, when the island city was fortified, which opened through a gate. The Church is also Mumbai’s zero-point, which is the exact center. 

St. Thomas Cathedral Church is one of the few remnants of the British architecture in Mumbai and India. It has several stone memorials that tell tourists and devotees the history of Mumbai and the British Raj. You will see the memorial of Thomas Carr, the first Bishop of Mumbai, then called Bombay.

Apart from these, there are memorials of various soldiers and their loved ones at almost every step. It is a fascinating experience to read them and understand a life that they went through so that the next generation will not.

You will also see the chairs that King George V and the Queen Mary occupied when they attended a Mass here in St. Thomas Cathedral. Those chairs are since in preservation.

St. Thomas Cathedral Experience:

The St. Thomas Cathedral Church is rather tall, like many of the Churches that the British built. The Churches are so tall, so the voice of the priest can reach even the last of the pews. The Church is one of the last remnants of the Gothic and British architecture. All around, you will see high arches and a sturdy looking structure. Some of the windows have the famed stained-glass decorations.

One important tip you should remember while attending any Church is that they have times of local mass. Locals come here during that time, and the Church is agog with activity. You can attend mass during these times, and even you will experience a soothing calmness.

Another aspect to remember is to dress conservatively during your visits to religious places. This tip is for men as well as women. Also, Churches, Temples, and Mosques are places of religious importance, so devotees flock to them, and there are issues with crowd management. Therefore, in some cases, photography and videography are prohibited. Make it a point to adhere to these rules and regulations. All in all, you should also make sure that you do not create a ruckus in these places. Several times, small groups that come to visit end up lapping up the Church authority’s admonishments.

One of the stained-glass decorations portrays St. Thomas and the two angels St. Gabriel and St. Micheal.

The stained-glass decorations are rare, and you do not see them in many churches. That is because many of the Churches in the suburbs are contemporary buildings, and either stained glass decorations were too expensive, or nobody had the required skill.St. Thomas Cathedral Church in Mumbai

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Visiting the St. Thomas Cathedral is a unique experience. The place of prayer has an inimitable spot in Mumbai’s history. The several plaques and memorials will overwhelm anyone who visits this location and give them an idea of the rich history that Mumbai has.

How to Reach St. Thomas Cathedral Church:

St. Thomas Cathedral Church is in Churchgate, Mumbai, and is therefore very easily accessible. Churchgate is the Southernmost part of Mumbai. The simplest way to reach any place in Mumbai is the train. You can board a train towards Churchgate and then board a taxi or a vehicle from the cab aggregator to St. Thomas Cathedral. However, tourists will tell you that the best way to experience Mumbai is by walking on its streets. If the weather is perfect, nothing beats a walk-through South Mumbai.  How to Reach St. Thomas Cathedral Church

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Places to Visit Near St. Thomas Cathedral Church:

St. Thomas Cathedral is in Churchgate, and you can spend about an hour in the Church if you are not attending mass. You have the whole afternoon and the evening to spend in Churchgate, one of the few places in Mumbai that have an incredible night and social life.

Churchgate has several iconic buildings and structures. The most popular among them is the Gateway of India, which gives you a beautiful view of the sea. The Gateway of India is also home to several tourists, who visit the place to spend some quality time, soaking in the Mumbai spirit. You can also visit Bandra and spend some time at Bandstand as well as go to the Bandra Fort. The place near the Bandra Fort has a garden and is a tourist location, so you will be able to spend about an hour or more there. You can also visit the beaches of Mumbai, beginning with the Juhu Beach in Juhu and then going on to the beaches in the suburbs, like the Aksa Beach, the Marve Beach, and the Dana Pani Beach.  Famous Place to Visit Near St. Thomas Cathedral Church - Bandra Fort

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