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Amjhar Sharif - Amazing Place to Visit in Chittorgarh of Bihar

Visit Aurangabad in Bihar: 7 Amazing Places to Visit in Chittorgarh of Bihar (2024)

Commonly known as the “Chittorgarh of Bihar,” Aurangabad is one of Bihar’s important districts as well as city with the same name. The entire area of Aurangabad was once ruled by the Rajputs belonging to the Suryavanshi lineage. Up until now, they have only elected members for the Rajput community. Aurangabad had a profound impact on the ancient, medieval, and modern history of India. This district was one of India’s few places that have been ruled by so many famous Indian rulers. You will be surprised to know that rulers like Bimbisara, Chandragupta Maurya, Ajatshatru, and Ashoka all led Aurangabad. As this district was at the center of the Magadhan kingdom, it was part of one of the Mahajanapadas. Even during the Mughal period, Aurangabad was pretty significant place in Bihar as well as India. First, Sher Shah Suri and then Akbar, the district saw the reign of two of the most powerful rulers. Later the entire area was ruled by Deo zamindars.

The rich history of the district is why there are so many important places to see in Aurangabad, Bihar. Even though the area is not that popular among tourists, but history enthusiasts visit there quite often. If you are planning on visiting Aurangabad in Bihar, you are in the right place. This blog will provide you with the list of the best places to see in Aurangabad in great detail. Reaching Aurangabad in Bihar is not that difficult. As the nearest railway station is located 9 km away from the central city, most people prefer to go there through trains. Otherwise, you can visit there by plane but remember, the nearest airport is located in Patna, which is 61 km from Aurangabad. You will have to rent a cab from Patna airport to reach Aurangabad city. We would suggest you visit the city or the district between October to March as it is pretty warm for the rest of the year.

Top Places to Visit in Aurangabad, Bihar

The sites to visit near Aurangabad in Bihar mentioned below in this blog are quite significant to the history of India. You will find all of these places quite interesting if you are interested in history, spirituality, and archaeology.

1. Amjhar Sharif

Amjhar Sharif is one of the most sacred places for the Muslim people in India. This Sharif is home to the grave of Hazrat Saiyadana Mohammad Jilani Amjhari Quadri, who was one of the most prominent Muslim saints in India. As the site is located 44 km from Aurangabad town. By renting a car, you will reach there within two to two and a half hours. Moreover, this site is located only 10 km away from Panchrukhia, a small town in the district. If you want, you can spend your night in that village.

Amjhar Sharif - Amazing Place to Visit in Chittorgarh of Bihar

Credit- raza bhai  Image Source

Pilgrims from all around India gather in the Sharif every year to commemorate the anniversary of Hazrat Siyadana. If you visit Aurangabad during June, you will be able to take part in the festival. Remember to pay respect to the grave of the imminent saint. Even if you are not a Muslim, you should visit the site as it is quite significant.

Location: Amjhar Sharif, Haspura, Bihar 824120.

2. Deo Kund

Deo Kund is one of the best places to visit in Aurangabad in Bihar, India. The Kund is located only 10 km away from Aurangabad’s town, and that is why you will have no problem finding it. Deo Kund near Aurangabad is most important for its temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

According to local folklore, one of the most important Hindu saints named Chyawan Rishi took refuge in this temple. This incident is one of the main reasons why this temple is so vital in Aurangabad.

If you visit the temple during the time of Maha Shivratri, you will understand its importance even more. Thousands of pilgrims from all over India visit the temple to seek blessings from Lord Shiva.

Location: Aurangabad, Bihar.

3. Umga

When people visit Aurangabad in Bihar, most people never forget to visit Umga. Umga is so famous as it is home to one of the major Vaishnava temples in India. As the temple is located 24 km away from Aurangabad city, you will reach there by hiring a car or an auto pretty quickly. This temple is home to a complete number of beautiful idols dedicated to different deities, namely Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Sun God, and others. Apart from the spiritual aspect of the temple, the architecture of the temple is magnificent.

Many people interested in archaeology and history visit the temple to find out about its past. If you are a Hindu devotee, it will be better if you see the temple during Shivratri. The temple celebrates the festival widely, and thousands of visitors from all over the country go there at that time.

Location: Aurangabad, Bihar.

4. Deo

Built-in the 15th century, Deo is one of the most famous temples in Bihar. Even though it has no evidence, people believe that King Bhairvendra Singh of Chandravanshi built the temple. As the temple is located only 10 km from Aurangabad, you will have no problem finding this temple. One of the most notable features of the Deo temple is its height. As the temple is over 100-feet tall, it is noticeable from a far distance quite quickly.

Moreover, the top of the temple looks like an umbrella. As the temple is dedicated to the Sun God, people usually bathe in the Brahma Kund, located right by the temple. You will be surprised to know that this custom has been practiced since the reign of King Ayel.

The temple is decorated quite beautifully during the time of Chhath Puja. Thousands of tourists and pilgrims from all over India visit the Deo temple at that time. Even if you are not a spiritual person, you should visit this temple as an architectural masterpiece.

Amazing Place to Visit in Aurangabad-Deo Temple

Photo by swetank kumar sharma  Image Source

Location: Deo, Bihar 824202.

5. Piru

Piru is a tiny village located in the Aurangabad district of Bihar, and it is located 25 km away from the nearest town named Daudnagar. This place might not look significant, but it is quite famous among history lovers in India. This village is so renowned that it is the birthplace of the famous poet Banbhatta. In earlier days, the town was known as Pritikoota. You might already know this, but Banbhatta was the court poet of King Harshwardhana.

Even though there is not much to see in the village, people still experience a once important site in India.

Must Visit Place in Aurangabad-Piru King Harshwardhana

Image Credit : thefamouspeople.com  Image Source

Location: Aurangabad, Bihar.

6. Chandangarh, Pawai, and Mali forts

Even though Aurangabad’s district is located in Bihar, but there is some impact of Rajasthani and Rajput influences throughout the area. The reason behind this observation is that Aurangabad was once the center of refuge for the Rajasthani community during medieval times. Especially in Chandangarh, Pawai, and Mali’s forts, they created their home away from home and resided there for many years. The most surprising fact is that, even now, you will see that many people of Rajasthani lineage live in those forts.

Best Visit Place in Aurangabad-Chandangarh, Pawai, and Mali forts

Photo Courtesy : Tanya  Image Source

These forts are quite intriguing to the archaeologists and historians as they are unique. If you visit Aurangabad, you must visit these forts.

7. Siris

Siris is one of the most historically significant places in Aurangabad as it encountered many prominent events. Firstly, the site was once under the rule of Sher Shah Suri. Secondly, it was previously under the control of the Mughal empires. Thirdly, Siris was also ruled by King Narayan Singh, who played a significant part during the revolt of 1857.

When you explore Siris, you will get to see a mosque that was built by Aurangazeb. By exploring Siris, you will get to know a lot about the historical events that happened in Bihar.

Top Visiting Place in Aurangabad-Siris

Photo Courtesy : Manoj nav  Image Source

Location: Aurangabad, Bihar.

We have tried to include all the famous tourist spots of Aurangabad in Bihar in this blog. Aurangabad is not a renowned tourist spot in Bihar, but it has an interesting history. As the district or the town does not encounter many tourists, you can explore it quite comfortably. You will not have to face too much crowd that many Indian tourist spots are notorious for. That is why we would suggest visiting Aurangabad in Bihar if you are a lover of history, architecture, culture, and traditions.

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