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Raj Mahal, Faridkot

Visit Raj Mahal, Faridkot: History, How to Reach, Nearby Attractions & Food Options Available (2024)

History of Raj Mahal in Faridkot

Raj Mahal in Faridkot, Punjab, was constructed during the reign of Maharaja Bikrama Singh from 1885 through 1889 under the supervision of the Crown Prince Balbir Singh, who was the first one to move in accidentally and start living in there. The whole Raj Mahal was spread over 15 acres; it presented a royal look in contrast with French design. The entrance is known as “Raj Deori,” which is itself a heritage building of vintage, and it now houses Balbir Hospital.

How to Reach Raj Mahal in Faridkot?

There are following three ways through which you can reach Raj Mahal, Faridkot in Punjab. Let’s discuss them one by one.

By Air: The nearest International Airport from Raj Mahal is Shri Guru Ram Dass International Airport, Amritsar. You can book your flight from your nearest airport to here.

By Train: The location of Raj Mahal in Faridot has a railway station and is connected to multiple cities. The headquarters of Faridkot district lies on the railway line of Firozpur-Bathinda-Delhi. One can reach here from different cities in the country with the help of trains that ply from and to Faridkot regularly.

By Road: Raj Mahal, Faridkot has located about 130 ms from Amritsar with one National Highway. It is surrounded by district- Moga in the east and Firozpur in the west.

Nearby Attraction: Places to Visit Near Raj Mahal, Faridkot

  1. Gurudwara Tilla Baba Farid: Gurudwara Tilla Baba Farid is quite a famous religious attraction, situated near the Qila Mubarak. According to believed stories, Sufi Saint Baba Farid meditated here for 40 days, before going to Pakpattan. A piece of wood that was used by Baba Farid for cleaning his hands has been kept there since that time. The Gurudwara offers food to the needy and is thronged by many on Thursday to remember the Sufi Saint so it is also a great place to visit along with Raj Mahal, Faridkot.  Gurudwara Tilla Baba Farid - Best Place to Visit Near Raj Mahal - FaridkotImage Source
  2. Darbar Ganj: Near Raj Mahal in Faridkot, there is a famous ancient building called Darbar Ganj which was used as a guest house by the royal family previously. Presently, it serves as Office of the Commissioner of the Faridkot Division and the Circuit House. This mansion represents beautiful interiors and is surrounded by stunning gardens, which attract various travelers each year. 
  3. Rajasthan & Sirhind Canals: Rajasthan & Sirhind Canals are the enormous feeder systems situated very close to Raj Mahal in Faridkot. These were constructed for carrying the water of Beas & Sutlej River to the drylands of Punjab. Sirhind is the oldest and one of the biggest canals in the Indus River System. It is around 150 years old.
  4. Gurudwara Godari Sahib: Gurudwara Godri Sahib is located near Qila Mubarak, at a 4 km distance from Kotkapura Road. It was built in the year 1982 at the location where Baba Sheikh Farid left his jacket. The Sant Sarovar was even built, where numerous devotees take a bath, especially on Thursdays, as it is known as very special and auspicious.
  5. Qila Mubarak: Qila Mubarak was constructed by Raja Mokalsi and then extended by Raka Hamir Singh. Raja Bikram Singh & Raja Balbir Singh added more to the construction. The complex of this ancient monument encompasses the Royal Palace, Modi Khana, Tosha Khana & Treasury. This well-constructed and properly furnished building even has a fantastic garden.  Qila Mubarak - Top Place to Visit Near Raj Mahal - FaridkotImage Source
  6. Fairy Cottage: Fairy Cottage is around 100 years old and is located on Chahal Road, approximately 7 km from the Faridkot. Maharaja Brijinder Singh built fairy Cottage between the years 1910 & 1911. The Check Tower at the entrance never fails to catch the attention of people visiting here. It serves as a famous picnic spot and has a playground for children. This cottage is a famous tourist attraction that people must try to visit during their visit to Raj Mahal, Faridkot.
  7. Kotkapura: Kotkapura is popularly known as the “City of White Gold” and is named after its founder Nawab Kapura Singh. This place owns its large cotton market, which is known to be one of the best in the whole World. The Shashtri Market is the busiest market here, which was established by the Maheshwary family in the year 1875. The city has an intriguing history, represented by forts that are perfect for tourists who want to sneak peek into the eventful past of Kotkapura. It is one of the must go to place in Faridkot while visiting the Raj Mahal.  
  8. Gurudwara Guru Ki Dhab: Gurudwara Guru ki Dhab is an amazing monument known as Gurudwara Patshahi Dasvin & Doda Taal. This Gurudwara is situated around 12 km from Kotkapura on the Kotkapura-Jaitu Road, in a village popularly known as Guru Ki Dhab. Don’t miss a chance to collect some blessings during the trip of Raj Mahal, Faridkot.  

Best Food Options to Try Near Raj Mahal, Faridkot

One can say with so much confidence that food nearby Raj Mahal, Faridkot is the next big attraction here, after the Golden Temple. Perhaps it is the love of hearty, rich, and desi Ghee food more pronounced than in Faridkot. So, we are done with our homework and end up with a list that will tide you via the day or several. Let’s dig in.

  1. Amritsari Kulchas: The selection of breakfast in Amritsar even happens to be the most popular dish that has originated in the city – Amritsari Kulchas. The Kulchas are stuffed with cottage cheese and potatoes and baked to a golden crisp in the tandoor; the hot kulchas are then topped with desi Ghee. The Amritsari Kulchas are served with a side of chole and spicy chutney.  Amritsari Kulchas - Best Food to Try Near Raj Mahal - FaridkotImage Source
  2. Lassi: From Kesar to mango, the lassi near Raj Mahal at Faridkot, available in various sizes and flavors, is a must-try option. The lassi being served here is so creamy, and the texture is also very thick that you surely need a spoon to have it. And the lassis in Amritsar are served here with lots of butter(Makhan) too. 
  3. Ghee Roast Chicken: Roast Chicken, dipped in Ghee, is another must-try option for non-vegetarians. The roasted chicken is basted with pure. The taste is so good, with a texture so soft that it falls off the bones. 
  4. Chole Puri & Pinni: If anyone wants to try another breakfast option, go for Chole Puri & Pinni. The puris of these cuisines are fried in pure Ghee and served with hot chole and tangy potato curry. They even serve pinnis prepared with jaggery and lentil, to satisfy your sweet cravings. These pinnis are rich and delectable which can be called as pride of Punjab so do not forget to add this in your To-Do List while visiting Raj Mahal, Faridkot. 
  5. Makki di Roti & Sarson da Saag: If you visit Punjab and forget to try Makki di Roti & Sarson da Saag that will be total injustice. A winter specialty, the smooth saag is made of mustard leaves freshly plucked from the farms and is served with wholesome corn-flour Rotis (Chapatti) which will surely make your Raj Mahal, Faridkot trip more memorable. 

Traveling is the best way to escape ourselves from the hustle of daily life. And, if the place like Raj Mahal where you are planning to visit has the historical importance, great food nearby, and the exquisite aura to capture the pictures, then what else a person needs on the name of a break or trip. Oh, yaa! That tourist will definitely need proper guidance to make his trip better in all the ways, and for that matter, we are here as your perfect travel friend. So, now when you are planning to visit Raj Mahal, feel free to contact us anytime.

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