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Versova Beach - The Place For Some Celebrity Spotting in Mumbai

Visit Versova Beach: The Place For Some Celebrity Spotting in Mumbai (2024)

About Versova Beach:

Versova is a suburb of Mumbai, the nearest railway station being Andheri. This beach used to be a secluded place, but after the Mumbai Metro started functioning between Versova and Ghatkopar, it has become a lot more popular. If you are planning to visit Versova beach, read this article to get an idea of what to expect.  About Versova Beach

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The simplest way to reach Versova is now the Metro. You can board it from anywhere between the Ghatkopar-Versova Metro route and get down at Versova. You can then take an auto or a bus to Versova Beach.

Versova is a fisherfolk’s colony, so you will instantly see all the aspects related to fishing. If you take a stroll down Versova beach, you will also see many of the fisherfolk drying fish behind their houses and right on the Versova Beach.

The beach is secluded and not as populated as the other beaches in Mumbai, like the Aksa Beach, the Danapani Beach and the Juhu Beach. That is because it’s mostly a fishing colony, and the beach is just a part of the region.

Versova Beach is clean, calm, and secluded. If you are looking to spend a quiet evening on the beach, Versova is the place to be. You will not find many eating out options here, as the Versova village surrounds the beach, but you will see some outlets sell the typical beachside food. The beach was infamous for being dirty. However, in recent years, it has become famous for being cleaned by volunteers.Versova Beach - The Place For Some Celebrity Spotting in Mumbai

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Versova Beach has in its vicinity Aram Nagar, home to the production offices of many a Bollywood celebrity So, do not be surprised if you are walking around the Versova-Aram Nagar area, and you come across tv actors, models, and other celebrities. So, be ready to have a walk in the evening and play a game of spot the celebrity’s car.

Best Time to Visit Versova Beach

You will not spend more than two hours at the Versova beach. The best time to visit the beach is in the morning or towards the evening. Like all other regions in Mumbai, even Versova becomes hot and humid during the summers, and in the afternoon, so you need to plan your outing. 

Places to Visit Near Versova Beach

If you are in Mumbai for a day or two, you can visit the other places on this list that are near Versova. If you are in a hurry, you can visit the Juhu Beach nearby, separated from the Versova Beach by just a creek. Juhu Beach is somewhat of a tourist hub for Mumbai, and you will see people from all walks of life on Juhu Beach. The streetside food here is famous as well. You will find many eating outlets out of Mumbai naming their dishes after Juhu or Mumbai. Mumbai and Juhu are synonymous with each other.  Amazing Place to Visit Near Versova Beach - Juhu Beach

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Versova Beach has a unique spot in all the tourist locations in Mumbai. That’s because it is a heady mix of the village life, the fisherfolk’s lifestyle, and the little dab smack of the celebrity lifestyle because of so many production houses around it. Enjoy this area while you can.

Andheri is another place of tourist interest in Mumbai. The moment you step down from the Andheri railway platform, you see one of the most crowded places in Mumbai. Andheri has a Municipality market and a flea market, which allows you to shop and get some great deals. Once you cover this route, you will once again find yourself in the lap of the film industry, as Andheri is home to the offices of Yash Raj Films, Mukta Arts, and Balaji. These three offices are in the same lane, so it is a surreal experience to see all these big brands jostling for space in Mumbai.  Best Place to Visit Near Versova Beach - Andheri

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But after you leave Versova Beach, make sure to spend some time in the Versova Area, and you will see some excellent eating out joints and shopping areas as well. The entire Versova stretch has an outlet of almost every big and small food franchise, so you do not need to worry about your eating out options in Versova. If you plan to paint the town red, Versova has some nightspots as well, where you and your friends or that special someone can plan a memorable night.

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