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Manori Beach - Visit The Mini Goa in Mumbai

Manori Beach: Visit The Mini Goa in Mumbai (2024)

Manori Beach Location:

Manori Beach is a famous tourist location in the Mumbai suburbs. The island beach is nearest to Malad in Mumbai and a weekend retreat for Mumbaikars as well as anyone else visiting the island city. If you are planning to visit Manori beach, read this article to get an idea of the experience awaiting you.

How to Reach Manori Beach?

The simplest way to reach Manori is through a jetty ride from Marve Beach, which is in Malad. The journey gives you an idea of the time that you will have at the beach – surrounded by lush greenery, the salty ambiance of the sea, and simple-minded fisherfolk that can chill as good as you can.

How to Reach Manori Beach?

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Facilities at Manori Beach

Manori Beach has ample resorts all over, and they fit all budgets. Some of the resorts have a swimming pool while some do not. You need to research before you reach the place if you are planning an online booking. In any case, keep in mind that taking a dip in the pool post sundown is generally not allowed. Almost all the resorts in Manori have in-dining options, so you do not need to worry about finding lunch and dinner options.

Getting Around & Stay Options at Manori Beach

The simplest way to move around in Manori is the auto-rickshaw, which you will get as soon as you get down from the jetty. For those looking for an exotic and unique experience, Manori still has some bullock-carts that ferry people around.

The island beach is a clean, hygienic, and safe place to spend a weekend. You can drive down on a Saturday night, check-in a resort for the weekend, enjoy a lazy Sunday, and then leave on Monday morning. The village and the area are the closest in an experience that you can come to the Goa experience, and it fits into the budget as well. The resorts cater to all budgets, but the general price for a room at Manori is under 2000 rupees.

You can also spend some time at Manori Beach, which is predominantly a fishing beach; so you can experience the fishing life as well. The beach is the hub of commercial life. Several roadside inns sell the most delicious of Mumbai specific dishes and fish food.

Manori Beach is an excellent option for couples, a group of friends, and even families. The resorts have been around for decades and are family-owned. Manori is one of the few beaches in Mumbai that do not have the sleazy and shady resorts, so you can be rest assured of an excellent staying experience.

The most popular accommodation options that are in budget are the cottages. These cottages are not the ultimate in comfort, but they do the job of allowing you to spend a quiet night in Manori and leave the next morning.

Driving through the small but clean and covered with greenery lanes is a surreal experience as well. Yes, since it is a fisherfolk village, you will not find Instagrammable road patches everywhere, but generally, Manori is a visual delight as well.

For the tipplers, here’s a pro tip. Manori has very few wine shops, and even then, most only offer beer and not hard liquor. So, you might need to make prior arrangements if you wish to consume liquor in Manori. Earlier, there was only one beer shop at the exit of the jetty. Some resorts now have set up wine shops in their premises.

For those looking to explore Manori, visit the Mazaar of Baba Kader Shah Vali. At Manori, you can also see the bone relics of the Buddha.

Though the simple way to reach Manori Beach is via the jetty from Malad-Marve, you can also drive up to Manori Beach from Mira-Bhayander. The drive is a scenic one as well, and you will be happy that you decided to drive to Manori.

Manori Beach has also become a hub for events nowadays. Every resort will have something or the other planned for the New Year or Christmas or Holi or Diwali. Make it a point to check out the websites of these resorts during these seasons, and you are bound to get some sweet deals.

The quaint surroundings, the budget hotels, and a generally laidback lifestyle that Manori offers to anyone visiting it make it a must-visit tourist location in Mumbai.

Places to Visit Near Manori Beach

The Manori beach outing, like the Esselworld outing, is a day-long event, so you will not be able to visit any other place in the day. But if you have a couple of days, you can check out the other beaches in the Malad vicinity, like the Aksa Beach and the Dana Pani beach. Both these beaches are near each other; so, you can visit both in a single day.

While returning from Manori, if you are coming by road, you can even spend some time at Bhayander Beach. If you plan to stay back at Marve Beach, you can taste some delicious seafood at the restaurants nearby. The pristine, clean beach is a photographer’s delight. You will see some amateur photographers clicking photos at the Bhayander Beach as well.

And of course, if your exit route is through Borivali, you can spend some time at the Gorai Beach while moving out. If you are going towards Andheri side, which is the south side, you once again come in the vicinity of the places like Juhu Beach and other such destinations in Mumbai.

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